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I dare - addition to the currents

Updated: Feb 17

evolutionary or spiritual thoughts about the current Astrology February 2023 - yet "timeless"

stunning tree carving at Zauberwald Germany
the wizard of forest - by Fran Arnet at "Zauberwald Germany"

I have written about the Jupiter and Chiron conjunction as well as about the other involved planetary bodies forming their exact conjunctions – Venus, Vesta, Jupiter and Chiron in “synchronization" in Pisces, which, in heliocentric Astrology means, 10th house energy – what is seen, obvious, public, work etc. or maybe also in awareness.

Of course, there's much more going on – everything is entangled – the “current” just a little moment within the “bigger cycles” and the "endless"…

I have written in the last two posts about the “need” for integrity in the sense of being true to the Self, to our heart and souls – what is that though? How do we connect to our “spirituality” and what is that anyways?... how can we evolve ourselves into a “higher consciousness”?

We (Humanity as a whole) been “separating” the spiritual from the so called “reality” of earthly life, the physical from the non-physical, the conscious from the subconscious and ultimately ourselves from the “others” (people, nature, the universe etc.).

We have judged or separated everything into “categories”, into good and bad or whatever kind of polarities and we have explored that all to extremes.

Out of this “habit” to separate or categorize everything, we’ve (many and over a long time) managed to also create something called “evil” – something that can explain that “other polarity”, the “why” horrible things can happen, it’s the “personification” of “what we consider bad, unwanted, horrible, destructive etc.

Polarity-thinking is something that “separates” things – it’s nothing bad per se, because we want to know the “opposite” – what does “south” mean when we don’t know “north”…

Now though, in these times, as we know probably every shade of any polarity imaginable, it’s the time to bring them into perspective of “same but different” – a collaboration in some ways.

“Spiritual” life and “worldly” life in symbioses (which it is anyways but now we become conscious of it) – collapsing of polarities as I like to call it, in the sense of seeing the whole, the bigger p