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Highly creative energies - Earth's Aphelion and the Mars-Nessus conjunction July 2022

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Earth reaches her aphelion at around 7:10 am Universal time and 14:10 pm Thailand time on the 4th of July 2022 and the Mars-Nessus conjunction will be roughly 11,5 hours after the aphelion.

At this time, she/we stand at 17° sidereal Sagittarius – near the stars Nunki and Ainalrami of Sagittarius. It also is under the point where the celestial equator crosses the galactic equator, which lays between the constellations Scutum, Serpens tail and Aquila (all north of the ecliptic). South of the ecliptic we see Corona Australis, Telescopium, Pavo, Octans and Mensa.

the wild duck star cluster captured by ESA

M11 is an open cluster called the “wild duck cluster” – in its center there are many young, hot blue stars. M11 is assigned to the constellation Scutum, which is also called “the Shield” (Nick A. Fiorenza called it the “Galactic shield of the Holy Cross”) ….

According to ESA, open clusters aren’t so “long lived” in the sense that they’re not as bound to each other, so in time they may drift apart by “attraction” to other sources of gravitation/force – well, who knows for what reasons, lol – I mean, I get this “picture” of groups of people who come together for a specific task and then part ways for good…

Even though Earth does for us seem to represent “physicality” there’s so much more to Earth – she does provide us with a lot of “non-physical” power, teamwork with nature (if we have eyes to see and the mindset to perceive) in many various forms – she’s our playground and same time our foundation and caretaker and nourishment…

At her Aphelion she’s kind of “at home” – she’s rejuvenating, concluding and preparing for something new…

So this is a time to be still yet active – yeah, I know sounds paradox but it’s meant in the way of taking “inventory” of what we plan and "check" it to be in “alignment”, making "corrections" etc. …

a heliocentric astrology chart for Earth's Aphelion 2022

Here at the “heart” and arm that will “let the arrow fly” we need to know where it shall fly to right – a little there and a little here will make the arrow hit anything or maybe even the own foot…. There needs also to be the right “tension” as otherwise the arrow will “wobble” or land at your feet… If we’re too “tense” we may “cramp” and that's not helpful either….

I don't know Archery myself, yet, I did learn how to ballroom dance and there it’s similar I guess – you need to be tense/ sharp yet “flowing” and “follow”….

So, long talk, short “translation” - sharpness, presence, clarity of intention, forward movement etc. – great honor can be gained when we do it “right” (for us not for others!!)…. If we get distracted we shall also take that with “honor”/presence yet without losing the bigger task out of sight…. Very often “little things” might in the end contribute to the bigger….

You know, it’s just like sometimes we may need a little “coffee or lunch break”, feeling good and relaxed and then we have suddenly the triple power and effectiveness than before the break 😉 … Just like we need to breath out before we breath in again – relaxation – tension….

The Sun stands opposite in an area that talks about coming out of indecision and to take the opportunities that may show either in big/magical ways or through subtle signs (you know, the Fairies may not hit you with a big stone)… so, openness and presence is needed to perceive the signs...

The Sun stands “over” the star Alzirr (right foot of Pollux) – Alzirr comes from Arabic and translates “the button” but it’s not known of what… furthermore this star seems to be at a “transition” time of its own evolutionary cycle, yet not much is know about this star….

Just South of Alzirr, we see the constellation Monoceros (the Unicorn) and just as its name promises, there are many hidden “wonders and jewels” to be found (Telescopium south of Sagittarius is needed 😉) ….

As Earth also stands in a last square to Chiron at the star Linteum of Pisces, the Sun would be also in a first square from Chiron when viewed from Earth – meaning Chiron the T (T-square)….

So, we also have the theme of breaking loops by “disclosure”, un-covering etc… </