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New Beginnings 02.2024

Updated: Feb 22


Heliocentric sidereal Astrology – a different viewpoint and perspective

When we look from the Sun, we see Earth – our physical home of incarnate life – in relation with the whole solar system and further.

Fantastic and wondrous our lives, yet by far not all there is….


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Chapters with "jump-links":

February 2024 "general write up"

4th of February 2024 Mars - Pholus (and Quaoar) conjunction in sidereal Sagittarius

29th of February 2024 Saturn - Eris last 45 degrees (separate, paid subscribers only post)

Below the end of this post, you'll find February 2023 with the Venus, Vesta, Jupiter and Chiron synchronization a year ago....

February 2024 - "write up" -

Facing the truth with understanding...

Everything is in some ways "interwoven and connected" - nothing is separate and therefore everything contains information also about other things... the recognition of the essence within whatever "thing" or situation is important, just as we would read a book and try to tell the story within a few sentences....

Often when we're in the "middle" of something, we're emotionally involved and have a hard time to see what the essence is... and so we're in a state of "chaos" and "inner war"...

So, when we have recognized the "problem" - may that now be through the mirror-effects in our outside circumstances or through our "inner cell phone" (emotions) or "intuitively" - we see the "truth". Such a realization opens the door for changes as something shifts, we're no longer in "war"/fight mode, nor do we try to flee (run away) nor do we try to ignore (play dead)....

It's the shift from "stress mode" to "creative mode"...

For example:

Imagine you want to relax but put on music that "motivates" you to dance or to do something... or the other way round - you want to clean the house or wash the car but have "sleepy music", then it's hard to come into an "efficient speed"... there's no "coherence"....

Do we now "blame or fight" the music or are we just changing the music or even switch it off... When the disturbance happens from somewhere outside of our direct control - what do we do???...

I remember a few years ago, I was just outside my house looking at the starry skies and the moon when suddenly my neighbors aircon started to rumble... at first, I was like "oh no, here goes the peace" - but then, I stopped, listened and found the pounding sound is like a drum and I picked up the rhythm and started dancing there in the street and it was as if the street with all its "inhabitants"/parts danced with me.... It was GREAT....  precious few minutes and most important teaching…


What is it that “drives” our perception of reality? Isn’t it, that when we’re miserable we can have as much money on the account, stuff in our home etc. and still don’t feel better and on the other hand we can happy, “in love with life (or what- or whomever)” and we take on even difficult happenings much smoother or we “calm down” after a “stress response” much faster…


We sometimes get the impression, that for example “health” including healthy food are questions of money and in this direct “outside, manifested” world we tend to call “reality”, it IS – yet, we all have ourselves and the power over our own emotions and we program ourselves and so we can also re-program ourselves and that’s actually free of costs…

It takes a decision and effort, and it takes devotion, commitment etc. to oneself and from a certain point onward also into the natural, universal laws… - however one calls that though –

You see, there’s something interesting I think – we all make experiences of many kinds and sometimes things we call “mysterious”, wonderous, miracles etc. but when we look at their essence, if we can look deeper or farther (the bigger picture), we find these happenings being an “effect” as well – the cause in nothing that one can buy in a store nor online…



Devotion, commitment, “a calling”, inner fire are themes strong this month and before already (Vesta with Earth/Moon, described in earlier posts – the anchoring, grounding in the calling) and now it’s to act on it or to understand the effects we have produced in our own lives and the world from a “higher perspective” …

We often have the tendency to not finish a “cycle”, to leave the discernment and understanding out and then plant the “seeds” for the next one from the same perspective as the previous one – well, then nothing will change but merely the “faces”/the appearances…

The Mars - Pholus conjunction 2024

Is more like a quartet… 


Mars and Pholus meet on 3rd/4th of February 2024 at 12°50’11” sidereal Sagittarius with Quaoar nearby at 13°8’37” sidereal Sagittarius.

Mars stands near the star cluster “Facies”, which marks the Archer’s face – Mars stands slightly south of the ecliptic… Pholus and Quaoar are both north of the ecliptic but still in the constellation Sagittarius.


