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Highly creative energies - Earth's Aphelion and the Mars-Nessus conjunction July 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Earth reaches her aphelion at around 7:10 am Universal time and 14:10 pm Thailand time on the 4th of July 2022 and the Mars-Nessus conjunction will be roughly 11,5 hours after the aphelion.

At this time, she/we stand at 17° sidereal Sagittarius – near the stars Nunki and Ainalrami of Sagittarius. It also is under the point where the celestial equator crosses the galactic equator, which lays between the constellations Scutum, Serpens tail and Aquila (all north of the ecliptic). South of the ecliptic we see Corona Australis, Telescopium, Pavo, Octans and Mensa.

the wild duck star cluster captured by ESA

M11 is an open cluster called the “wild duck cluster” – in its center there are many young, hot blue stars. M11 is assigned to the constellation Scutum, which is also called “the Shield” (Nick A. Fiorenza called it the “Galactic shield of the Holy Cross”) ….

According to ESA, open clusters aren’t so “long lived” in the sense that they’re not as bound to each other, so in time they may drift apart by “attraction” to other sources of gravitation/force – well, who knows for what reasons, lol – I mean, I get this “picture” of groups of people who come together for a specific task and then part ways for good…

Even though Earth does for us seem to represent “physicality” there’s so much more to Earth – she does provide us with a lot of “non-physical” power, teamwork with nature (if we have eyes to see and the mindset to perceive) in many various forms – she’s our playground and same time our foundation and caretaker and nourishment…

At her Aphelion she’s kind of “at home” – she’s rejuvenating, concluding and preparing for something new…

So this is a time to be still yet active – yeah, I know sounds paradox but it’s meant in the way of taking “inventory” of what we plan and "check" it to be in “alignment”, making "corrections" etc. …

a heliocentric astrology chart for Earth's Aphelion 2022

Here at the “heart” and arm that will “let the arrow fly” we need to know where it shall fly to right – a little there and a little here will make the arrow hit anything or maybe even the own foot…. There needs also to be the right “tension” as otherwise the arrow will “wobble” or land at your feet… If we’re too “tense” we may “cramp” and that's not helpful either….

I don't know Archery myself, yet, I did learn how to ballroom dance and there it’s similar I guess – you need to be tense/ sharp yet “flowing” and “follow”….

So, long talk, short “translation” - sharpness, presence, clarity of intention, forward movement etc. – great honor can be gained when we do it “right” (for us not for others!!)…. If we get distracted we shall also take that with “honor”/presence yet without losing the bigger task out of sight…. Very often “little things” might in the end contribute to the bigger….

You know, it’s just like sometimes we may need a little “coffee or lunch break”, feeling good and relaxed and then we have suddenly the triple power and effectiveness than before the break 😉 … Just like we need to breath out before we breath in again – relaxation – tension….

The Sun stands opposite in an area that talks about coming out of indecision and to take the opportunities that may show either in big/magical ways or through subtle signs (you know, the Fairies may not hit you with a big stone)… so, openness and presence is needed to perceive the signs...

The Sun stands “over” the star Alzirr (right foot of Pollux) – Alzirr comes from Arabic and translates “the button” but it’s not known of what… furthermore this star seems to be at a “transition” time of its own evolutionary cycle, yet not much is know about this star….

Just South of Alzirr, we see the constellation Monoceros (the Unicorn) and just as its name promises, there are many hidden “wonders and jewels” to be found (Telescopium south of Sagittarius is needed 😉) ….

As Earth also stands in a last square to Chiron at the star Linteum of Pisces, the Sun would be also in a first square from Chiron when viewed from Earth – meaning Chiron the T (T-square)….

So, we also have the theme of breaking loops by “disclosure”, un-covering etc…

Doesn’t that very well fit the Sun’s theme? Taking first actions, steps in a new way of living “daily life” on the foundation (Earth) of sharp, clear, relaxed presence – maybe “relaxed” in this context is better described by the words trusting and fearless… don’t forget, we have the open cluster there too – community without too tight strings – and Gemini (Sun) does talk about communication and collaboration….

