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Magic on Earth - early August 2022

Updated: Feb 17

Heliocentric Astrology ca. 3rd to 6th of August 22

Wonderful choreography of aspect configurations….


The one Grand-Trine we know from my posts throughout July (players circled in light orange), is now slowly “opening” – in my opinion giving the opportunity for spiraling or evolution because of the other GT (highlighted in blue) and the Yod or “finger of god” (highlighted in green)

As I mention in the video – it all works wonderfully together and is all about opening the heart, to see and experience the union of all our bodies or energies to create a coherent state from within as a foundation most stable and sacred as the “true home” – it’s about being in this sense self- centered and aware through the experience of true choice… choice that the Cancer- Capricorn axis does provide us with…

The transit of the Earth-Sun axis over that area of the sky does only give further emphasis to this whole picture here…

screenshot of the astrological, heliocentric chart of 5th of August 2022 with text boxes and highlights

Let us have a short look at the Yod – Chariklo stands as the opposition body holding the strings to Juno (one to one relationships – relations – ratios) and Pholus (wise Teacher and Guardian) …

It might be interesting not only to look at where in the sky they stand but also where they actually orbit – Chariklo and Pholus are both Centaurs, meaning they can act as an Asteroid or as a Comet and they orbit beyond Saturn, whereas Juno is one of the main Asteroids in the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter… they are all 3 linking or connecting in this aspect but on different “levels”… Pholus’ orbit links Saturn out to Pluto and Orcus whereas Chariklo connects Saturn and Uranus – Chariklo is also the wife of Chiron in mythology and stands for safe places, discernment of what got potential… Pholus energy is guarding and teaching but might do that through some rather transformational experiences but gives the opportunity to gain exceptional perceptional abilities (from very good physical eyes to clairvoyance or other psychic “seeing” ability).