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Equinox September 2021 - "heaven on earth"

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Do you belief it’s possible to co-create “heaven on earth”? Great – that means we have already started to do so 😉

Each of us, who’s open and brave enough to face their own themes, helps for “revelations” to happen for others and the whole of Humanity – if we allow ourselves to let go of our “nice” experiences (as described in detail below), we make it easier for the next to follow…

Each of us who understands the connection between the one and the all at least a little bit, makes it easier for others to understand and discover it….

Same time all of this will automatically “eliminate” separation, dependency or anything alike as those will just cease to exist – without fight or effort or focus….

Equinox: 23. September 2021 at 2:14 am - univ. Time: 22nd 19.14pm

Earth – Sun at 4°41’46” sidereal Pisces – Virgo very slowly moving away from the Galactic Pole Axis, thus the new energies – we’re very supported by the Galactic energies as well as by the various other planetary cycles. We’re “galactic Newbies” on Earth and need to adjust a lot because a lot does work kind of “different” as the “veils” are thinning more and more… Actually, the veils are not only “spiritually” thinning but physically as well – it’s scientifically observable that Earth’s magnetic field is changing, solar flares have been more intense and maybe some of you remember my video with the 2 strange x-ray bubbles centered at the Galactic Center discovered, Saturn’s huge sphere-ring etc… also Jupiter’s extreme fields, mass does influence greatly….

The Sun and Earth placements present the themes of the full Moon again but add the component of the Galactic connection (limitless possibilities and opportunities) - Pisces side talks more about the fundamental forces, the “ether”, feelings, clarity, imagination, the dreams and Virgo talks about the “purity”, perception, receptivity and the trust and willingness to act accordingly when we get the opportunities presented…. On this axis, we talk about purity/emptiness out of which dreams and imagination forms into intention, “purpose” according our belief system and the “expectations” forming out of it – what do we allow ourselves…

The fundament (galactic), ground, intention is aligned with the fundament (Earth), our ground, our roots, home and the most public/seen/in light (galactic north) is aligned with what we shine out, share, make seen (Sun)… so therefore, we have the most direct “guiding system” at hand, if we chose to “see”/perceive it….

I’ve heard the story of Jesus having turned water into wine for a long time and always wondered – then sometime early last year I’ve read in a Nag Hamadi text publication and translation, that he turned wine into water when he gave some kind of “initiation”/teaching for passage to the kingdoms of heaven to his Disciples (including women)… I was confused and at first thought either of the stories may have been lost in translation but now I think, it’s just “one story” separated… the axis divided into two poles instead of understood as a whole… neither part judged as good or bad but understood as the cycle of life… the 0° and the 360° which is “one” and the 180° is the “fullest” point/culmination and then we go to “empty” and with that reach 360° and 0°….

We have whatever experiences, they “fill us up”, make us “drunk” as an effect – after we have to get “sober” again, detox on all realms - “releasing” – not to be stuck in neither the “nice, beautiful” part nor the “not so nice, ugly” part of it. Yeah, it’s easy to see why we should do “shadow work” and “release” the “bad, ugly, painful”, seeing its purpose but harder to see the need to do the same with the “nice, beautiful”, to understand that it’s the “nice” that creates desires/bonds and repetition – so we release, clean, clear and “store” and become “still” and just simply are – without any “clutter”, intention, purpose, or emotion but same time feel the “wholeness” (holiness) of the All.….

So many of us have done the “shadow” work, released what isn’t nice but now we really need to store the bonds of the “nice” away too – just like making space on a computer disc, we store data/photos into a cloud or onto another device, it’s then always accessible without keeping the computer stuck and running slow because it’s so full but same time accessible all the time if needed – it’s just there - no “bonds” nor “avoidance” attached…

From this state of fundamental “being”, we’re in the vastness of all, connected to all our being and we feel and “see”/perceive everything we allow us to (a choice, free will) – also the connection to the Universal spheres as like the bigger picture then the “bigger movie” and the “bigger self” and further – the understanding of us being like a fractal, a dot, a point, sandcorn, a drop of the All there is and that the All as well as every fractal of it forms out of what there “isn’t” yet….

We’re focused on the idea of “thinking positive” versus “thinking negative” and in addition have overlooked the word “half” in the saying “being in the half full or half empty glass/cup” – we need to empty in order to re-fill with “pure” new…. We see this principle in natures cycles of life - breathing, we contract and we release – constantly, if we block one or the other, it will become difficult 😉 Now, let me "play around" with it a bit further - Cycles - positive is creative energy as well as "half full", so we're in a "new cycle" from like new Moon to full Moon but then we go on further from full Moon to new Moon, from "full" to "half empty" to "empty" which means we're releasing (harvest is in that half)... So, that means, in general, after a 180 degree point of opposition, we enter the "releasing" half of a cycle... so you see, it's all just a natural and necessary process, nothing to be judged or to be scared of...

Everything we do and share is stored automatically into the “cloud”/ library of the All, it’s added into the energetic fields of Earth for everyone accessible… that causes “speed” if you want – even those who’re not aware are connected, therefore what took the first people a long time and even longer to be accepted in the collective, got faster with every additional person, that’s why we saw such a fast evolution on the technical/digital things (the belief in the possibility)… same thing happens now with the “inner work”, the connectedness, “whole self” etc… The more people share their “work”, their experiences and “part of the All”, the easier it becomes for everyone after as it’s there, supporting the energetic fields that are now here from the galactic/universal influence through the “shift” of the Sun and with that Earth herself…. It’s all a process, a “never ending story” as through the acceleration and the fact that at one point it can turn around and the student becomes the teacher…. For now though, we have died and re-birth right now, while being alive – isn’t that just simply wonderful, to have the “expanded” consciousness which includes totally different possibilities…

We have shifted from the local theater to the huge galactic and universal stage – which includes the shift from “half” to “all” ….