Furthermore, Mars in conjunction with Nessus at the urn of the Waterbearer (Aquarius) speaks a similar language, IF we can bring that T-square to work properly…. More about that conjunction further down…

The Grand-Trines and Kite / Pyramid choreographies

Now it’s time to talk about the Grand-Trines… nope not as exact to form a “complete” star of David or Hexagon, yet clearly recognizable in the chart…

Earth stands in Trine (120°) from Orcus in sid. Leo (constellation Hydra) and to Pallas in Aries (constellation Eridanus 27,5° south of the ecliptic) -Mercury is about to join her and she’s about to conjoin Uranus….

I called Trines “self-fulfilling” before and I do so again – they hold so much stability and harmony that we may fall into inertia, kind of “no need to change anything” because it seems to flow so nicely “why should I” – yet, that means we may miss the opportunity to apply the very high potential of creative power inherently present…. Grand-Trines do not judge - they're harmonious - if in the heavy realm of weight we carry or on in the light way it's the same yet different.....

Triangles/Tetrahedrons represent fire and this GT takes place in fire-signs… Highly creative and inspiring…

  • Earth as the foundation, the centeredness or groundedness in the self (truth of self-incarnated)

  • Orcus a helper of Pluto, Keeper of Oath, life path etc.

  • Pallas creative problem-solver, strategic, balanced

  • Mercury the gods messenger, fast, neurological, communicative, electric

  • Uranus the Scientist, technology especially the own biotechnology

Orcus is the slowest of all these “entities” and therefore

  • Earth in a first trine (more subjective – on what level individually different)

  • Mercury-Pallas-Uranus loose stellium in last trine (objective, conscious, understanding)

  • Earth though is in a last trine to Pallas and Uranus yet Mercury makes a first one from Earth

  • Mars and Nessus are in opposition to Orcus and in 60 degrees to Earth and to Pallas, which means we get a Kite-configuration/Pyramid/Tetrahedron here...

(note: if we think the Sun (expression, shining out – “spiritual” truth of self) into the picture, then we get a “Kite – Pyramid” choreography - Sun 60° from Mercury, Pallas, Uranus and 60° to Orcus) …

2nd Grand-Trine and almost Kite / Pyramid…

Jupiter and Neptune form trines to Ceres at the cusp between Gemini and Cancer and to Hygiea in late sid. Libra… Ceres is in opposition to Pluto in very early sid. Capricorn… Pluto is also sextiled by Jupiter in very early sid. Pisces…

We’re dealing with an Air Grand Trine here. Air is wind, is the mind….

  • Jupiter our “second Sun”, expansion, growth, idealism, beliefs etc.

  • Neptune the ruler of all liquids/waters, dreams, the spiritual, the transcendence, clarity

  • Ceres the nurturing, mothering, caring

  • Hygiea purity, cleanliness, maintenance

  • Pluto the big Transformer, rising from the ashes, death and rebirth, the deep and far

Neptune is the slowest of all these entities within the GT and Jupiter the second slowest - therefore:

  • Ceres in a first trine (also to Jupiter)

  • Hygiea in a last Trine

Pluto yet is the “focal point”, the slowest of them all in the Kite (which is “loose” because of Hygiea not in orb, yet significant within that role) Whereas the Earth – Sun axis stand in middle of the Sagittarius – Gemini axis we see Pluto and Ceres at the end of these constellations… both planetary axis are focal and release points in their choreographies… Yet, there’s another such focal and release axis by the Mars-Nessus conjunction in sid. Aquarius opposing Orcus in sid. Leo….

Mars – Nessus conjunction at 19°34’2” sid. Aquarius

This longitude of Aquarius is also the Perihelion of Quaoar a dwarf planet in the “outer realms” and for Mars it’s just passed his own Perihelion at around 11° sid. Aquarius and therefore Mars is pretty influential here…

Mars and Nessus are at the Aquarian Urn and leg yet conjoin in longitude the stars Achernar of Eridanus (the delta and alphastar) and Ankaa of the Phoenix.

Interesting to note here is the correlation with Pallas standing in the Aries part of Eridanus…

Achernar marks the end of the river of life – in this sense an “ending point”, conclusions, finalizing and all similar qualities..

Ankaa of the Phoenix is the alphastar of this constellation and of course stands for new beginnings, bringing those “endings and conclusions” to a new way of living, a new way of being – like leaving that old behind…. Ankaa – the Ankh – is also a “talisman” a symbol of remembrance of the greater purpose in life….

