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"Over-creating" instead of "over-powering"... new beginnings...

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Carina nebula also called mystic mountain by NASA-Hubble
Carina nebula, mystic mountain taken by NASA-Hubble

“New Beginnings” and more from now into 2022 - kind of "part 1"

It’s interesting to see how all develops, isn’t it – the Earth shifts and we with her and all the “revelations” we see "erupting" on all levels…

I think we have now passed over into the "new energies" (precession-cross) and try to "navigate", find our way in it....

Within the long term cycle charts, we see other significant placements and connections to planets creating shorter term cycles, as Assistants but also the aspects/angles/“cycle parts” are adding to the story-book….

We see the interconnections of cycles and so in this way, all of them are relevant… There was a “cluster time” in 2016/17 – many conjunctions/cycles started kind of “together” with the Uranus – Eris conjunction in December 2016. Now, many of those smaller cycles we’re finalizing/seeding anew to become another chapter, step within the the whole story...

Probably this post will become a little long, as we can’t really separate these planetary happenings into short sequences, it’s too “entangled”…. In combination with the state of the cycles of some of the long-term cycles – all together an amazing, brilliant orchestration…..

An overview:

2016 – 2017: 2021 – 2022:

08.10.16 Pallas – Nessus at 8°52’ Aquarius 02.08.21 Pallas – Nessus at 18° Aquarius

03.12.16 Pallas – Neptune at 15°56’ Aquarius 06.10.21 Pallas – Neptune at 26°37’ Aqua

10.12.16 Uranus – Eris at 27°53’ Pisces ca. 18° in new cycle – creative but insecure

28.02.17 Juno – Saturn 26°2’ Scorpio 29.05.22 Juno – Saturn 24°11’ Capricorn

06.03.17 Ceres – Sedna 0°33’ Taurus 28.10.21 Ceres – Sedna 3°23’ Taurus

15.03.17 Pallas – Chiron 29°28’ Aquarius 16.02.22 Pallas – Chiron 16°37’ Pisces

23.03.17 Juno – Ixion 29°27’ Scorpio 10.09.21 Juno – Ixion 5°32’ Sagittarius

11.04.17 Juno – Pholus 2°21’ Sagittarius 05.10.21 Juno – Pholus 9°30’ Sagittarius

There will be a lot more going on and you’ll see over time, as I write…. Interestingly the Moon’s cycles are involved too – very fascinating 😊 but here some expamles:

- 6th of October 2021 – conjunction of Pallas and Neptune 10hs later New Moon

- 19th of October 2021 – exact last Square of Saturn and Uranus 12hs later Full Moon

- 5th of November 2021 – New Moon with Earth at Uranus (very close also in declination!!)

During all this time we have Pluto and Eris in last square, Pluto slowly approaching Sedna for a last Trine (122° with September new Moon), Saturn 40° away from his conjunction with Neptune (in a few years, so we’re “wrapping up”, seeding new in the next years) and Uranus is on his last roughly 17° degrees to Sedna, Neptune only 32° away from his next conjunction with Eris and around 67° from Sedna….

The big shift of Earth has already happened, we’re in a “separating conjunction” with the galactic cross – very, very new and still conjunct but in the new… a 6400 years part of a whole precessional cycle (ca. 25’600 – 26’000 years) – when we calculate in such “time spans”, 20 years is like nothing 😉 …. It takes us about 72 years for one degree of the 360 – so…. From this perspective we were kind of in the “balsamic” phase of this big cycle, when some longer term cycles I’m talking about in the video series, started 150 to 250 years ago….

Uranus – Eris…. A longer cycle of around 90 years that shall help us “orientating” in the new energies. In the very beginning of a new cycle, we’re a bit insecure, don’t know yet how and where but we go on, somehow, finding out etc. but in a creative way – a new beginning is inspirational and creative… This principle is to be “adapted” to any new cycle – a little “insecure” in the beginning – so we need to be patient with ourselves and everyone else….

Very interesting to note here now is, that Uranus’ (liberation) Perihelion-Aphelion axis is just a minute away from Juno’s Northnode-Southnode axis at 25°06’ and 25°07” Leo-Aquarius axis and Pallas’ NN-SN 28°10’.

Earth’s Perihelion-Aphelion at 15°32’ Gemini-Sagittarius and Jupiter’s Northnode-SN at 15°39’ – Jupiter’s PH-AH at 19°09’ Pisces-Virgo and that of Eris at 19°49’ but Virgo-Pisces… Jupiter stands in early Aquarius, around Neptune’s discovery place and Saturn travels over Neptune’s Southnode…. Giggles – entanglement – no coincidences!!

General about the times and roughly first 3 conjunctions – details below

The 3 cycles – the seedings and new beginnings….

