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Cycles - Astrology: Saturn and Chiron 1966 to 2028

Updated: May 8

The Players:

Saturn is about structures/systems of all kind and is often perceived as “limiting” – it’s important to understand though, that Saturn has moved his “path of action” in 1851- his nodal axis ” from the Capricorn/Cancer axis to the Sagittarius/Gemini axis brings really a big difference when working with Saturn (it’s Lyra and the Twins!! – vibration/communication) – he’s also about maturing and responsibility but more in a “fathering” way. Of course he’s not only about physical or societal structures but maybe even about structures like DNA 😉

(Saturn picture by NASA - Chiron by “celestial team”)

Chiron – the “wounded” Healer – the Master of Loops and Self…. He’s a bit an “outsider” but even as that, he was respected and loved by many….

The conjunction/cycle we’re in started on 11/12th June 1966

At 28°25'13" sid. Aquarius with Pallas at 29°20'35” as companion – near the star Simmah of Pisces (Circlet – fish head) just passed Juno’s and close to Pallas’ Southnode.

Saturn and Chiron combined with Pallas – creative healing….

This zodiacal longitude talks about our body being our “vessel” and not the other way round – with Chiron, it’s about healing and Pallas adds balance and creative solutions with what is available. It’s about the “holistic” approach in Medicine, balancing and maintaining health on all levels – meaning physically, mentally and spiritually… to use our own inner bio-technology to bring balance and harmony into our very own systems and to share/teach the possibilities there are… We need to learn to trust our own abilities and limits – to know when and how we can help ourselves and when we have to go and get advice….

Interestingly Neptune’s Aphelion – Perihelion axis at this time was at 28° Libra (over Beta-Centauri) – Aries (just between Aries and Taurus and just under Perseus)…

Saturn and Chiron will conjunct again in August 2028 at 10°8'34" sid. Aries December 2021

Just passed the around 300° marker or let’s say 58 plus degrees from their next conjunction in 2028. The last 45° (semi square/balsamic - seeding) will be exact on 17th of June 2023.

The last Sextile means that we’re slowly “surrendering” – we saw the “harvest”, we realized and may have done some changes, but now we feel the pull to the future and know, it will come anyways and so we can "surrender" and let us be "carried" with maybe the feel of some "last minute errands" to do…

The 60 degrees angles are of "push/pull forces" on both sides - the first are to push through to kind of break free from the "pull back" and the last are of "allowing" to be pulled and not trying to push back....

When we look at the New-Moon chart (4th of December 2021) we see Saturn at 18° Capricorn and Chiron at 16° Pisces… Important to note is that Saturn stands on Neptune’s Southnode and Venus’ Aphelion - whatever you do or conclude, do it with “heart and soul” as it’s her “intention” here, that brings “vibration” to Neptune’s waters (path of action)…

The placement of Saturn is kind of saying “practice makes the Master” (and the Master knows, there’s always more) – he’s about to move on towards “sharing”, maybe shy and hesitantly and maybe just to a few but definitely more confident – it’s where the outstretched hand of Aquarius reaches out above the “sea-goat” Capricorn – so, open to share and open to get other opinions or generally “feedback”… Chiron? Well, he’s in his “loop phase” which is nowadays in the middle of Pisces, over the belly of Cetus in an area that is about “self-recognition” with all its hardships and jewels … outcome? Well, every single one of us decides from their heart and their action, how much the head of Cetus will smile with a happy face or with a grim one… so, surrender to your heart and accept the outstretched hand for “tips” and feedback….

Interesting to note is, that Chiron’s own Aphelion logically is near at 14° Pisces but at 19° Pisces we find Jupiter’s Perihelion (most influence) as well as Eris’ Aphelion (intention, “home”)….

Chiron will be at 19° Pisces in October 2022… conjoining the star Linteum of Pisces – this star talks about “un-covering” what we love or hide….

Some history around 1966: The Uranus – Pluto cycle started also in 1966!!

- “flower power”… late 60’s early 70’s

- Moon landing

- The “Pill”

- Cellular learning and memory is first observed

- The first artificial heart is “installed” into a person at Houston Texas hospital

- First paper published about the basic functions of video-games to be played on a TV

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