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Neptune at 0 degrees Pisces

Updated: Jan 22

Whatever “school” of Astrology one may follow – the “sign division” is a system used for quite a while and I think it’s there for a reason, the exact “why and what” is somehow lost….

But for this post, it shall not matter as you will see further down….

Yes, Neptune has entered the constellation of Pisces a while ago and on 17th/18th of April 2023 (depending the time zone), he’ll reach the heliocentric 0° sidereal Pisces – geocentric it happened ca. 12 hours after the March Equinox….

It also means, that Neptune is slowly coming into orb of longitude with the Vernal Point and the Galactic South Pole (in 2025 - so we have some time to "prepare" for that alignment)...

As we’re dealing with Neptune, a planet with an orbit usually people can’t follow up within a life time, I wondered, when it had happened last, him to be at this exact point and what the historical data collection of Wikipedia has to say about that time… it was on 30th of June 1858 and a very interesting chart, in which Neptune did hold many “strings” (aspects), which isn’t the case this time – he’s opposed by Mercury just under the Lion’s tail… but maybe that’s the main focus right now for us - “clear / clair” about – the communicative powers of the mind….

But before we dive into those details, let us have a look at what Neptune represents:

He’s about transcendence, clarity, dreams, illusions and disillusions but also escapism. He’s about connection and communication between realms – the physical and the nonphysical, light and dark etc. Furthermore, I think he got a lot to do with memory and what role emotions play within those and/or to see “through” these emotions - gaining clarity about the own emotions or to use another word "awareness"… I usually call this the “inner cell phone”…. The same “principle” we can apply to dreams in their various forms/realms/states….

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