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Equinox March 2023

Updated: 21 hours ago

Heliocentric sidereal Astrology – what happens from the Sun’s perspective for our evolutionary paths

In heliocentric Astrology, we look as we would be the Sun. The Sun, does have an own path and all the planets go with that path. From the Sun’s view, as orbiting the Galactic Center and currently towards a point north of the Galactic Center between the constellations Hercules and Lyra (north of Sagittarius), got another view of what is “rising” etc. than when we look from Earth. The Vernal Point (March equinox) in heliocentric view, is around the MC, therefore 10th house energy and is roughly the same all over the Earth and year…

This year the Equinox will be exact - Universal Time on 20th of March at 21:21 - and Thailand Time on 21st of March at 4:21am

The Earth-Moon system at 4°40’33” sidereal Virgo a little passed the “beta” star Zavijava of Virgo (outline of the hair or in old depictions the top of the virgin’s “lower” wing and in Arabia was part of the “dogs kennel”) and in conjunction of longitude with asteroid Ceres approaching the northern Virgo Cluster – also all under the North Galactic Pole.

The Sun therefore at 4°40’33” sidereal Pisces just passed Neptune and stands over the South Galactic Pole.

This axis here is very important – it’s not only the axis of our current equinoxes (celestial equator) but also the axis of the galactic poles…. In our current times, that means we do experience alignments (being “parallel” in this sense) with the galactic plane, which happens only roughly every 6’400 years…. So, something is definitely “special” about this time, this shift – I mean, how much happens only in 2 or 3 years or 20 years but now we’re dealing with 6400 years we kind of “conclude”, finish and bring into a new chapter…

Sounds huge right 😉 – well, it is, but we don’t need to carry the whole Earth and her history on our shoulders, nope… Earth takes care herself, she’s very much capable of doing so, we can help her though by expressing ourselves (Sun) as authentically and whole as we can. We help ourselves; we help Earth and the whole of humanity and probably beyond.

Isn’t it interesting, that what sounds to be the simplest things “to be ourselves” turns at times out to be so difficult to achieve!!??

When I look at the list of conjunctions / new beginnings we’re in – some for years already and some just recently or upcoming – it’s no wonder… we’re not only in a “bridging time” but also in “transformational times”. It may feel as being “pushed” into something we not really understand fully and we might be scared at times and then we might feel like in “joy or bliss” (yeah, now I know)… hmmm… well, then comes the “the more I know, the more I know what I don’t know” realization, yet, with each of those “spiraling rounds” we gain new insights, new tools, new ideas and energy to go on and figure out more of what we don’t yet know…

As I always say, the “scientific approach” in the sense of “experimenting” and taking the information from the success as well as from the “failure” – both hold information that are useful and benevolent. The same is true for whatever has hurt us, left behind in confusion and insecurity, feelings of lack and so on…

It doesn’t mean, we’re now particularly happy when we go through a “negative” phase or an experiment didn’t bring the outcome we had wished for etc. but how deep we stay in that and if we anchor ourselves within – yes, we can have all the emotions of sadness, grief, guilt, anger, frustration and so on, yet, do we choose that our basis of operation or as a temporary healthy reaction / response to an “event”/experience…

The manifestation of our lives, how we experience / feel it, is in direct connection with what we ground ourselves into. With each step we go we “nourish” – it’s like we give focus and emotion to whatever and with that, and either action or “non action” we “attract”/create.

It’s just how it works, a principle or “natural law”.

- Just recently, I have heard an interview on Substack with Patty Smith – she said a sentence, that is very matching: “Pessimism breeds nothing. A pessimistic person does not create anything. A pessimistic person does not envision anything.” - here the link to the interview<