The big theme we have started in 2017 was the mastery and healing of our relationship with self, our desires/life-force generating energies, the happenings/traumas in life (present and past) and our perceptional abilities on all realms (psychic, eyes, ears etc.), to “spiritualize” the happenings in the sense of gaining “clarity of their purpose” and to use them as “tools” to find creative solutions for the future on all realms (multi-dimensional).

A transformational task which can be difficult, as one needs to undergo some kind of “transformation", to admit to the truth of self, meaning the own experiences how they "happened" and what these reflections tell us... we have to "integrate" these as valuable information... the so called "negative" does have as much value as the positive, just as we sometimes say "no" and sometimes say "yes", both have their value and purpose....

Usually we remember the not so nice consequences/experiences - there we learn what "not". We All also have many nice and beautiful experiences - why not integrate and learn from those too?? Polarities - if it works on one side it also does on the other.....

With the June- Solstice as well as within the lunar cycles since, we have seen the themes of “the old and known or the unknown maybe scary one”, the risk vs. safety theme… a general direction to choose – whatever we choose it includes the theme of “letting go”, just like parents will have to let their children go sooner or later (so it’s for good!!!) …. with these new cycles to start, we’ll take it all a bit further, we go from the general direction and openness to more inspired, active, generating energy…. Wherever we personally “stand” within this process, trust yourself...

I have written a lot about the "reflection" principle, that we create and co-create our reality. We will see this now more and more playing out in a direct way, our perception is changing and we may get thoughts, ideas, feelings, pictures, dreams and so on that we wonder where that comes from and what to do with it - it's our relationship to these themes which will make it easier or more difficult.... the more we manage to trust into these "messages"/perceptions and take actions accordingly the more comfortable we become with them...

We have the theme of overpowering ourselves, exhausting, burn out etc... The more we do this to ourselves, the more of it we'll see in the outside world because of the unconscious reflection we give out....

The more we reveal about ourselves, the more is revealed in the outside world...

The more we create flow for ourselves, the more there will be in the outside world...

We choose which food we buy and where, we choose which news or movies we watch, we choose what we listen to, what we talk about and so on.... We constantly make choices and participate in the world, creating it.... We're a part, constantly but also of the whole Galaxy, the Universe(s) and whatever more there is and the "flow"/reflection has expanded....

Now what about instead of "over-powering", we go on and "over-create"?...

Sounds fantastic isn't it...

The principle of polarities is fascinating - have you ever felt the shift within your own feelings, when you made a conscious choice for something different, which is maybe not even there yet....

Ok a simple example of a Friend of mine: she was looking for a shirt and had an idea how it should be, first she was frustrated as she couldn't find anything alike in any shop... She then fell a decision to find another solution, dropped frustration, anger etc.... She found the fabric she wanted (envisioned), went to a tailor and had it done.... with this she did also support local businesses and in the end it wasn't even more expensive.... creative solution!!!!

Every little experience we make, is a little “puzzle piece” for our picture of life, what it means for each of us personally as we feel it – and that’s what brings us wisdom… knowledge and science is something great and gives us basis for explanations, communication etc… wisdom though can’t be learned in the same way as it's more like "lived experience". That is often shared in stories - direct, physical experiences, dreams and imaginations....

What do we share with others and why and how?

I have a Friend (not seen him for years though) and he always used to tell these fantastic stories (always in the I-form), if he experienced that all personally or not is totally irrelevant as the stories were inspirational, empowering, funny and interesting....

That which we can imagine, is what can become a possibility and the possibility creates opportunity...

So, happy daydreaming / story-telling and sharing, even if only with yourself....

Much Love to you All,


Details about the first 3 Conjunctions

10th of September 2021 – conjunction of Juno and Ixion and

5th of October 2021 – Juno and Pholus / 6th of October 2021 – Pallas and Neptune

Juno and Ixion meet at 5°31’50” sid. Sagittarius just 3 days after the September new Moon, with Mercury at 3°24’19” and Venus at 10°21’ in separating conjunction with Pholus at 9°30’ – at around 5° Sagittarius we have the Earth’s solstice axis and the GEN (crossing point of the Galactic Equator with the Ecliptic). Juno has been conjunct the geocentric lunar Southnode for quite some time, as you know from my lunar cycle posts…. Ixion was important during the June-Solstice…. Earth/Moon at 22°15’15” Aquarius, Sun same degree Leo…

Juno and Pholus meet just 36 hours before the October new Moon – so the same lunar cycle as Juno meets with Ixion and 26 hours before the Pallas-Neptune conjunction …. They meet at 9°30’4” sid. Sagittarius over its bow and hand…. Quaoar (sacredness of life) at 10°5’ - Venus in separating conjunction with Saturn in middle Capricorn and of course Pallas approaching Neptune with Mercury separating from the Two…. Earth at separating conjunction with Chiron at 16°38’52” Pisces (Ixion’s Perihelion 16°21’ Pisces and Chiron’s at 14°21’) – Sun at same degree Virgo with Mars at 18°21’6” Virgo…

(Quaoar is for years and will be for many more in almost constant conjunction with Pholus – sometimes a little closer, sometimes a little less – all together a dance of almost 60 years, that’s why in order for me to include Hygiea into charts, I often “drop” him, as he’s where Pholus is in these now times.)

