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rebirth of essence, October 2021-full Moon and more

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Full Moon 20th of October 2021 and the Ceres – Sedna conjunction on 28th.

Sun at 2°8’6” sidereal Libra but constellation of Virgo and Earth and Moon same degree Aries conjoining the star Torculari of Pisces, they have just passed Eris in very late sidereal Pisces.

The Sun approaching Haumea at 3°5’44” and geocentric Mars approaching the Sun conjoining the star Spica of Virgo and north of the ecliptic Arcturus of Bootes…

The lunar nodes (geocentric) at 6°42’23” south Scorpio (star Dschubba) and north Taurus near Alcyone of the Pleiades.

All of these bodies at this months full Moon axis are squared by Pluto at the Sagittarius- Capricorn cusp… Pluto is also in a heliocentric Grand Trine with Ceres and Sedna in early Taurus and Hygiea in early Virgo. That means, that the full Moon axis with all it’s bodies are also in a 30° angle to the Ceres-Sedna and Hygiea… forming a kind of “3 dimensional triangle”…. As from any perspective Pluto is the “Top” here – I call our October full Moon: re-birth of essence

I think this is all very matching to the fact, that just 24 hours prior the Saturn – Uranus square became exact:

NGC 3603 is a star forming region north of Theta Carinae by ESA

NGC 3603 is a star forming region/nebula just north of Theta Carinae cuspal Virgo-Libra – the constellation Carina belongs to the “Argo Navis” ….. Picture by ESO -, CC BY 4.0,

The new Moon theme, or lunar month theme is about maintenance of the body – spirit and communication system within… a bridging of the realms that needs maintenance, devotion, and inner clarity and hygiene of all the “bodies”… it’s a collaboration…. When we awaken new, we’re all a bit messed up but accept and understand the immediate response that is asked of us but after a while we notice that there are more “layers” – therefore also on this level maintenance is important and to be as devoted to “additional” layers for purging and therefore further “activation” and transformation to take place….

With this full Moon we’ll see the “height” of this transformation within individually and collectively is the “key” point now, as it combines all the themes in one go… it’s like a “wine-press” that squeezes out the essence of the grape or the “contractions” before child-birth (Earth/Moon at the star Torculari of Pisces) – future and past, always connected by the now as “time itself”…. Cuspal Libra (constellation Virgo) with involvement of Virgo’s alphastar Spica talk about “culmination” or “visibility/feelability” of matters achieved… The night is illuminated, the day bright and so all is visible, all is there – the past, the future and of course the present…. Eris and Pluto talk about the same, the “reality”, the now and that we only can transform from the now but it effects the future and in some ways the past - a true chance to see the past from the now for the future… the choice is to consciously act from the present/the now in awareness of the past but not “driven by it”….

The full Moon within the moon cycle – when we now combine this plus the new Chiron-Earth cycle as well as all the others including the “long ones”, I think we see and perceive the time-loops we’re in individually but also more and more those we’re in as a collective… There might be moments when we feel these “déjà vu” moments and might just shake our head and go on but it’s important in this time now, that we not just dismiss such but examine it a bit (Saturn – Uranus) and gain bigger awareness and consciousness of such (Sun) – it’s a natural tool, there to be used…. Pallas and Neptune talk about that too – the use of every little stepping stone as a part of the “creative solution”, every little piece is part of the puzzle right, so we’re collecting our puzzle pieces and collectively putting it together – we all have parts of it (the collective one) but understanding the individual one will make it easier for the collective one… It’s all about getting the “the bigger picture”, to “dissolve” the polarities or to bring them into “one” in the meaning of the “essence”… it’s an “active” procedure which also needs willpower (Mars)…

An axis our full Moon as Sun and Earth always… the polarity that’s one… a choice point here or a reminder of it… whatever we see from the past emerging, we need to let go – blame, judgements and so on isn’t helpful as then we have to “fore-give” as well and it goes on and on, if we don’t stop and break this loop and start to “master ourselves”…. I have read about the roots of the word “forgiveness”: it comes from the Latin word “perdonare”, which means “to give completely, without reservation”…. So to me, there is also the “feel” of surrender, letting go completely in oder for the “essence” to show, to be “re-installed” or “re-birthed”….

I have written a lot about polarities and I have written a lot about how we “create” our very own reality… it’s time to dissolve those polarities and see the truth about things, the reality, the “whole ness” in order to move on as an integrated Being and with this, ready to make different choices in and for the future….

Take for example the “placebo and nocebo” effect of our beliefs – it works on both sides as it’s two poles/opposites but with the same “essence”… it’s a belief and what we belief we attract and create…. When we now truly understand this principle, the true essence of it, the whole life changes….

