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There's Beauty in everything.....

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Full Moon 24th/25th of June 2021 and 1st of July 2021

Heliocentric sidereal astrology chart about 25th of June 2021

Heliocentric: Earth and Moon exactly aligned at 8°9’59 sid. Sagittarius

Geocentric: Moon at above degrees – Sun at same degree sid. Gemini

If viewed from the side, you would see Sun – Earth - Moon in a line and with a new Moon you would see Sun – Moon – Earth.

Earth and Moon are conjunct with Pholus and Quaoar at Sagittarius’ bow.

Mars, Venus, Hygiea and Orcus in Leo and in Aquarius we see Pallas, Nessus and Neptune.

Ceres and Uranus in Aries…

As the Leo-Aquarius axis is emphasized on, not only through the "obvious placements", let me explain a bit and give you some details about it first: Each Body, by their orbits, do have an aphelion (furthest away from the Sun) and perihelion (closest to the Sun) as well as their nodal axis (orbit-ecliptic crossing points), which means, when one stands on one of the 4 points of another one, an exchange, stimulation, activation happens….

The Leo-Aquarius axis is “occupied” on the following degrees:

8° Leo Perihelion – Aquarius Aphelion – Ceres

11° Aquarius P. – Leo Aph. – Mars

13° Aquarius P. – Leo Aph. - Quaoar

15° Aquarius P. – Leo Aph. – Orcus

25° Leo Northnode – Aquarius SN - Juno

26° Leo P. – Aquarius Aph. – Uranus

28° Leo Northnode – Aquarius SN – Pallas

Though, several of the “Players” are in more than one way involved in our picture here, activating and stimulating each other…. The “higher” degrees are activated by Neptune at 25°59’14” sid. Aquarius.

Perihelion represents the area of a bodies most influence and the Aphelion the basis or intention of that influence within their themes and the nodal axis describes their way or path of action in relation to Earth (crossing of ecliptic). Southnode is the start and the end, and Northnode is what needs to be integrated or used or the tool to "fulfill" the Southnode.

The importance of those axis and nodes we see demonstrated by the Moon. When the Moon stands near his nodal axis during a new Moon or a full Moon, we get Eclipses. New Moon produces a solar eclipse and a full Moon time a lunar eclipse.

By the way – Earth’s Aphelion – Perihelion axis is in 17° Sagittarius - Gemini, therefore she’s soon at her “motivation” point 😉 – interesting to note here is, that Jupiter’s Southnode is at 15° Sagittarius. The Gemini – Sagittarius axis is also very “occupied” as well as the Virgo – Pisces axis…

The Trines – or Grand Trines:

A little shift since the Solstice of those “self-fulfilling trinities”…

Earth with Pholus and Quaoar, are bringing the outer realms and the bridges to Earth and combine it with the nourishment and health… and to a lesser degree again with the heart- action. Although, because of the listed “cross-axis alignments”, as Ceres and Mars are kind of “double involved”, bringing even more attention to the themes of nurturing and the action, the doing…

Earth and Pholus and Quaoar are talking about the higher views and perspectives of a process ongoing – a transformational process, that brings challenges to broaden our views and to acknowledge the universal connection of life, the higher laws that talk about the sacredness of all life and how all is “interconnected”…. When we anchor these “higher perspectives” within ourselves, we have a basis, a root and stability that can at any time allow us, to go within and get direct “connection and answers”… Pholus brings “perceptual” abilities into the picture here, the ability to actually “see” these connections, and to “perceive” them, for some through some kind of "psychic" abilities and for some through experiences that may even be a little "shaking"....

Mars is “physically” near his own motivation or “root point” – the integrity, the Self, the leading qualities are his motivation and now Venus also activates this point as well as Hygiea – might be that there could come some change into our motivation for action, a bit more heart, a bit more healing of the masculine… Ceres, means the caring, the mothering, the nurturer – in many ways, as we have to take care of many different “bodies” – the physical, the emotional, the mental etc. and her physical placement in earlier Aries, may suggest, that we have to take that question, that theme into our own hand and act on the Self and overcome “conformity” – Mars helps her with that, and she helps him to get the right nourishment… Hygiea, the Art of Medicine, can be looked at not only from our “physical – technical – profession” viewpoint but also from the view of the self-healing capacities we have, which is of course linked to the “intake”, thus nourishment….Venus, yes, she’s a part of this too as she represents the heart, love and beauty as well as property/ possession. When we see beauty, can we just appreciate it or do we need to “own” it, are we possessive in action (Mars) or can we share the beauty. Another part in this, of course, is the inner beauty, the Self, the I, can we “own” that and act accordingly….

