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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Full Moon 24th/25th of June 2021 and 1st of July 2021

Heliocentric sidereal astrology chart about 25th of June 2021

Heliocentric: Earth and Moon exactly aligned at 8°9’59 sid. Sagittarius

Geocentric: Moon at above degrees – Sun at same degree sid. Gemini

If viewed from the side, you would see Sun – Earth - Moon in a line and with a new Moon you would see Sun – Moon – Earth.

Earth and Moon are conjunct with Pholus and Quaoar at Sagittarius’ bow.

Mars, Venus, Hygiea and Orcus in Leo and in Aquarius we see Pallas, Nessus and Neptune.

Ceres and Uranus in Aries…

As the Leo-Aquarius axis is emphasized on, not only through the "obvious placements", let me explain a bit and give you some details about it first: Each Body, by their orbits, do have an aphelion (furthest away from the Sun) and perihelion (closest to the Sun) as well as their nodal axis (orbit-ecliptic crossing points), which means, when one stands on one of the 4 points of another one, an exchange, stimulation, activation happens….

The Leo-Aquarius axis is “occupied” on the following degrees:

8° Leo Perihelion – Aquarius Aphelion – Ceres

11° Aquarius P. – Leo Aph. – Mars

13° Aquarius P. – Leo Aph. - Quaoar

15° Aquarius P. – Leo Aph. – Orcus

25° Leo Northnode – Aquarius SN - Juno

26° Leo P. – Aquarius Aph. – Uranus

28° Leo Northnode – Aquarius SN – Pallas

Though, several of the “Players” are in more than one way involved in our picture here, activating and stimulating each other…. The “higher” degrees are activated by Neptune at 25°59’14” sid. Aquarius.

Perihelion represents the area of a bodies most influence and the Aphelion the basis or intention of that influence within their themes and the nodal axis describes their way or path of action in relation to Earth (crossing of ecliptic). Southnode is the start and the end, and Northnode is what needs to be integrated or used or the tool to "fulfill" the Southnode.

The importance of those axis and nodes we see demonstrated by the Moon. When the Moon stands near his nodal axis during a new Moon or a full Moon, we get Eclipses. New Moon produces a solar eclipse and a full Moon time a lunar eclipse.

By the way – Earth’s Aphelion – Perihelion axis is in 17° Sagittarius - Gemini, therefore she’s soon at her “motivation” point 😉 – interesting to note here is, that Jupiter’s Southnode is at 15° Sagittarius. The Gemini – Sagittarius axis is also very “occupied” as well as the Virgo – Pisces axis…

The Trines – or Grand Trines:

A little shift since the Solstice of those “self-fulfilling trinities”…

Earth with Pholus and Quaoar, are bringing the outer realms and the bridges to Earth and combine it with the nourishment and health… and to a lesser degree again with the heart- action. Although, because of the listed “cross-axis alignments”, as Ceres and Mars are kind of “double involved”, bringing even more attention to the themes of nurturing and the action, the doing…

Earth and Pholus and Quaoar are talking about the higher views and perspectives of a process ongoing – a transformational process, that brings challenges to broaden our views and to acknowledge the universal connection of life, the higher laws that talk about the sacredness of all life and how all is “interconnected”…. When we anchor these “higher perspectives” within ourselves, we have a basis, a root and stability that can at any time allow us, to go within and get direct “connection and answers”… Pholus brings “perceptual” abilities into the picture here, the ability to actually “see” these connections, and to “perceive” them, for some through some kind of "psychic" abilities and for some through experiences that may even be a little "shaking"....

Mars is “physically” near his own motivation or “root point” – the integrity, the Self, the leading qualities are his motivation and now Venus also activates this point as well as Hygiea – might be that there could come some change into our motivation for action, a bit more heart, a bit more healing of the masculine… Ceres, means the caring, the mothering, the nurturer – in many ways, as we have to take care of many different “bodies