In this chart, every part that is directly talking about the time in the sense of future or past, does show placements at the “future” – so whatever we do now, it should be in the “vision” of our greater future, whatever that may mean to one individually…. Remember Uranus – “future orientated” 😉 – so don’t blame the past and with that being trapped in it, but take the essence of whatever experience and put it to work for the future…..

This conjunction is in close approaching during the full Moon and part of that described “3 dimensional triangle” with Pluto at the top…. So I will further down, talk more about that…..

Ceres – Sedna conjunction in early Taurus

On 28th of October at 2:36am Thailand – 27th of October 19:36pm Universal Time

Ceres talks about nourishing, mothering of self and others but also how we would like to be treated in this perspective. More:

Sedna talks about the re-emerging of the feminine principle, the “limitless possibilities” and generally what was suppressed. More:

How do we feed our imaginations? Do we still have that precious ability to imagine whatever, this enormous creative power…. Can we actually “face” our own imagination without being frozen in fear of what we have created??.... see 😊 luckily most of the stories we create do have a “happy end” also because our “heroes” do use their powers and ideas and friends towards that “happy ending”, therefore “future oriented”…. So, what is the essence here?? … don’t judge the story until you have reached the end???.... so, therefore there’s nothing to worry….

Yes, early Taurus does speak of the story of Medusa and Perseus…. Do we dare to be the hero in our very own story – trusting ourselves to see the opportunity, the possibility to conquer anything when it’s “time”….

Stories? You may ask – well – if nobody would have ever written any fantasy/fiction-stories, how boring would the libraries look like??... it’s a form of nourishment in the meaning of “inspiration” as it includes the “unknown”, new possibilities, the limitless…. That which is already, what we see every day around us is known and why to nourish our imagination only with what there is or any total “horror scenario”???

Reflecting on our own imagination and fantasy as much as on the physical body is essential – same what we “feed ourselves” with in the meaning of daily information etc…

Their next conjunction will be on 19th June 2026 at 6°17’30” sid. Taurus with Uranus at 6°27’56”

The “Pluto – Top” configuration of angles-aspects-Geometry

The full Moon axis is already explained, as well as the Ceres-Sedna point and now we have the 4th “corner stone” of this narrow foundational kind of rectangle to talk about – it’s Hygiea – the hygiene, holistic health on all “realms” in early Virgo just south of the star Zavijava of Virgo…. (where the full Moon axis just before the September equinox took place)… So, Hygiea speaks of the proper preparation of all of our bodies for the “birth” of the new consciousness to occur.

All of these bodies ask for transformation and together lead to transformation – kind of paradox but imagine the caterpillar, it knows when it needs to take care it’s body and go to cocoon in order for the transformation to take place… so it’s the awareness of the right time and that its necessary for what to come…. If the caterpillar keeps on to live like that only, then no transmutation can take place and it might become prey to a bird or whatever (well, that can happen anytime, I know)….

Interesting to note: Chiron's Southnode at 4°30' Aries (Earth/Moon) and Northnode Libra (Sun and Haumea) ... Hygiea's Aphelion at 1 degree Taurus (Ceres/Sedna) and Perihelion Scorpio... and even closer to Ceres and Sedna is Juno's Perihelion at 2°30' Taurus (relation ship with Self and others)...

At the time of the Ceres – Sedna conjunction the Earth-Sun axis will have moved to 9°17’54” sidereal Aries – Libra (constellation Virgo)…. Earth just under the first stars of the constellation Aries approaching Uranus, with whom she will conjoin for the new Moon on 5th of November….

So this second half of the lunar month brings us from over some spectacular star clusters of Carina and the Argo Navis, over the Southern Cross and under the Corona Borealis in the North… which is all about reaching for a holistic way, to put “things together”/integrating as for example in art-sciences, holistic ways in medicine and other sciences (like Astronomy-Astrology giggles), sacred Geometry, bio-harmonics and so on….. an approach of becoming whole…. The fulfillment of the evolutionary path by “birthing” a more “integrated” consciousness… along the way we’ll pass “under the skirt” of the Virgin, we’ll find more and more “jewels” of wisdom and knowledge that helps us on this path – it needs de-coding so to speak…. On the opposite side in Aries, we try to “free” us from chains, to keep the stamina and honor….

I don’t like to talk in a “separating way” but of course, this is all felt differently – when we have started on this path a while ago or even just this year, we’re going to experience it totally different than someone who has not worked in any conscious way on themselves… here we have opportunities and they will appear according to “where we are”…. And so there’s no “right or wrong” in this, just an effect from a cause….

Yes, in some ways it’s all “pressing” in some ways – the year is going to end soon and with that we’ll have our Earth – Sun axis at Solstice and Earth at Perihelion soon after…

Much Love to you Heroes,


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