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New Beginnings 12 2022

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

"flip" your life around - heliocentric sidereal Astrology about the Juno and Chiron conjunction.

When we have a little “cluster” of planets together, they form like “triple conjunctions” or more. On 24th of November there was the exact conjunction between Juno and Jupiter and now Juno has moved on and meets with Chiron on 11th of December 2022.

The story will continue with the Juno – Eris conjunction on 7th of January 2023, the Jupiter – Chiron conjunction end of January 2023 and the Jupiter – Eris conjunction in May 2023 , I will discuss them all in separate posts…

Our “one to one relationships” on all levels are the big themes here and in this sense in the “light”.

Whereas the Juno – Jupiter conjunction was more about the expansion of the relationships we have with either ourselves, higher guidance, spirit, or simply with other people in the sense of evolving them, or bringing them to a next level or viewing them from a “broader” place; the Juno and Chiron conjunction adds a kind of “bridging” energy and “sacrifice” to it. Not in the sense of us sacrificing to others in a “neglecting” or even self-abandoning way but in a way that brings something “new” forth, that breaks a cycle of maybe blame, anger or whatever “negativity” felt within any form of relationship. It’s in this sense the sacrifice of the problem….

Juno – Chiron conjunction on 11th of December 2022 in sidereal Pisces

At 19°27’1” with Jupiter at 15°17’26” and Eris at 29°10’49”

The Players:

Juno is about one to one relationships (including the one with self), what we value and look for in our relationships, which includes the “teacher – student” relationship and that one can be both the same time. Juno is also about equality and acceptance and inner “balance”/harmony. She’s a “transmitter”/bridge between our outwards actions and our beliefs, higher ideals etc.

More about Juno:

Chiron is called the “wounded healer” and he’s a Centaur with different lineage though. He knows about pain and knows about healing but to heal himself, he gave up his immortality (immortality here means “reincarnation” which was his “problem”) for the freedom of someone else and then got a space between the gods (eternal, freedom of choice). So, he’s about the sacrifice to self…. like what you do to others, you do to yourself BUT it’s also what you do to yourself, you do to others…. He also talks about the “loops” we take in life – sometimes we tend to repeat the same patterns, these make us feel “limited” and “unable” – that’s “his wound” and that’s what heals by recognizing it/awareness and acceptance …. He’s also of bridging energy as he’s not only a Centaur but a “half god”, connecting these realms…

More about Chiron:

Their last conjunction was in June 2018 in early sid. Pisces, close to the vernal point of that year, meaning that there was also the connection to the South Galactic Pole and the Earth’s cross. They were also in opposition with Venus and Makemake in earlier sid. Virgo.

Jupiter in that time stood in the later degrees of sidereal Libra, a theme of balance and harmony as well as the theme of past and future and the “baggage” we take…

That last cycle was in evolutionary and spiritual Astrology talking about the “dawn” of a new era, a new more expansive or “galactic” or holistic approach to “healing” relationships and the relationships with self, our multidimensionality, galactic connections (E.T.s or simply energies) etc. There was the opening of the heart as part of our resources involved as well as the Jupiter theme.

Now this cycle comes to an end and the “next step” is ready to be taken but with the old cycle as integrated part… yet, when we start a new cycle, there’s a little “chaotic” energy because all comes together, the 360 and the 0…

After these few lines, I’m sure you’ll also see of how great it is, that we got the Juno – Jupiter conjunction (it’s also a longer cycle than the Juno – Chiron cycle) started so close to this Juno – Chiron cycle… it’s a working together here, a collaboration that’s important and the involvement of Eris is important too – she’s a little further the way, yet her Aphelion is right there at 19° sid. Pisces and so is Jupiter’s Perihelion…

Astrology chart about the heliocentric conjunction between Juno and Chiron

Jupiter is opposing Makemake in sid. Virgo (Makemake was already involved in the last cycle) – so that means it’s about resources too and how we “govern” them. Relationships as resources isn’t anything new, yet, there is the theme of expanding them and believing into them.

Makemake stands just above Diadem of Coma (sid. Virgo – Coma cluster and Virgo cluster are some of the most brilliant “super clusters” we know about), an area that represents that “crown” of “higher connections”…

These connections, relationships or resources can only be directly used when we actually belief in them – if we think there’s nothing, if we belief we’re “alone” in the Universe or that we can’t "this or that" we won’t be able to…