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Cycles - Astrology: Saturn and Chiron 1966 to 2028

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

The Players:

Saturn is about structures/systems of all kind and is often perceived as “limiting” – it’s important to understand though, that Saturn has moved his “path of action” in 1851- his nodal axis ” from the Capricorn/Cancer axis to the Sagittarius/Gemini axis brings really a big difference when working with Saturn (it’s Lyra and the Twins!! – vibration/communication) – he’s also about maturing and responsibility but more in a “fathering” way. Of course he’s not only about physical or societal structures but maybe even about structures like DNA 😉

More about Saturn:

(Saturn picture by NASA - Chiron by “celestial team”)

Chiron – the “wounded” Healer – the Master of Loops and Self…. He’s a bit an “outsider” but even as that, he was respected and loved by many….

More about Chiron:

The conjunction/cycle we’re in started on 11/12th June 1966

At 28°25'13" sid. Aquarius with Pallas at 29°20'35” as companion – near the star Simmah of Pisces (Circlet – fish head) just passed Juno’s and close to Pallas’ Southnode.

Saturn and Chiron combined with Pallas – creative healing….

This zodiacal longitude talks about our body being our “vessel” and not the other way round – with Chiron, it’s about healing and Pallas adds balance and creative solutions with what is available. It’s about the “holistic” approach in Medicine, balancing and maintaining health on all levels – meaning physically, mentally and spiritually… to use our own inner bio-technology to bring balance and harmony into our very own systems and to share/teach the possibilities there are… We need to learn to trust our own abilities and limits – to know when and how we can help ourselves and when we have to go and get advice….

Interestingly Neptune’s Aphelion – Perihelion axis at this time was at 28° Libra (over Beta-Centauri) – Aries (just between Aries and Taurus and just under Perseus)…

Saturn and Chiron will conjunct again in August 2028 at 10°8'34" sid. Aries December 2021