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Phantasy and imagination as tools for change

Updated: Jan 22

New Beginnings October 2022

Heliocentric sidereal cycle Astrology

We’re spiritual Beings yet, we’re also experiencing physicality – that may sound as “opposites” or polarity, which is “true” in some ways – the challenge is “integration” - to be "all in one" and that can be applied to any polarity.

Commonly in these revealing times, we may focus on what "horrible" that happens and we may slip into worries and fears at times. We may also fight, resist and with that, bind our focus and commitment to what we would prefer to "escape" - yet, we're "creator beings" with the gifts of dreams, imagination, phantasy and visualization on all levels in millions of ways ...

On 14th of October there was the conjunction of Mars and Uranus over the “edge” of Cetus head (dancing on its nose?) at 21° sidereal Aries, followed by a Vesta – Nessus conjunction on 17th of October at 20° sidereal Aquarius while Pallas stands at 20° sid. Taurus and Hygiea at 21° sid. Scorpio. As during the Vesta – Nessus conjunction Earth is closely approaching Eris, their exact conjunction takes place on 18th of October at 29° sid. Pisces.

On 25th of October there will be the new Moon at 6°41’12” sid. Libra with Earth at same degrees sid. Aries.

Finally, on 30th of October Saturn will be at his exact 330° within his cycle with Neptune – last 30° starting – Saturn will move through all of Aquarius on his way to the conjunction at 5°52’ sid. Pisces in December 2025.

Mars is outward action and willpower that brings our creative ideas out into the world or “existence”. Mars is protective, yet ready to lead and to relay on Self.

Uranus is rebellious, liberating and surprising – he rules “adaptation” (or change) towards the future and is more “scientific” in approach also when it comes to the own bio-technology. Most of all though, he stands for the liberation of self, a theme he shares with Mars in a different way though.

This all over Cetus nose tip, well, we might take some steps into new directions, might go different ways and “trying out”, which means we take a “risk” as well – sometimes things work as we think they will and sometimes not but either way holds information that brings us further on our way. Just because we have done something a specific way for a long time, doesn’t mean it’s the only way and maybe isn’t “matching” the current situation or circumstances anymore… not to be misunderstood, it’s more like a “leveling up”…

The Two do “co-operate” anyways – their Aphelion and Perihelion axis are in the same sign just “reversed” – Mars’s Aphelion at 11° Leo and Perihelion 11° Aquarius and Uranus the other way round at 22°… nice degree numbers, isn’t it…

Beside that, this conjunction does happen only 3° prior of Mars’ Northnode at 24° sid. Aries and their conjunction is also “close” in declination and latitude.

Heliocentric astrology chart about the Vesta and Nessus conjunction 2022

The Vesta – Nessus conjunction is of course also in a 60° angle with Mars and Uranus, linking that conjunction with theirs and the Pallas – Hygiea opposition.

With Vesta we have again a “self-liberating” theme – here out of the perspective of the inner “flame”, what we burn for, what inspires us to devote ourselves towards etc.

The “vestal Virgins” in mythology have liberated themselves from the common “married life”, yet not necessarily from sexual life – a liberation in the sense of “ownership of the body” but also of “duties or desires” in this respect.

Vesta’s Aphelion at 20° Taurus and Perihelion at 20° Scorpio are activated by the Pallas – Hygiea opposition … well, quite some entanglement here 😉

Nessus is a Centaur and as that, guarding the passage to the outer realms – the Centaurs in general show us our shadow sides including their gifts – as long as we’re “trapped” in our physicality as “sole existence” and perception, we will judge ourselves and bath on in the rivers of negativity.

Nessus is commonly representing abandonment, neglect and abuse. How do we respond to such themes in our “outside lives”, where do we feel such emotions and how do we “abuse” ourselves, neglect or abandon abilities etc.

This Vesta – Nessus pairing talks about a liberation of some sort, to find the inner strength, fire, devotion to look through cultural, societal, religious or otherwise dogmatic systems and rules to perceive the very own way, to follow the own “rules” and principles according natural law and with this building now foundations for the pillars of stability in life. This requires honesty towards self, lies to self are one of the toxic substances provided by the Scorpion, so purity of heart and mind (transcending emotional trauma) etc. will bring the liberation …

You can see here, that already these bits are so entangled, that separating them isn’t easy – the Vesta, Nessus, Pallas and Hygiea themes and placements are greatly entangled with the Mars – Uranus conjunction …

The Earth/Moon – Eris conjunction is another “integral” part – not very comfortable – sigh, yet, useful and in the end “empowering”… Somehow, as a race, we Humans are more on the “stubborn” side and that might be why we usually don’t change unless we just simply have to. BUT my – I know, there’s something also true about Humans, WHEN there’s need we become VERY creative.

