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I have never fit the Box - you ??

Who I am:

Just somebody who mastered many problems,

tragedies and traumas - I found my own personal

way and tools how to do that .

I reconnected with Astrology, dancing, gardening (herbs) and the universal laws.  

I connect dots between everything I see and experience with everything I hear "outside" of myself - whole new approach and feeling in life...  


I have become most fascinated by the Universe - the Astrology, Astronomy but also the Cycles involved. Everything moves in cycles as taught by the Universal Laws - we can also see this in Mythology. I research a lot and try to share what I "connect", so it may help others and maybe you have an answer to some open questions of mine....

The Tasks:

Empowering the Self / Soul by the Universe within and without - to find the confidence to walk the own unique path called Life.  

Discussions about awakenings and Spiritual themes but also include our mind and logic - nothing is here without reason, that includes our mental abilities.

Meine Muttersprache ist deutsch
Chiang Mai - Thailand        Timezone + 6 to 7 hours
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