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The Jupiter and Chiron dance

Updated: 5 days ago

their heliocentric planetary cycle sidereal Astrology from 31st January 2023 to October 2036

Chiron orbits between Jupiter and Neptune, crossing the orbits of Saturn and Uranus and spends a lot of time up at Uranus' orbit, therefore with Jupiter the geometry looks a little “sideways” and like a “crystal”.

Our upcoming conjunction on 31 Jan. 2023 is no 10 on the “wheel”/diagram – close to Jupiter’s perihelion.

Jupiter and Chiron conjunction geometry based on heliocentric sidereal data

Chiron’s aphelion lays in middle of Pisces, therefore he’s very slow in Pisces and accelerating slowly, that’s why they often meet in that region and it makes it even more intense as Jupiter’s perihelion lays only a few degrees away from Chiron’s aphelion (Uranus’ orbit)…

As in my example, from later Aries to very late Aries takes them roughly 200 years, with 14 conjunctions.

The players:

Chiron is called the “wounded healer” and he’s a Centaur with different lineage though. He knows about pain and knows about healing but to heal himself, he gave up his immortality (immortality here means “reincarnation”/repetition which was his “problem”) for the freedom of someone else and then got a space between the gods (eternal, freedom of choice). So, he’s about the sacrifice to self…. like what you do to others, you do to yourself BUT it’s also what you do to yourself, you do to others…. He also talks about the “loops” we take in life – sometimes we tend to repeat the same patterns, these make us feel “limited” and “unable” – that’s “his wound” and that’s what heals by recognizing it/awareness …. He’s also of bridging energy as he’s not only a Centaur but a “half god”, connecting realms…

More about Chiron:

Jupiter is expansion / evolution and this includes “higher learning”, our ideals and beliefs and consequently expectations on a personal level and on societal level. How do we belief and expect ourselves and the world to be like?? On the more physical part he’s about learning, the law, justice, travelling, foreign countries and cultures (to expand one’s “horizon”), physical movement in nature (like “fullness of life”) and its laws…

More about Jupiter:

Because the Two are meeting in longitude, doesn’t necessarily mean their “close” – Jupiter at his closest point to the Sun and Chiron slowly descending from his aphelion along Uranus’ orbit, which he’s actually crossing before and after his most northern point and therefore is influenced by Uranus’ realm until he reaches the “other side” and Saturn’s orbit…

(during their last conjunction Uranus and Saturn stood in almost exact opposition with Uranus in a very close 30 degrees aspect and Saturn in a very close 150 degrees aspect to the Jupiter - Chiron - Neptune conjunction)

Them to be in conjunction and same time kind of opposite can bring the energy of awareness and with that the possibility for conscious decisions for a change of direction, for a new chapter, especially when we know, that Jupiter just came out of his most southern region where some things are more in the subconscious region.

Chiron is of “linking, bridging” energy – yet, with his themes of “wounds and loops” it also means he’s linking the past and future. Him being situated at Uranus realms at the moment, means he’s giving emphasis to future oriented ways including worries about them... (can even include "control issues" / worries to let go)

It’s always a choice of how we belief we are – do we tend to repeat the past and believing that there’s no possibility to change (humanity never changes - a “nocebo effect”) or are we actually sacrificing that belief in order to create a different future by using the “placebo effect” – they’re tools and are based on belief…