This equinox features much more though: (heliocentric data)

- the upcoming Pallas-Neptune conjunction in late Aquarius with Hygiea in opposition

- the upcoming Juno-Pholus conjunction in Sagittarius

- Venus-Pluto conjunction at 0°32’-35’ Capricorn

- Mercury approaching Saturn in middle of Capricorn

- Mars in separating conjunction with Makemake at 12° Virgo and approaching opposition with Chiron in middle Pisces, and Chiron approaching opposition to Makemake.

- Saturn started his last 60° to his next conjunction with Chiron in 2028 (releasing)

- Saturn approaching his last 90° to his next conjunction with Uranus in 2032 (releasing)

- Jupiter started his last 90° to his next conjunction with Sedna and in his last roughly 52° to his next conjunction with Eris. (releasing)

- Jupiter and Saturn are still in their first roughly 19° degrees of their new cycle started in 2020 (filling)

Pretty impressive isn’t it 😉 … there’s hardly any “life theme” not on focus – which makes sense, lol….

In this link you find the Pallas-Neptune cycle and the Juno-Pholus cycle:

Makemake is one of the outer planets, a TNO (Trans Neptunian Object) and speaks of governing resources in general – so our own energetics on all levels and includes “earthly” things like money… he’s also of “leading” energy, in the meaning of being an example of how to live true to the own “words”, open minded also for the “input” of others (the non-visible included) – globally for example in politics, business, religion etc. …… Together with our planet of physical action, leadership, will-power, strategic thinking etc. a kind of “complimenting packet” here in almost middle of the sign of Virgo…. Makemake is close to the star Diadem of Coma (near the Coma Cluster) north of the ecliptic, while Mars is just 1° north of the ecliptic in Virgo near the star Porima. Same time Chiron is in opposition in the middle of Pisces, so again forming an axis….

This longitude-area is of highly intellectual energies and talks about planning and having foresight through the own, individual perceptive abilities - so, it’s kind of a maintaining area in the sense of "being on track", to take care of what we want to “develop”, empower, improve also on the physical plane – it can bring “warnings” for us and “about us”, foresight, having a “plan B”, the feeling of “now is the time for” whatever etc.…

The equinox Sun position in earlier Virgo and the Mars-Makemake placement are connected in the far South through the Sail (Vela constellation) of the Argo Navis. So there is “movement” involved… just like a Sail needs the wind within, otherwise the boat will stand still….. and stagnation is sometimes needed though, to gain a different perspective but it's always for movement/improvement/evolution … the thoughts we have are energy waves sent out, which puts “things” into motion (also our emotions) and creates the occasions, the chances and opportunities to appear (within the belief system!! – if we don’t belief in fairies, we won’t perceive them, even if they’re just next to us)….

Chiron, who is in opposition to this Mars – Makemake conjunction, is a teacher, a master and shows us where we tend to “loop” and how to “break” through and evolve – the middle of Pisces talks about “breaking chains”, where do we hold us back or perceive to be hold back, therefore it talks mainly about the past. The chains can be thought-processes, “loops” of thought we’re stuck in, between experiences we made, collective information, knowledge, customs and the own perceptions, beliefs etc… we turn in a wheel and can’t find the way out…. Remember, he’s at the “culmination point”/opposition of the Mars – Makemake conjunction – so we have a theme on “axis”/polarity…. Governing of resources and our actions towards it is most seen in our “loops”/repetitions – surrendering/self mastery is the way out…. So, what was the intention and purpose – where/what shall the resources and action lead to? Now we have the answer right…. It also means, that we ourselves are our “resource” (guiding system/ soul/spirit etc.) and getting back, forgetting what others say, will calm us down and gives us the “space” to act according our own true, inner self – we can also call this “centering” within self – it calms one instantly…. it's also that "surrender", the zero point, the moment between breathing out and breathing in again....

Part of this all, of course is our “relationship” with ourselves and everything around us – the natural world (on Earth and further). If we think of everything to be “separate”, then it’s a “half truth” – everything is connected and therefore what happens around us is connected to us – it brings “warnings”, opportunities, awareness of obstacles but also success and beauty… there are no “coincidences”!!

It has all a lot to do with the mind and “communication” and how we “structure” ourselves, our thoughts, our beliefs etc. – see, Mercury stands in Capricorn, approaching Saturn – double packet of those themes in that sign 😉 … Venus in almost exact conjunction with Pluto – transforming, rising from the ashes through the heart, the beauty, the values on the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp, just above the star Terebellium of Sagittarius.

Jupiter “expands” from geocentric late Capricorn to heliocentric almost 5° Aquarius – he’s at the theme between “putting a puzzle together – connecting dots” to the open heart and seeing through veils/ curtains ….

Ixion, the “life force energy” Teacher is at 5°34’ Sagittarius (so the GEN point) and so just a bit passed the Galactic Center. He shows us, that the life force energy is “neutral”, once activated through decision it’s not coming back – if we want something for “any price” we’ll get it – if we’re not aware we may pay a price that extended our belief of possible… it’s not that energy itself that sends us to “heaven or hell” as consequence but the intention and purpose before the act…

Stay tuned for more cycle posts and/or their "states" (angles)..... until then....

much Love to you All,


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