Equinox September 2021 - "heaven on earth"

Updated: Oct 24

Do you belief it’s possible to co-create “heaven on earth”? Great – that means we have already started to do so 😉

Each of us, who’s open and brave enough to face their own themes, helps for “revelations” to happen for others and the whole of Humanity – if we allow ourselves to let go of our “nice” experiences (as described in detail below), we make it easier for the next to follow…

Each of us who understands the connection between the one and the all at least a little bit, makes it easier for others to understand and discover it….

Same time all of this will automatically “eliminate” separation, dependency or anything alike as those will just cease to exist – without fight or effort or focus….

Equinox: 23. September 2021 at 2:14 am - univ. Time: 22nd 19.14pm

Earth – Sun at 4°41’46” sidereal Pisces – Virgo very slowly moving away from the Galactic Pole Axis, thus the new energies – we’re very supported by the Galactic energies as well as by the various other planetary cycles. We’re “galactic Newbies” on Earth and need to adjust a lot because a lot does work kind of “different” as the “veils” are thinning more and more… Actually, the veils are not only “spiritually” thinning but physically as well – it’s scientifically observable that Earth’s magnetic field is changing, solar flares have been more intense and maybe some of you remember my video with the 2 strange x-ray bubbles centered at the Galactic Center discovered, Saturn’s huge sphere-ring etc… also Jupiter’s extreme fields, mass does influence greatly….

The Sun and Earth placements present the themes of the full Moon again but add the component of the Galactic connection (limitless possibilities and opportunities) - Pisces side talks more about the fundamental forces, the “ether”, feelings, clarity, imagination, the dreams and Virgo talks about the “purity”, perception, receptivity and the trust and willingness to act accordingly when we get the opportunities presented…. On this axis, we talk about purity/emptiness out of which dreams and imagination forms into intention, “purpose” according our belief system and the “expectations” forming out of it – what do we allow ourselves…

The fundament (galactic), ground, intention is aligned with the fundament (Earth), our ground, our roots, home and the most public/seen/in light (galactic north) is aligned with what we shine out, share, make seen (Sun)… so therefore, we have the most direct “guiding system” at hand, if we chose to “see”/perceive it….

I’ve heard the story of Jesus having turned water into wine for a long time and always wondered – then sometime early last year I’ve read in a Nag Hamadi text publication and translation, that he turned wine into water when he gave some kind of “initiation”/teaching for passage to the kingdoms of heaven to his Disciples (including women)… I was confused and at first thought either of the stories may have been lost in translation but now I think, it’s just “one story” separated… the axis divided into two poles instead of understood as a whole… neither part judged as good or bad but understood as the cycle of life… the 0° and the 360° which is “one” and the 180° is the “fullest” point/culmination and then we go to “empty” and with that reach 360° and 0°….

We have whatever experiences, they “fill us up”, make us “drunk” as an effect – after we have to get “sober” again, detox on all realms - “releasing” – not to be stuck in neither the “nice, beautiful” part nor the “not so nice, ugly” part of it. Yeah, it’s easy to see why we should do “shadow work” and “release” the “bad, ugly, painful”, seeing its purpose but harder to see the need to do the same with the “nice, beautiful”, to understand that it’s the “nice” that creates desires/bonds and repetition – so we release, clean, clear and “store” and become “still” and just simply are – without any “clutter”, intention, purpose, or emotion but same time feel the “wholeness” (holiness) of the All.….

So many of us have done the “shadow” work, released what isn’t nice but now we really need to store the bonds of the “nice” away too – just like making space on a computer disc, we store data/photos into a cloud or onto another device, it’s then always accessible without keeping the computer stuck and running slow because it’s so full but same time accessible all the time if needed – it’s just there - no “bonds” nor “avoidance” attached…

From this state of fundamental “being”, we’re in the vastness of all, connected to all our being and we feel and “see”/perceive everything we allow us to (a choice, free will) – also the connection to the Universal spheres as like the bigger picture then the “bigger movie” and the “bigger self” and further – the understanding of us being like a fractal, a dot, a point, sandcorn, a drop of the All there is and that the All as well as every fractal of it forms out of what there “isn’t” yet….

We’re focused on the idea of “thinking positive” versus “thinking negative” and in addition have overlooked the word “half” in the saying “being in the half full or half empty glass/cup” – we need to empty in order to re-fill with “pure” new…. We see this principle in natures cycles of life - breathing, we contract and we release – constantly, if we block one or the other, it wi