Look at any disaster movie – true or fiction – unbelievable creativity, cooperation and strength come forth into reality … A “principle” we can adapt/ground into our very own individual, personal lives …

Heliocentric astrology chart about the new Moon October 2022

The new Moon with geocentric Moon and the Sun at 6°41’ sid. Libra and Earth same degrees sid. Aries isn’t “separate” from all these conjunctions and other entanglements – nope – that axis happens to be also the nodal axis of Centaur Nessus (SN at 6°37’ Libra NN Aries). This part of sidereal Libra though, is depicted as the “lower” body parts of the Virgin, we could say her “root- chakra”.

During this new Moon heliocentric Venus stands right under the star Syrma of Virgo at 8°15’ sid. Libra, therefore she’s at solar conjunction and Earth’ opposition.

These degrees and axis does talk about opportunities, chances and quick responses that can be either through repetitive behavior (recreating whatever was before) or the use of creative, innovative powers with the “shadow” of uncertainty in the neck… Yet, it’s this shadow, the hidden, not known that can bring forth the talents, gifts, treasures needed and maybe forgotten.

Through the trust into our own intuitive abilities, we find the right responses and with that valuing this part of ours, that will bring us the chance to dive deeper into our own Self and retrieve more and more of what might have been forgotten or needed for the future, new ideas or ways to use our unlimited potentials for the birth of “spirals” instead of “cycles”.

This new Moon chart does show loads of aspect choreographies – for example is the new Moon axis T-squared by Pluto in early sid. Capricorn, furthermore, Pluto is trined by Mercury in early sid. Virgo conjoining the star Zavijava of Virgo. Truly transformational opportunity here as Pluto is of this “other world/realm”, one we may not be as familiar with, not knowing nor really understanding but getting “glimpses” of, even in the earthly realm 😉

Mars has proceeded to conjoin the star Botein of Aries, providing us with a lot of energy, row and direct force – which way do we direct that …

Saturn will meet with Neptune on 12th of December 2025 at 5°52’18” sid. Pisces, yet before we start the new cycle, we have to finish up the old one – 330° means the last 30 degrees to go – I think, this again fits perfectly fine into all that I have already shared about in this post and also last month.

Saturn and Neptune started their current cycle in 1989 with Vesta as companion – here the link to the post I created last year about this cycle:

A little excerpt from that post: Saturn and Neptune combined with Vesta, the sacred inner fire, the devotion... what a powerful alignment in an area that represents the spiritual warrior, the galactic connection, the inner self and it’s truth but also talks about the focus needed in order to create the correct spin/action, vibration. Our vibration we put out, is “reflected” back within the field of resonance it had created…. The stars of Corona Australis (Southern Crown) are representing the "alchemical" processes - the energies we access to create our own "resonant environment" according to our very own paths/intention/purpose...

Vesta started a new cycle with Saturn not long ago and will with Neptune soon – so she’s really to be “included” here 😉

Now, the ending of a cycle means also to let go – to let go of what we may have thought the “only” or “absolute” for the time being as “lived” and integrated part onto the way to the next step – whatever that might mean for one individually.

The last Vesta – Saturn conjunction I did write about being the question of which authority we may choose and even though we’re still in a very new and “experimental” state of that, it may help on the task we have now in regard to the cycles she and Saturn are ending with Neptune.

Interestingly Saturn stands close to Sedna’s Southnode – Sedna is truly of an “other world”, bringing the energies from the outer solar system where the galactic influence is much more direct and intense and with her emerging into us. This longitude of the heavens talks about guidance of higher realms, collaboration in this sense and a “putting of puzzle pieces together” and being ready to share it.

I think, this also all (including details I didn't mention) may also remind us of the creative powers that we call phantasy, imagination or “dreams”, and visualization – remember, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (when belief meets possibility) – yeah, the possibilities are arising if we dare to dream, to imagine, to visualize from our very own inner space, from inside out and with this we automatically let go of what doesn’t serve it … what we resist, fight etc. will bind our focus and commitment which will simply keep us in a “loop” of repetition …. Science has made "quantum jumps" and provides us with proof of what ancient texts, myths, and sayings are letting us know - why not using the wisdom and creating new ...

Doesn't this all fit wonderfully within each other and tells the story of this part of the whole process. It might at times be difficult and one may almost loose hope or even trust when looking at all the problems we’re facing globally, yet, we can tap into the energies around and regain stability if lost for a moment or two 😉 – it happens to us All at times and there’s nothing wrong with that – just part of the process.

Much strength and love to you All,


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Credit/References: all charts are created using the free software by - choose "extended chart selections".... sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar planer (website no longer available directly but in internet archives)

Dane Rudhyar - many publications and books.... available through "Rudhyar Archival Project"... by Astrology University..... by Michael Meyer on

My own researches, inspirations, intuition, experiences and dreams…


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