North of the ecliptic Mars and Nessus are conjoining in longitude the star Homam of Pegasus (the neck of the mythical horse) and brings the energy of going forward, aspiring success and/or an “ascended or higher mindset”….

In the last months and weeks I have talked a lot about the Centaur Nessus and his obvious more uncomfortable energies yet, as all Centaurs, he also carries gifts…

In Dante’s work “divine comedy” (Hell: Canto XII) all the Centaurs are “guardians of the river of blood” – Chiron, Nessus and Pholus are mentioned by name, yet Nessus is actually talking and explaining… they’ll point their arrows at any soul trying to come out of the blood more than their guilt allows. ... Interesting isn’t it 😉

A clear hint to their function of “transcending” victim consciousness, guilt, fear and all those blocking emotions in order to accept the lesson and with this a new beginning…

Nessus obstacles are mainly abandonment, neglect, abuse etc.…

Mars with his role as active, outwards action, the divine masculine etc. has for sure been “abused” as much as the divine feminine abandoned which did hurt “both” and a natural order/ harmony (Quaoar) need to be re-established….

We truly get the chance to align our actions and divine masculine with a life-path (Orcus opposite) if we also hold the middle between our long-term goal/ideals as foundation (Earth) and the short-term solutions we may have to create (Pallas)… In this sense it’s arranging or seeding short-term solutions in direct alignment with the Earth’s themes and therefore also the natural order and life incarnate….

Pallas flanked by Mercury and Uranus – she’s standing right between the stars Azha and Zibal of Eridanus whereas Mercury over Azha and Uranus a little passed Zibal, him at the edge of the head of Cetus (the collective “mind set”). The river of life (Eridanus) starts just beside Rigel of Orion (in elder depictions even did start there) and flows through Taurus into Aries where it takes some turn back into Taurus and then all through Aries again and eventually ends in Aquarius… Zibal and Azha stand in this “first flow” through.... We may have to be careful here, not to "drown" in all the information and outside technologies and opinion but to go within and "feel and listen" to our very own communication-system, cell phone etc.

We're really "plugged in" at "various fronts" ;-)

As I said in the “listing” of the first Grand Trine, it’s fire and fire – therefore holds a lot of creative potential that wants to be used and will be used – hopefully wisely 😉

The Mars-Nessus conjunction takes place in 9th house energy - which symbolizes higher communication, the "higher mind" and learning, teaching etc...

Now I need to address the 2nd Grandtrine:

I did title the Jupiter – Neptune conjunction “when belief meets possibility” – expanding the mind set and with that creating chances beyond what we previously believed possible, expanding the dream-states and what’s possible within them, to expand all our bodies, awakening, awareness etc.….

Hygiea, the maintenance, purity and hygiene of our various bodies – so meant not only in a physical way – there are the “universal laws” and they work on all levels….

Ceres, the mothering and nourishing, the care conjoining the Twins of Gemini are talking about the communication – what do we “say, write etc.” within and with the world around us – are we nourishing ourselves with the choices of nourishment we make….

Ceres in opposition with Pluto means, that she’s midway in her cycle with Pluto and therefore may be able to “transform”, to understand, to be aware what is individually asked and might find ways of how to get a “higher ideal” not only communicated but actually planned….

This second Grand-Trine takes place in air-signs, so is about the mental power yet at the cusps of water signs - so we shall not be emotional in our choices of action and not rushing neither but really use our mental powers, the information we gather in all realms (also the dreams!!) to act in a balanced, clear and "truthful" way....

I think that with this Mars-Nessus conjunction we may have a tendency to act upon old experiences of hurt, distrust, "abuse", neglect and so forth which are creating things like like "old grudges", resentments, feelings of revenge and alike... also those things are then also related to grief, shame, guilt ....

So again, check the feelings underlaying the emotions.... ;-)

There are many Centaurs kept "alive" in the heavens - some as constellations and some as moving planetary bodies.... They not only guard the "river of blood", they can also show us out....

In Astronomy the Centaurs behave not only as Asteroids but sometimes as comets - brightly to be seen for anybody to follow that call...

Much Love to you All,


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Credit/References: all charts are created using the free software by sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar planer (website no longer available directly but in internet archives)

Dane Rudhyar - many publications and books.... available through "Rudhyar Archival Project"...

And many more great Astrologers, Scientists and so on...

My own researches, inspirations, intuition, experiences and dreams…

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