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New Beginnings 03-2023

Heliocentric sidereal planetary cycle Astrology – empowering and connecting on our evolutionary paths


3rd of March 2023 Jupiter and Uranus last 30 degrees (last post – read here)

7th of March 2023 Full Moon with Earth/Moon system in sidereal Leo and the Sun in sider . Aquarius on the axis of 21°21’0”

10th of March Juno conjoins Uranus at 22°56’33” sidereal Aris

12th of March Saturn completes his first 30° aspect with his cycle with Pluto

17th of March Vesta conjoins Eris at 29°14’15” sidereal Pisces

21st of March Equinox – will be written about separately

The full Moon marks the time of the month, when we see the heliocentric and geocentric chart the same when it comes to the position of the Moon. On 17th of March the Earth/Moon – Sun axis will have moved just into very early Virgo and I think, as for all these “events” occurring during the time this axis is about to move to the equinox axis, its something to keep in mind…

The Sun as our star, does provide us with a big system, like a “bubble” within which we operate and travel with through the galaxy. There are regions though, they’re much less influenced by the Sun than our “inner system” within which we on Earth are sheltered in.

Uranus is the last planet we can, if the circumstances are favorable, see by naked eye – Neptune is far out and the last planet before a shift of the Sun’s influence does take place. The main Kuiper belt is still partly influenced by the Sun’s gravity but the further out, the lesser this influence (other influences though are still active, it’s a system, a bubble that extends much further).

That’s similar with our own inner system – whereas the Sun represents our inner core, all our being, it includes regions that are not so much influenced by what is let’s say “day time personality” or identification, emotional and physical, visible etc.

On Earth we combine / integrate – we have night and day, we have “hidden” things and “obvious” things and traits. Just like emotions can become visible through certain reactions of the body – like tears for example when in physical or emotional pain but sometimes even show joy. We can see what is going on within, made visible and that’s not only with emotional matters – it includes everything. We make things or better said ourselves “visible” through physical manifestation on Earth and in our time and evolutionary development this includes those far out/inner regions of ourselves as well as the past (also in form of history).

These are processes – like very simplified, we “discover” or “learn” something (through whatever means / channels) and we have to process them, to understand them, to order them and start to use them in one way or another (integrating).

What we see in “physicality” isn’t an origin in this sense but a consequence – just like even though light travels fast, we perceive or “see” it after everything has actually happened already…. Therefore, there are other means that are “first” – just like we don’t know how the core of our Sun looks like, we only see what’s at the “surface” (using this word as a synonym).

Unless we express ourselves in one form or another, most others won’t perceive it and often we don’t even know ourselves in the solely physical way and even less on deeper levels….

For the next 10 days, we’re asked to start to live / integrate / anchor the “higher view points” into our creative actions and manifestations as a kind of “foundation” of future actions and choices. If we learn to express from the standpoint of a “durative soul”, a “go