Pluto – Eris last quarter and Saturn – Uranus last quarter

I talked about in the Solstice post. Here the link:

As short recap – last quarters talk about realizations – it’s where we have to “notice” and acknowledge what we did manifest and take responsibility for it – like “cause and effect”, sometimes though, a “cause” is not so easily detected…. Individually it hits of course differently as it depends, how these energies interact with your own birth-chart and evolutionary cycle, just like some people “learn” one thing faster than another and the other way around… but globally, as a species, as societies we’re in the middle of challenging and promising times… A realization consequently leads to let go of a “status quo”, something we thought to be “absolute” ….

An “illness” or any kind of “disruption”/challenge or even strive is always a symptom for something to be “wrong”, out of balance etc. – it’s a “messenger” so to speak and asks for action in order to regain balance, to create a foundation or an environment that supports the balance….

Nessus at 17° sid. Aquarius opposing Orcus at 17° sid. Leo

An opposition talks about integration – when we’re in resistance to something, we’re in “fight” mode… we need to “integrate” it as part of the whole, as information that can maybe even serve us.

Nessus talks about “abuse” in a broad sense – where we have the tendency to make space for such to happen, or to actually abuse ourselves and others. A workaholic, who doesn’t make space for other needs at all, will eventually fall ill in one or another way. Somebody who is insecure in relationships (of any kind), may attract someone who is manipulating and “abusing or using” them. When we know that “principle”, had an experience of whatever kind, that talks about it, we need to integrate it, and can use it for the future in order to know, how to “prevent” such from happening again and eventually “heal, change, transform”…. Like this, a challenging or maybe even horrible experience can be perceived as a “teaching” about self, and as that appreciated. More about Nessus:

Nessus stands south of ecliptic, at the Aquarian right leg. The legs of course, mark a “foundational” energy a “basis”. Aquarius is generally more “future orientated” and speaks of resources and the distribution of those. It means not only ‘physical” things, but also information, art, ideas and so on. It’s also associated with groups of all kinds – society, businesses, “clubs” (also sports or any group that shares a certain interest).

Orcus talks about promises/oath we make to ourselves and to others – they are a “contract” and need to be fulfilled, otherwise it will “backfire” as the energy needs to move – it’s a principle, the “pendulum” so to speak, it needs to swing. Yes, we can “jump” over it but energetically it remains and creates “karma”, something that we have to “solve” sooner or later…. More about Orcus:

Orcus stands south of the ecliptic, near the constellation Sextans, over Hydra and Vela the sail of the Argo Navis and of course under the lion and the great Bear (Ursa Major). And still very close on his Aphelion - thus his "motivation" or "intention". Each of us, is giving the own direction of life – we decide if we want to turn left, right or anywhere in between or go straight – it brings also the responsibility of the own choices of course. This area does also talk about the responsibility of those in “influential positions” – may that be those in politics or art or any other kind…

Just as a "side note" - in the beginning of August, Hygiea will conjunct with Orcus - could become interesting when the Art of Medicine meets the Keeper of Oaths....

When we have a “problem” at hand, we analyze it, gain information of the “now”/reality and search for solution. We use experiences from the past – the personal ones as well as those of others from any field related to the problem and sometimes even further – we “connect dots”, create a picture, and finally get an idea of how to solve the problem and then go on and try, it’s a “collaboration” a teamwork, not only on a global level but also on an individual levels, as most of us do have a “social circle” even if it’s a small one or a “digital” one. If it doesn’t work in the way we have hoped for, we try something else…. To acknowledge, that something doesn’t work, that maybe some part was not thought about first (not integrated) isn’t to be judged as something bad, it just shows more “work” has to be done – ‘mistakes”, choosing the wrong way etc. – it happens… not reacting to a mistake, to stick on the path will not suddenly change that mistake or validate it, it only creates more imbalance – not reacting means “overpowering”…

There can only be a group, if there is more than one right – so, but each of the members is an Individual in their own right and what is good for one, doesn’t necessarily need to be good for another. Old knowledge, which needs to be integrated…. Teamwork will bring us further than dictatorship (conformity) – much broader, free and yet serves a common goal…. That’s meant on all levels – as a “group” but also on an Individual basis, as we’re these “multi-dimensional Beings” we need to work as a team within Self….

Often, we may feel the responsibility is too “much”, goes too far and we decide to give it away – we choose a “leader” of some sorts to feel less of the “burden”… therefore we feel more free but it can turn into a boomerang as we then suddenly may realize, that this leader in consequence will “dictate” what to do – and that’s not only in political questions but also any form of “idolizing” someone – a person can have one or more really specialties (which doesn’t mean there need to be an University degree) and a therefore a person to ask about a certain topic, but “blindly” following someone and belief every word they say, is “idolizing” and giving power away…. there is one important thing so - don't take an axis "apart" - power and responsibility go together - one without the other isn't balanced....

