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New Beginnings 12 2023 - updated

Updated: Jan 22

Heliocentric sidereal and planetary cycle Astrology - a change of perspective....

I got a “one line download” – corruptibility or “blind spots” as aid for self-recognition


Sounds very strange but makes a lot of sense when thinking about it….

Self-recognition does include the parts of ourselves that we may not like as much – yet, if we’re neglecting them, we kind of let ourselves fall into traps along the way again and again… one could call those “vicious cycles” ….

If we know those weaknesses, we can in situations, consciously decide and discern if it’s “THAT” or if it’s something else that makes us act in the way we do… we have a choice...

When I think of the last months and from another perspective even years, then I think we all have had some themes "illuminated", surfacing etc. - how did we integrate those themes and what effect did or do they have on us....

Did we maybe even "learn some lessons" that are now forcing us to grow new "foundations" or are we acting "same old" and repeating themes....


But don't worry - beside of all these "heavy" sounding topics (which isn't meant that way really), there's a lot of VERY creative energy - it's exactly what is needed to have the ideas of what and how to grow or to expand or to "fix"....

Astrology 14th to 20th of December 2023 and onward

(The Solstice I will post about separately)     

  • Venus at her most northern point on 20th of December 

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