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Universal Laws and thoughts about Lucifer.

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

(the Asteroid Lucifer - what does "he" stand for)

Over some time now, I have often read or had discussions about “evil”, Satan and Lucifer. I have thought about these negatively felt pole.

Lucifer is commonly translated as “the Light Bringer”.

So how to interpret this paradox? I had the thought about how we daily decide to handle situations and feelings one way or another…. We encounter situations in our lives, where the most probable outcome is “negative”, would harm us or we harming others, being stuck, getting ill or just in an ongoing spiral into that direction. We concentrate onto that direction by “fighting against” that negative pole (in whatever form it presents itself). When we instead just stop, look at it and decide clearly “NO” we recognize/acknowledge it, turn around and start to focus onto the other pole… in this meaning, the “negative” brought us the light ….

So, it’s kind of simple – as everything, once we understand something, that’s why it needs understanding for someone to become a Teacher for example – you can’t teach a language you don’t know or math or anything, but once you gain the knowledge and understanding, things become “easy/simple” and you can try to bring the knowledge to others, for hopefully them to find the understanding but same time, as we experience the principle of “the more I know, the more I know that I don’t know” we study on, being a Student and Teacher the same…..

As you see, here we have many of the Natural/Universal Laws at work – we have motion/vibration, polarization/duality, the swing of the pendulum/rhythm/cycles, cause and effect, correspondence “as above, so below”-and the other way round and the creating principles of “feminine, masculine” and the All is in All and All is in the All.

Much Love to you All,


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