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Aligned? - Full Moon January 2022

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Full Moon on the 18th of January

at 6:48 am Thailand and on the 17th at 23:48 Universal Time

Working title: “lost and found” but also “cause and effect”….

Full Moons are very “illuminating” and make visible what there is formed out of the “intention” set with the New Moon – especially now with Earth just passed her Perihelion and entering Cancer and therefore the Sun Capricorn, we have this theme even more illumined…

But as I always say about cycles – they’re all entangled with each other but also within two planets cycles there are further cycles and that’s the same with the Moon…. The Moon cycles are logically bound to the Earth – Sun axis movement. There can only be a “new Moon” or “full Moon” in the sign the Earth – Sun axis “resides” in… therefore from the new Moon in a particular sign to its full Moon takes roughly 6 months and then back to the new Moon a total of almost 1 year…. It’s within the same “time range” as the Earth Solstice and Equinox axis and therefore similar themes….

The full Moon in January is therefore as looked at from this “bigger cycle of cycles” the “culmination” of the New Moon on 8th of August 2021 and will end with the New Moon in Cancer on 29th of July 2022… the Capricorn new Moon we’re just experienced will have its bigger culmination with the full Moon in Capricorn on 12th of August 2022…

The New Moon post of 8th of August 2021 was titled “unfoldment” with my working title: building the foundations for the unfoldment of the own path and gifts. Here the link for those interested:

When talking about cycles - there's also the geocentric conjunction between Pallas and Neptune just 7 hours before the full Moon - more about this further down after the full Moon talk....

When I was a child, I was afraid of the full Moon as I did sometimes see nature around me kind of “stripped naked” – I didn’t see flowers or fruits, only the branches/the roots “outside” and it scared me…

By now I understand that when we “strip” away the “seen”/obvious (if beautiful or not – not everything shiny is gold) we can see what the “foundation”/essence of it is and maybe even the purpose attached… Sometimes we have great intentions but somehow get lost on the way of action, are distracted, lost or similar but during the full Moon we can see it and are able to “adjust”/ correct, improve, “find”…. Coupled with the axis we’re on here, we can even “transform”….

The same principle is being “used” within – the emotions – the inner smart phone… yeah, we can even “strip” the emotions away in the sense of getting their call, receiving their message BUT we can then also understand that we do it the other way too and once aware/conscious about this, life changes dramatically (transformation)…. Before we’re there though, we need to check our foundations, what is underneath all that emotional tantrums and calls?? … just like the caterpillar that needs to cocoon first to be able to emerge as the butterfly it was meant to become..

This also means we have a lot of “discerning” to do – what is worth keeping for whatever future “use” and what can be “dismissed”/released as “case solved”… just like we archive old files…

But there comes a day we also need to dream about the “next” as we cleaned, cleared and filed so much that we want to give it “further purpose” in the sense of “filling the space gained” but this time differently – once we understand our own self or what “drives” us, we can give the space gained “purpose” that may be more “aligned” (if we’re not already) or even step further into that direction of “fulfillment”….

You know, just like the whole “diverting”/decluttering/sorting through we do when we move – we decide what is important for that “new life” and what not and you may promise yourself, that you will never collect so much “stuff” again but then one day you realize you did it again (well, I did, lol) but you may also realize that you “collected” different stuff than the previous time and that shows in the outside world the “changes” you went through in that period of time… I have more than once given up a lot of my stuff and downsized to only a few kilos of stuff and you know, it’s really “freeing” and gives the space to “re-invent” and to “accumulate” anew according the own “new” values…. That can be material things supporting that “new”, studies, abilities, people, experiences, time or whatever….

Details and more:

  • With Earth and Moon at 2°32’23” sid. Cancer and the Sun same degrees Capricorn.

  • The lunar nodes at 4°50’37” sid. Scorpio (South) and Taurus (North)

  • Pluto at 1°9’15” sid. Capricorn and Saturn same constellation at 20°5’21”