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I dare - addition to the currents

Updated: Jan 22

evolutionary or spiritual thoughts about the current Astrology February 2023 - yet "timeless"

stunning tree carving at Zauberwald Germany
the wizard of forest - by Fran Arnet at "Zauberwald Germany"

I have written about the Jupiter and Chiron conjunction as well as about the other involved planetary bodies forming their exact conjunctions – Venus, Vesta, Jupiter and Chiron in “synchronization" in Pisces, which, in heliocentric Astrology means, 10th house energy – what is seen, obvious, public, work etc. or maybe also in awareness.

Of course, there's much more going on – everything is entangled – the “current” just a little moment within the “bigger cycles” and the "endless"…

I have written in the last two posts about the “need” for integrity in the sense of being true to the Self, to our heart and souls – what is that though? How do we connect to our “spirituality” and what is that anyways?... how can we evolve ourselves into a “higher consciousness”?

We (Humanity as a whole) been “separating” the spiritual from the so called “reality” of earthly life, the physical from the non-physical, the conscious from the subconscious and ultimately ourselves from the “others” (people, nature, the universe etc.).

We have judged or separated everything into “categories”, into good and bad or whatever kind of polarities and we have explored that all to extremes.

Out of this “habit” to separate or categorize everything, we’ve (many and over a long time) managed to also create something called “evil” – something that can explain that “other polarity”, the “why” horrible things can happen, it’s the “personification” of “what we consider bad, unwanted, horrible, destructive etc.

Polarity-thinking is something that “separates” things – it’s nothing bad per se, because we want to know the “opposite” – what does “south” mean when we don’t know “north”…

Now though, in these times, as we know probably every shade of any polarity imaginable, it’s the time to bring them into perspective of “same but different” – a collaboration in some ways.

“Spiritual” life and “worldly” life in symbioses (which it is anyways but now we become conscious of it) – collapsing of polarities as I like to call it, in the sense of seeing the whole, the bigger picture and with that seeing “choice” not only in “either / or”...

No, it’s not about “denial” of anything but about a choice and to learn to use the words and actions of “no” and “yes” consciously – the word “no” can also be looked at as a “sacrifice”, maybe, there’s an opportunity but when we think about it with all the consequences that we can think of and then we either “agree or disagree”. There’s no need to fight anything, we don’t want something we say no and that’s it – why fighting it?? - by fighting we give it so much attention, so much power that we get lost in it and forget about what we actually wanted - from this “perspective” we may not say yes but we act “yes”….

In “spiritual terms” it’s about living the “true self”, the soul, the intention – as much as we can and “dare” or “risk”… nope, it’s not always easy at all but would actually be simple…

When we go through times of confusion or not knowing etc. doesn’t mean there’s something wrong or that we have to heal or anything alike – nope, it’s a sign that we are in a certain process, we need to look at all angles, use different perspectives and maybe connect to the inner realms for counseling….

Globally we’re working on the same theme, just from billions of different perspectives…

My “current life examples”:

I was driving out with some delay and usually would have taken a turn but I was so caught up in some thoughts, that I didn’t – so I was on the main road and thought “damn it” but then I drove into the U-turn line and thought, hmm, actually I might be faster this way and smiled to myself… it was then also very easy to make the U-turn (which can sometimes be really a challenge) and yes, in total I arrived at my destiny just right on time…

See – while I was thinking, the subconscious mind took over – “autopilot” and that doesn’t only apply to driving of course…

It’s totally practical, if we can rely and trust that 😊 – a very useful collaboration, because our subconscious knows where and what we want….

Well – sure, I’m also challenged with a bit more complex stuff than just arriving somewhere in time - that’s why I was so caught up in thinking… It’s about the “website” or lets say the presentation and “presence” of it and how to go on – I was very confused, thinking in “system-terms” and what is presented as “reality” (3D), the system not really accommodating people who live a life outside the “boxed structure” and that made me feel like kind of “punished” and same time a bit "angry" - then I understood, these energies can be used to find my own creative way…

Most importantly though – I remembered (many things though) that when one is happy, one doesn’t need much – beside that, what we really align with goes like “nothing”, in flow….


Also, various people I have talked with over the last weeks are thinking or planning about different living situations, “life style", job changes or adjustments etc. … it’s pretty amazing to observe how different, yet similar the energies play out.

I think, because of the movements of Saturn through sidereal Aquarius and his slowly “closing in” aspects with several planets as Neptune, Eris, Chiron and also Uranus and Sedna, a lot will be changing on the global level as well (may take some years though) – many systems are based on a “reality” that has made some big changes over the last decades and are simply more hindering than beneficial…. Yet, these changes start with the individuals 😉

Now – taking all these themes yet again towards a “spiritual living form” we’re also slowly changing and adjusting according our awareness.

What I see in the charts, does indicate that we’re moving out of the energy of “shadow work” towards the recognition and use of our abilities for resolving any “problems”… meaning, we’re now really turning the “shadows into light”.

When I have “old themes” coming up, something I thought to have resolved or “grown out” already, I try to greet it – I’m using thoughts/speech as like “oh hello, you again – what do you want to tell me?” … sometimes it’s done with that and sometimes I get a further answer, to why and what…. It's just an example – you will find your own way of dealing with such situations, let the ideas just come to you, experiment with your ideas…

Also, I think anything that’s connected to water could be beneficial too (Pisces is of mutable water, meaning liquid water and Neptune as the ruler of all liquids has just officially entered the sign of Pisces) – maybe swimming, thermal bath or simply working with the water we drink…. Again, just experimenting around is best to find out, what “feels good” and is possible to integrate into the own daily life/routine…

You can use the link below to generate your chart with transits, in order to see how things "hit", to get maybe further ideas of which "elements" to best add into your "experiments".

(if you’re not sure how to do – you can send me an email or connect via the website)

Outside my “comfort zone”

Do you experience “déjà vu” moments – do you really think they’re just from dreams or may that be actually going further?...

Yeah – questions I’m dealing with for a while now – sometimes I know where they’re coming from as from a dream or from a previous situation that was similar but sometimes the feeling doesn’t fit to either of them… sometimes it feels like I truly have been physically living that exact moment already once, like being in a “time-loop”… I do have these kinds much more frequent now than the other “styles” and what it implements is quite freaky…

“Normal déjà vu” I know for most of my life, so I have learned to work with them, yet this new style is different and I keep asking myself, if I’m actually in a “time loop” what do I need to do differently to get out of it….

You see, the concept of “timelines” is total logical to me, as I have experienced “jumps” so to speak, so I know “reality” not to be “real” in such a static way, unless/until we anchor ourselves into it.

Therefore, I have started to ask myself, “without that moment, how would I have acted in this situation” and try to do something slightly different – experimenting.

However, whatever – there’s a lot going on about “remembering” – on whatever level, on whatever realm or time or subject….

A less “freaky” aspect of this is, that we have in our “lineage” abilities and we got them within our DNA – we can activate them – obviously also the “multi-dimensional aspects” of it…

So, now that’s all said and please, if you have any experiences alike, let me know how you’re using them….

Much Love to you All,


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Credit/References: all charts are created using the free software by - choose "extended chart selections".... sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar planer (website no longer available directly but in internet archives)

Dane Rudhyar - many publications and books.... available through "Rudhyar Archival Project"... by Astrology University..... by Michael Meyer on

My own researches, inspirations, intuition, experiences and dreams…

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