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...  just like the Stars and their planets and the planetary Moons - we All are parts of the All, spiraling further and higher on an seemingly endless evolutionary path...  Let's explore the ride....

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Who I am and the intention of this site:

Just somebody who mastered many problems, tragedies and traumas - I found my own personal way and tools how to do that.
Already in early childhood I made many "strange" experiences and a knowing that what we were told isn't all - that there must be more.... I was able to study Astrology with a great elderly Friend but I chose to go a "normal" way - well, that such a choice can't be healthy is clear and I did go through many "rounds" or "loops" as I call them, until it became life-threatening, which in itself was probably my most challenging and in the end beneficial experience I went through in this lifetime.... so, I made a decision - I mainly healed myself on physical, mental and emotional body - I followed myself and what I know within.... we All can do that but sometimes we need a little "assistance"...

The Universe within and without us, provides us with exactly that.

Let us All grow and live our personal truth - to find the individual expression within the global and universal community.

I'm specialized on the heliocentric (from the Sun) chart interpretations... I sometimes do "mixed" readings though.... The view from the Sun is more like the "observer view" and potentials... 

If you are interested to know more about yourself, please contact me for a personal reading - but a different one.... observable placements in geocentric charts, the heliocentric chart (I personally prefer) and the planetary cycles.

Astrology Teachers/Influencers: there are many, as I read and study a lot online - I took some classes and webinars with Raquel Spring but most influenced I'm by Nick A. Fiorenza's work - he passed away in 2020 and his websites are down now. I most intensively studied his works and printed a lot out, so I can still study on - I'm very thankful for his life's work and am sad, I had never the chance to meet him "personally".... his work also inspired me, to research planetary cycles myself - a most fascinating topic....


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Chiang Mai - Thailand        Timezone + 6 to 7 hours
Facebook and You Tube: Fran Arnet
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For any contact and/or questions about readings, please use this form or email me directly. I can also add you to a mailing list, so you wont miss a post - just let me know..... Like this, your data are safe and I will never sell or otherwise give your data to anyone.... 

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