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Heliocentric sidereal Astrology -
get empowered by the Universe  

We All are parts of the ALL, spiraling further and higher on a seemingly endless evolutionary path...
Specialized on heliocentric, sidereal and constellation based Astrology which includes planetary cycles, planetary points (nodes), various sciences and spirituality. 

The meaning of planets, stars and constellations, remain the same in geocentric and heliocentric astrology. 

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Heliocentric sidereal Astrology 
the "what and why and my approach"

The stars and their constellations give their very specific frequencies/ vibrations to their surroundings - Astrologers try to translate those as accurate as possible. 
Their energies remain the same - viewed from Earth or viewed from the Sun (heliocentric). 

As I also love to observe the night sky, watching Sun sets or rises, I do admire our unique view from here, yet even if I may include certain geocentric view points, my readings have become more and more heliocentric based .... 

When talking about observing - when we look for example in which constellation or near what star the Moon stands at a certain time and compare it to main-stream Astrology, we see it off by almost a whole "sign" - this phenomena is caused by the precession of the equinoxes, a theme that is explained in more detail on this website. 
Astrology based on observable and/or astronomical data, is called "sidereal" and if the size of the zodiac constellations are included it's often called true sidereal Astrology, Astronomy-Astrology or constellation Astrology...  

I subscribed to and am using a drawing style, which allows me to have both - the sidereal 12 division and the constellations outlines....




Fran's astro wisdom is a force of nature... its very powerful to get her sky-informed perspective, and she's one of the people I see when I need counsel of my own as a professional astrologer. No matter how familiar you may be, Fran's knowledge is quite valuable, and her work transcends the usual limitations of the craft - both technically and insightfully!

Who I am and my path of Astrology

Just somebody who mastered many problems, tragedies and traumas - I found my own personal way and tools how to do that.

Already in early childhood I made many "strange" experiences and a knowing that what we were told isn't all - that there must be more....


I was able to study Astrology with a great elderly Friend but I chose to go a "normal" way - well, that such a choice can't be healthy is clear and I did go through many "rounds" or "loops" as I call them, until it became life-threatening, which in itself was one of my most challenging and in the end beneficial experiences I went through in this lifetime.... so, I made decisions and let action follow.....  

I find  it most interesting to research various sciences, connecting them with Astrology, the "mythical stories" , spiritual and philosophical teachings and simply my very own experiences - the outcome is astonishing 

As I have started to work more on this Astrology path, have started to make researches about the planets, orbits, cycles and the geometry within -  to me it has become more than just a craft but showed me a different way of living - my way.


WE ALL hold a chart, a life with all it's possibilities and choices - its all there always and ready to be picked up.... may that now be Astrology or whatever... the Universe is vast and there are no limitations in creativity....

Astrology Teachers/Influencers: there are many, as I read and study a lot online - I took some classes and webinars with Raquel Spring but most influenced I'm by Nick A. Fiorenza's work - he passed away in 2020 and his websites are down now. I most intensively studied his works and I'm very thankful for his life's work and sad, I never had the chance to meet him "personally".... his work also inspired me, to research planetary cycles myself - a most fascinating topic.... also the works of  Dane Rudhyar are most fascinating and full of insights.... 

Science and more:   I hold a certificate of Completion by Humanity's Team about the masterclass of "Forbidden Science" by Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein. 
More studies on the website of Nassim Haramein which includes some of Adam Apollo's work .... More courses on "Humanity's Team"..... 



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