Pallas and Neptune meet at 26°36’46” Aquarius under the Circlet. Earth at separating conjunction with Chiron at 17°44’21” Pisces and Mars at separating solar conjunction in opposition to Earth at 18°51’19” Leo.

The Players:

Juno talks about one-to-one relationships (also with self) - more about Juno:

Ixion is about the “lust for life”, how we use this force and what we’re willing to “sacrifice” for it (in the meaning of “overpowering”)… - more about Ixion:

Saturn – maturity, order and structures…. Saturn:

Pholus is a Centaur talks about having a look at the own behavior and what we’re able to see in this, a kind of “introspective” as an aid or help for transformational processes but he’s also about gaining this “higher view/sight”, psychic abilities very good eyes and/or ears etc. as an evolutionary process… - more about Pholus:

Pallas is a problem solver, who is very intelligent and future orientated – she’s fair and balanced within self (wisdom and knowledge)… more about Pallas:

Neptune is about “spiritual clarity”, the ruler of all liquids (flow), dreams, imagination, veils and escapism. - more about Neptune:

The signs/constellations involved– a short story 😉

The Galactic Center (our solar system revolves around), then GEN (kind of “direct impact”), the solar apex (direction of solar system), Sagittarius’s aim for truth… all talks a language we have to “re-learn”, remember first…. Just like someone has travelled very far, spoken whatever languages and comes back home to meet the family but has troubles speaking the native language…. With the invention of the internet and it’s wide spread use, we can stay connected while far away and share in the native language (no need to forget and re-learn)…. The same happens in the “broader way” too 😊 Just as we had to overcome our doubts about the internet, we have to do so about our own biological communication system and those “other realms”….. The Solar apex points towards the constellation Lyra which spans over the cusp from Sagittarius to Capricorn, so that means, we “come from” Gemini – the worldly, physical realms – a constant exchange and communication…. Of course, there’s also the other GEN point in earlier Gemini, the other meeting point of the Galactic equator with our/Earth’s path.

As Earth is going around the Sun, a constant “opposition”/axis is seen in a linear sense and the same does the Sun with the GC (so Earth too, is always in an angle to the GC)…. The Leo- Aquarius axis is emphasized on by the two as well as other bodies…. In October, Earth-Sun will have moved over to the Pisces – Virgo axis….

Leo is about “shining out”, radiating from Self – the path of oneself, it’s direction of creative forces and abilities… Confidently we leave the “parents house” and create a way for ourselves – we’re leaving the nest – with an open heart, full of intent out into the world… There’s always resonance though (Aquarius) – what we give out is perceived by others and mirrored back… and we mirror back the sharing of others… When we’re open hearted towards ourselves, we’re most likely too to others and that will reflect back again… it doesn’t mean that we’re All suddenly in total agreement, that would be boring I think but with an open heart one can “accept” the other as a “whole Being” too… When there is direct resonance though, “a group” is formed for however long and whatever purpose – that includes sharing of ideas, inventions and so on that may find resonance or further exploration towards a common goal through the combined efforts (resources) of people each “equal” as a Self… when we feel like “loosing passion”, this creative force, the inner fire, feeling burnt out or like “back broken” we either need to “re-fuel” the passion or maybe change direction or even ask for help… any such action will bring the flow of the Universe to be felt again….

Early Virgo and Pisces are marked by the equinox axis as well as by the North and South Galactic Pole axis. An area that talks about the foundations, intentions and their manifestation or influence. The galactic/universal consciousness (limitless possibilities) is our foundation and it’s “awakening” manifests in abilities that Virgo harvests and from where we birth and seed anew… It’s like the mind-set or psycho-emotional state we’re in that manifests the perception of the cup (under Virgo) to be either full or empty, to feel “rewarded/ crowned” or kind of “unable”… Pisces represents the mind/the ether or clay that can be formed and sculptured into anything – the whole galaxy is there, revolving around this axis providing “proof” of this vastness.. we refine these abilities in Virgo.

At the Pisces-Aries cusp we meet the “knot”, where the past and future (upward swimming fish) are bound together – are we hold back by our past or do we use the past to rise… and on the other side of the axis, in early Libra, we find the laying Virgin birthing… so, what do we birth? The same old, known or the exciting new – our mind set will tell….

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