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Solstice 12.2022

Holding our torch high

Winter-Solstice for some, Summer-Solstice for others… or just two points of an axis – once on this side, once on the other and back and forth…

In heliocentric Astrology the Moon always conjoins the Earth and opposing the Sun – the Earth/Moon system stands at 4°42’42” sid. Gemini over Orion and the Sun right opposite same degrees Sagittarius…

On these degrees on both “sides” also the apparent crossing of the milky way or in other words the galactic equator with the ecliptic. Furthermore, the ecliptical longitude of the celestial (Earth) pole axis is involved (polestar Polaris of Ursa Minor in sid. Gemini).

Lots of interesting “alignments” we observe in these days for the solstices and equinoxes – it’s though that we’re already on “the other side” of the exact alignment and therefore the beginning of another ca. 6400 or though quarter of the precession year.

Beside this fact, I guess most of us here agree, that we’re in special times and changing times of importance…

Whereas the equinoxes happen on an exact degree, minute and second as well as to the second in time, the Solstices happen over several hours – the ca. middle point this year will be reached on 22nd of December 5:30 am (Thailand time) and on 21st of December at 22:30 pm Universal Time.

Some details:

heliocentric astrology chart about the Solstice December 2022

Earth stands over the shoulder of Orion (the star Betelgeuse) and the Sun on the other side near the M20 nebula, under the Serpens and under the shoulder or arm of Ophiuchus the serpent bearer….

The Moon/Earth system is in a first trine (120°) aspect with Saturn in very early Aquarius and a last trine with Haumea. As Haumea is of “mid wife” energy, birthing, fertility etc. we become aware here, we start to re-orientate, re-structure, re-directing our energies for a “harvest” that might be more “in tune” with what we want…

The whole “Pisces stellium” is of course at work too with the Solstice – and now also Mercury joins the group and Vesta is “rolling up the field from the back”….

The links to the two "Pisces stellium posts":

What I see in this:

On both sides we’re talking about fundamental energies, building energies – it’s about building and anchoring/integrating from the “higher mind”, the self-mastery – the inspiration we can gain as long as we have mastered to listen to our true intuition and wisdom and therefore don’t give space to any fear based emotions that cloud us…. The cooperation we can establish within and without…

It's no coincidence that asteroid Hygiea is very close to the Sun and on the other side to the Centaurs Ixion and Pholus. Hygiea stands for purity, hygiene (also of the mind and the emotions) and the maintenance of health. Ixion stands for the “lust for life” as a force or power we direct “wherever” and that may lead to us become “tyrannical” against ourselves if we loose control over “desire”/lust whereas Pholus stands as being a wise Teacher of perceptual abilities (mainly the eyes – also the inner one)…

We have opportunity here – to be in the “galactic flow” or giving its path to be our axis of “rotation”… being stable, being guided, supported for the next steps to come… a new self, a new world, a new paradigm, a new age or “whatever”….

We are having the energies of being able to stand tall and “proud” for what we are, holding a