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New Beginnings 02+03.2023

Heliocentric sidereal planetary cycle Astrology for the time between

21st of February 2023 and 5th of March 2023

The Universe seems to give us a kind of "manual", how to best go forward and navigate through the currents...

working title: "ask your heart"

- Venus meets Uranus in sidereal Aries: universal time 24.02.2023 at 19:56

- Pallas meets Varuna in sidereal Cancer: universal time 26.02.2023 at 08:29

- The Jupiter-Uranus cycle at 330° (last semi-sextile): UT 03.03.2023 at 23:40

On her way to meet with Uranus, Venus is also meeting with Asteroid Juno – maybe you remember that Juno was a big part with Jupiter and Chiron in December 2022 - "new Beginnings 12-2022"

Venus does dispense the energies fast around for us – in our hearts and values we’ll find changes that may sometimes even happen sudden (Uranus)…


During the time of the Venus – Uranus conjunction at 22°47’24” sidereal Aries (passed the head of Cetus but not yet at Botein of Aries) we’ll see the Earth/Moon system conjoining the star Shir of Leo at 10°36’ sidereal Leo and therefore the Sun same degrees sidereal Aquarius conjoining in the north the star Deneb of Cygnus the Swan in longitude (Deneb is very north of the ecliptic) – note Venus, Uranus and Earth, Moon form a 108° aspect – 360/108=3.33333 and Venus, Uranus in 72° from the Sun = pentagonal outlining

The star Shir of Leo (Rho Leonis) is an interesting alignment here - this star is huge but pretty far away and furthering that as it's a star that actually moves away (its called a "runaway star") - in all these charts we have emphasis onto the individual self, to actually live that, to dare it, to "love" that self and therefore to be authentic also to the own values...

The Sun on the other side in longitude aligned with the northern star Deneb of Cygnus (Deneb marks the tail of the Swan) in sidereal Aquarius and brings "galactic connections" as the Swan flies along the galactic equator (Milky Way). This whole longitude does talk about connections, symbioses etc. but also communication on a higher level (vibrations).


Ca. 36,5 hours after, the Pallas and Varuna conjunction becomes exact at