Their last conjunction took place on 14th of March 2022 and their next one will be on 26th of December 2026…

"The Players"

Mars is traditionally the “God of war” – innovative, vital and active, also of leadership qualities, how we apply our “willpower”, our inner force. Really a lot of physical and “sexual” energy, the divine masculine principle (can have a lot to do with “protection”). Immature Mars can be very impulsive and if afflicted he can express as “explosive, ballistic” power.      More about Mars: 


Pholus is a Centaur and as that a “bridging energy”, an Assistant for healing or transformation processes as he heightens the perception – especially the sight (from physical eyes to the “inner eye”). He works together with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and is in a special harmony with Orcus as well as Chariklo… so we can see his powers in this but it’s a power we mostly have access to from a more private, sacred and/or inner place where we feel safe and open to the magical worlds, he may be able to make visible to us – the mysteries of our inner self and such experiences may actually lead to deep inner transformation. He may act through/with the sudden “shaking” surprises offered by Uranus, if we were previously resistant to transformations/ changes available or offered. Pholus can be the trigger for a wave of events, that can transform long standing themes even those of generations or lifetimes. More about Pholus:


Quaoar is about the natural laws of life, its harmony and sacredness. This harmony is accessible by surrendering and to let go of what is disturbing this harmony. Natural order and law includes death – physical death of biological life as well as any kind of energetic transformations… Natural law and order or as I like to call them “universal laws” connect all outer planetary bodies – to see the harmony of “interplay” and where that is “disturbed” might be one of Quaoar’s tasks... More about Quaoar:


And to a lesser degree:

Ixion talks about how we react to the power/force of lust “for life” in this sense a "creative force" - the one within a seed that grows and forces itself through the soil towards the sun, the air and so on. This creative force, can be misused of course, as any force/power can and it then "backfires" - the power controls us instead of being a creative tool and the same happens, if we suppress it.  Ixion makes us aware of this principle and with being aware of it, we can freely create wonders… More about Ixion:


Vesta is our inner, sacred flame – so it’s our devotion but she’s also about “endurance” – how much are we going to “endure” (also in the sense of “time” and “other tasks” to support etc.) in order to keep our flame burning, to find our “purpose”, inner knowing (also knowledge in general) and actually act on it. She’s also Saturn’s daughter and as such they share the theme “commitment”…. More about Vesta:

Mars - Pholus: the chart and details

Heliocentric sidereal Astrology chart about the Mars - Pholus conjunction 2024
Mars and Pholus exact conjunction with Quaoar very close and Ixion a "little behind"

Mars and Pholus (as well as Quaoar) are in a sextile with Saturn in sidereal Aquarius and are in an opposition with Vesta in sidereal Gemini.


I think Vesta brings the needed dedication and devotion, the “calling” into the picture here – she stands roughly as far from her own Northnode a few degrees further into Gemini as does especially Mars from her Southnode.


Another important “hidden” fact here is, that Facies (Mars’ placement) marks the heliocentric “Descendant”. - of course, the whole rising and setting “curve or plane” is just that – no straight line in the circle of a chart…


Mars - Pholus: the location

Around 8° to 11° the Bow and hand of the Archer – the “Kaus” stars

  • Focus and tension on a goal – the broader vision or long term goal – it’s also an area of aim for “truth”, the focus with the whole “being” for achievements…. An area that of course includes the awareness of “galactic scales” or even universal….


M22 Facies globular cluster by Hubble NASA and ESA
M22 Facies' center - galactic globular cluster Picture by NASA ESA Hubble Space Telescope

Facies around 13° and surrounding: 

  • Facies is a globular cluster and marks the face of the Archer. The focus of the bow and hand is “overlooked” and “steered” by Facies – we take the aim but with total consciousness and honesty and are willing to “face the truth”…. It’s a “magnetic” area that can be used to bring “order” into maybe chaotic scenarios that try to divide and distract….


In middle of Sagittarius, we also meet with Jupiter’s ecliptic south node at 15° and Vesta’s south node at 19°. So, these digestive points, discerning points open the womb for “rebirth”. Further in Sagittarius  there are also the South-nodes of Pluto around 25° and Saturn around 28°.                                             

Mars - Pholus and more: their cycles - correlations

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