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The Uranus - Nessus cycle

Updated: Feb 17

This is one of the longer time planetary sidereal cycles (heliocentric view does only change the date a little, not the meaning nor placement) - started in 1933 and will last until September 2188 - so we're within the cycle working on steps in developing - as we All may understand, it can be looked at in a linear way and so it will be but there's always the possibility to "jump out and up" in some ways changing the way the further evolutionary steps are expressing themselves.... When we do that, then we will continue in a different way to perceive and live on the cycle... (a video that includes this cycle but not only is linked further down)

The Players:

Uranus Picture: NASA Hubble

Compilation of the planet Uranus with rings by NASA

Uranus is a Rebel and Liberator and Scientist (the own bio-technology as well), a “holistic” scientific approach – air energy, which brings more focus on the mind, as the “medium”, the translator and messenger….

More about Uranus:

Nessus is a Centaur and talks a lot about neglect, abandonment and “abuse”. At first this does sound as a very “bad Guy” but there’s a lot of wisdom to gain and practical tools involved….

More about Nessus:

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Nessus (122 years-orbit)

The conjunction happened on 17th of April 1933 at 29°19’15” sid. Pisces with Venus as companion at 29°31’59” and at “solar conjunction” which means the Earth in “opposition” (Sun-Earth about 3 degrees away)…. Pluto at 28°34’ sid. Gemini forms a T-square to the axis or is in last square by the Uranus-Nessus conjunction…

This longitude of the heavens in the sign and constellation of Pisces is still on the bond of the clockwise swimming fish with no particular Pisces-star conjoining but in longitude conjoined by Acamar of Eridanus… it’s an interesting part of Pisces as we see in the north quite an entanglement between some stars of the upwards swimming fish and the arm of Andromeda… in the south the constellations are “clearer apart” – from ecliptic down these are Cetus, Fornax, Eridanus and Horologium – the most southern Dorado “starts” under the upwards swimming fish of Pisces in the sign of Aries…