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We're All special - find out what your inner Universe tells you about how special you are, what unique tools you have to unfold and really live your specialty. Change your perception and you will change your "universe"....

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be creative as a counter force

This is a video post - see the You-Tube link below :-) I was inspired by my work on planetary cycles and the upcoming New Moon. Instead o...

Who I am and the intention of this site:

Just somebody who mastered many problems,

tragedies and traumas - I found my own personal

way and tools how to do that .

Already in early childhood I made many "strange" experiences and this did go on to early adulthood. I was able to study Astrology with a great elderly Friend but I chose to go a "normal" way and fell ill. Extended travels and moving abroad as fulfillment of a dream, brought me closer to who I am but even here I fell ill as I was constantly trying to be "normal" - I did not accept myself for a long time. 

After a very traumatic experience I fell a decision - I decided to actually live who I am - this means also changing with my own "growth" - nothing is "fixed" so to speak and since I live with this flow of self, I'm healthy. 

Since I reconnected with Astrology and started many other studies (it's all connected), my life has become most exciting and I would like to share that to inspire you, so you reconnect with what and who you are....


Let us All grow and live our personal truth - to find the individual expression within the global and universal community.

Astrology Teachers/Influencers: there are many, as I read and study a lot online - I took some classes and webinars with Raquel Spring but most influenced I'm by Nick A. Fiorenza's work - he passed away in 2020 and his websites are down now. I most intensively studied his works and printed a lot out, so I can still study on - I'm very thankful for his life's work and am sad, I had never the chance to meet him "personally".... his work also inspired me, to research planetary cycles myself - a most fascinating topic....


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