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"Over-creating" instead of "over-powering"...

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Carina nebula also called mystic mountain by NASA-Hubble
Carina nebula, mystic mountain taken by NASA-Hubble

“New Beginnings” and more from now into 2022 - kind of "part 1"

It’s interesting to see how all develops, isn’t it – the Earth shifts and we with her and all the “revelations” we see "erupting" on all levels…

I think we have now passed over into the "new energies" (precession-cross) and try to "navigate", find our way in it....

Within the long term cycle charts, we see other significant placements and connections to planets creating shorter term cycles, as Assistants but also the aspects/angles/“cycle parts” are adding to the story-book….

We see the interconnections of cycles and so in this way, all of them are relevant… There was a “cluster time” in 2016/17 – many conjunctions/cycles started kind of “together” with the Uranus – Eris conjunction in December 2016. Now, many of those smaller cycles we’re finalizing/seeding anew to become another chapter, step within the the whole story...

Probably this post will become a little long, as we can’t really separate these planetary happenings into short sequences, it’s too “entangled”…. In combination with the state of the cycles of some of the long-term cycles – all together an amazing, brilliant orchestration…..

An overview:

2016 – 2017: 2021 – 2022:

08.10.16 Pallas – Nessus at 8°52’ Aquarius 02.08.21 Pallas – Nessus at 18° Aquarius

03.12.16 Pallas – Neptune at 15°56’ Aquarius 06.10.21 Pallas – Neptune at 26°37’ Aqua

10.12.16 Uranus – Eris at 27°53’ Pisces ca. 18° in new cycle – creative but insecure

28.02.17 Juno – Saturn 26°2’ Scorpio 29.05.22 Juno – Saturn 24°11’ Capricorn