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Earth at her Perihelion

Updated: Jan 22


Heliocentric sidereal Astrology – a different view point and perspective

When we look from the Sun, we see Earth – our physical home of incarnate life – in relation with the whole solar system and further.

Fantastic and wonderous our lives, yet by far not all there is….


The "chapters" with "jump links":

General - Earth at her Perihelion


Perihelion means the time, when Earth is closest to the Sun during her orbit.

This will take place on 3rd of January 2024 at 0:38 am Universal time and according time-zones....

Earth's perihelion moves slowly and therefore, we experience the Earth or the Sun at the around same degrees for many years - Earth at 16°46’13” sidereal Gemini and the Sun Sagittarius...

Because of this, the relationships / aspects that are formed become very important.

There's an interesting, often overlooked, alignment here during Earth's Perihelion. The celestial equator and the galactic equator are crossing south of the ecliptic in the constellation Monoceros (sidereal Gemini)....

During Aphelion (early July) Earth stands under that crossing on the northern side of the ecliptic, the crossing in sidereal Sagittarius between the constellations "Serpens tail" and Aquila (the eagle)...


To me there’s also this important time frame and imagery presented twice a year, once with the Earth here at perihelion and the Sun opposite as viewed from Earth and then in June/July the whole axis just 180° turned:

Earth before reaching the Solstice, on the ecliptic “above”/over Orion on the “Taurus side”, then over the famous belt of Orion (through which the celestial equator “cuts” ), then the Solstice and the Perihelion ca. 2 weeks after the Solstice and finally separating towards the Twin’s heads (perihelion kind of like on the “height” of their “belts”)….

We shall not forget, that this also means we traverse the galactic equator, travel against the background of the Milky Way band… one could say like crossing “south / north and north / south” through the galactic equator or the galaxy’s hemispheres borders/unity….


In some ways it’s exactly that theme of “borders or unity” that come up in this time – yet, in a “galactic sense” or broader sense as well – Earth and Sun as an axis, the solar system as a system or a cell within a much vaster collective / body called a galaxy and that within itself again a part of a bigger system and so on… yet, the same is true towards the smaller as within a Human…   

Of course, that also includes the various “layers”/dimensions within a cell, the physical, the mental, the emotional and all the various layers of density within each…

I usually call this the “Russian Doll principle” (also used with planetary cycles etc.)

The Chart and details:

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