A little personal story about this whole matter: I was working in a company and had to carry the responsibility for the whole “department” but wasn’t given the power/authority within the structure of the company to act.. so I only had the responsibility and not the power – impossible – I tried long and tried to claim some “power” but instead of taking the consequences and leave, because I was in fear of not having the resources (money) to fulfill my dream (moving to Thailand), I became ill – it was also that inner fight, of acting against my own better knowing but giving more into my fear than anything else…. So much we decide, we do because of some sort of worry or fear.

From a “broader” perspective we can also say, that what ever happens in our lives we have created by ourselves – consciously or unconsciously – therefore we live now in a world, where we feel the “responsibility” but not the power, as we kind of “gave it away” or dismissed it out of fear of the responsibility/consequences…. We need to work together within – the subconscious needs to become conscious, in order to make integrated choices… the feminine, the intuition that knows much more than we would think and that we have “exiled” into the unconscious 😉

As soon as we talk about “broader views”, we also need to look at Jupiter (the expansion, growth and “higher perspective”) and when we talk about anything at all, we need to look at Mercury (communication) but also at Saturn as the ruler of all “structures” and what doesn’t have structure in one way or another…

They’re All in Capricorn – plus Chariklo – Pluto at Terebellium, at the very “end” of the constellation Sagittarius, but under influence of Lyra and Aquila and just in the sign of Capricorn….

Pluto at 0°8’5” - Mercury at 4°47’39” - Chariklo at 6°10’20” - Saturn at 13°41’59” and Jupiter at 26°56’12”

What orbital points, nodes do we have here – you might be surprised to hear, non of Saturn, as his are all on the Gemini Sagittarius axis….

We have Pholus’ Southnode at 4°, Chariklo’s Northnode at 5°, Pallas’ Aphelion at 14°, Neptune’s Southnode at 16°, Venus’ Aphelion at 16°, Sedna’s Southnode at 29° - you see, also here, everything entangled, activating and influencing one another….

Full “spectrum” Capricorn is to be looked at – often described as feeling “heavy”, sincere – well, that’s true to some degree, depending which part…. All of Capricorn speaks of the process of manifestation, the focus and intention and the “solitude” we use to create and finish something before we share it – Capricorn also talks about the “fractal Universe”, the micro-macro cosmos, the principle of “as above, so below” – which means, that what we “think” and what our intention is and what we focus onto, we “create” and same time “engraving” it into Earth’ herself and the “grid” – we may share physically what we have created in later Capricorn, but energetically, it’s also there, for anybody to use – as we’re a “fractal” too, and are connected with Earth at all times, we have all knowledge and information accessible through our own “sacred space” – maybe something like the “akashic records” or the “halls of Amenti”…

With Mercury (the gods messenger and scribe) here, just between Pluto (transformation) and Chariklo (sacred places, shelters and outsiders) in this focused and “seeing” area of the sky, I would not be surprised, if we hear some “revelations”, especially when he meets with Saturn in middle of Capricorn and then Jupiter in late Capricorn on 1st of July… as Mercury in the geocentric chart, hasn’t yet arrived in Capricorn, neither Jupiter (retrograding in from Aquarius), it’s affect and clarity about it, may be delayed a bit…. Note, it works also on a personal level – you may get “revelations” for yourself, answers you have “asked” for – so be aware….

That 1st of July has more to offer – Venus conjoins Orcus exactly in Leo, as mentioned, Mercury conjoins Jupiter in late Capricorn exact and Juno (sign of Scorpio, constellation Ophiuchus) moves into last quarter square to Neptune (late sign of Aquarius, under the circle, “fish-head” – on Uranus’ Aphelion). Juno is about relationships, also about the one with Self and Neptune is about the “spiritual”, the dreams, illusions and disillusions and to me, about clarity of things as I said once in a previous post, “the crystal clear water of a mountain lake”….

I talked about Orcus at this position further up in this article, so I won’t repeat it – important though, Venus will be automatically at opposition with Nessus too – depending of the nature of the “insights” we may feel anywhere from uncomfortable, in disbelieve, thankful to “blessed” within this energy – or all at once, lol – yep, it’s possible - Venus, just short before has also met with Hygiea, so, "heart healing" or adding heart to the healing - I would say, seek beauty, wherever you can, even in that which at first glance seems not so nice or beautiful, there always is beauty to find....

Never forget, it’s all about the evolutionary cycle – it’s for the good, the intention is growth… Eris disrupts with her energies to reveal the present situation, in order to change that, to transform (Pluto) and you see, Orcus is a helper of Pluto – they’re of the same “realm” with different tasks and purpose but “complimenting”…..

Much Love to you All,


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