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Nurturing the new - June Solstice 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

21st of June Thailand peak around 4pm – Universal time 9am (active for several hours)

This picture was taken by Hubble Space telescope NASA/ ESA project...

the Lagoon Nebula M8 in the hourglass region

showing the Lagoon Nebula (M8) with its hourglass region - it's roughly where the apparent alignment of Earth during the Solstice takes place...

The equinoxes and solstices mark the time of the year, when we’re on “our/Earth’s cross”.

During the June Solstice Earth aligns with her Southpole (SCP – South Celestial Pole), with the GEN “Gate of God” (crossing of the galactic equator with the ecliptic), meaning also with the Galactic Equator and “we” stand near and a little “over” the Galactic Center…. This alignment is active and will be for a few more years, but with every year, we move a little bit “away” closer to the GC itself…

As we’re already talking the Earth’s cycles (not the Sun!!) it’s interesting to note, that she/we stand at “south pole” (like “home and private" place – one of them, as I think her aphelion is another one, where we will arrive in early July - one for the "tilt" (magnetic pole) and one for the orbit) …. more about Earth:

heliocentric sidereal astrology chart about the June Solstice 2022

As Earth stands there in early Sagittarius, the Sun stands in early Gemini “under” the Northpole (NCP) the “anti GEN” and also at the Galactic Equator over the “torch or sword” of Orion…

It’s the axis of 4°40’50” Sagittarius – Gemini (Earth – Sun)…

Ixion (Centaur grand father – lust for life) at 6°37’40” sid. Sagittarius.

Haumea, a "dwarf planet" (fertility, mid wife energy) at 3°49'7" sid. Libra (Virgo constellation) - a first sextile, 60° angle

The Galactic Center, the South Pole, the stars Spiculum (see picture - Lagoon nebula) and Alnasi of Sagittarius, as well as stars of the constellations Telescopium in the south and Serpens (second half) and right arm of Ophiuchus in the north….

This ecliptic longitude talks about stability and our truth, if we focus on it and follow the galactic flow, the galactic path – so it’s about far-sight as well…. We’re reminded to keep focus on our goals in life in a greater sense – like the “big goals”, the broader perspective of the theme, to feel stable or “hold” by the GC and its direct influence here and that we can trust and belief into our ideals and dreams, that we can act upon them step by step and that all will be fine…. Spiculum / Lagoon Nebula contain a very active stellar nursery - so creative energy, "birthing" and growing.... as nothing is ever "lost" and everything always "moves"...

Earth asks us to express (Sun) those fundamental truth of ours, to express and bring those ideals and belief into our daily lives (Gemini), to make plans as fundaments/blueprints for our earthly actions, communication and collaboration…. The Sun is expressive fire – the spark that brings life but can also burn things – so at the feet of the Twins, we can start life or a fire…

Over the last months we have been presented with the eclipses and conjunctions with the themes of “integrity” over and over again – we have been asked to act from the “higher heart”, in balance between the feminine and masculine principles and also to “sacrifice” that which is holding us back, to check on our values and self-worth, to build “boundaries” accordingly etc. … If we think we’re “less” than someone else we can’t really express our true being or intentions and we may miss our “purpose”…

Yes, we’re at this axis here every year, yet it’s not the same place in space nor in time – so every year we get such chances within the current energies…. Or is your life, your perspectives exactly the same as a year ago?? – so, we do change, we do “learn” and we can “adjust” if needed…

The big adjustments that we will feel is the one described by Jupiter and Neptune with their very, very new cycle in which now in the beginning feel as all “inclusive” in some ways, at the “zero point” (which is also a theme of the GC) – so the understanding of the relationship between “belief and possibility” is important and a foundation for any “dream to become true” in life… years ago I did make “my dream” to become true but it also meant that I had to leave some behind – doesn’t mean I had to “cut everything off” from my “old life” but things were obviously different and needed a different form of integration…. Same time as being in another country and very different culture I also had a little more “freedom” – I already was obviously not “local” and that meant, I didn’t have to “be same” as it wasn’t asked of me…. I know, that’s not everybody’s “cup of tea” nor dream but I want to use it only as an example for “being different” – it doesn’t only mean a “limit or outsider” but also some sort of “freedom” if we can use it as such…. We can’t change other people but we can change our perception of our surrounding and with that ourselves…..

Such is never easy and there’s “security” involved in the “old” as long as we don’t feel secure within ourselves – know the saying “home is where my heart is” – see, we can feel safe anywhere we go if we’re within ourselves secure…. And then our belief can actually move mountains….

Before we start to change Earth’s topography, we may also look at Ceres – the mothering, nurturing energy of this Asteroid is during the solstice placed right between Castor and Pollux, the Twins of Gemini… how we nurture and care for ourselves and therefore others is placed between the mortal (earthly) Twin and the immortal (ideals, ideas) Twin… we can perceive both and we can nurture both and bring them together within self…. Nurturing, care etc. doesn’t mean only in food or drink but here also what we give effort into, which dream or goal we pick to “nourish”, what we collaborate or identify with etc. ...

Ceres is in a first Trine (120°) from Jupiter and Neptune – meaning that there can be harmony between the themes and the creative power to bring the conjunction theme into the world by “feeding” it… as an Asteroid in the Asteroid-belt, she’s linking our “personal lives” with the “outer world, society” and as Jupiter is that first “societal planet” she’s through him the link to Neptune, the transcendence, clarity and primordial waters that create possibility…. Furthermore, Ceres stands only a degree away from Pluto’s Northnode – so it’s a transformational role too that Ceres plays in this whole picture-story….

Ceres is also in a Trine with Hygiea in sid. Libra - Hygiea is name-giving to hygiene or purity, cleanliness in this sense.. and Hygiea is linking in a last square to Saturn... we need to be "clear/clean", wise by integrating the principle of "cause and effect" in our decisions and choices we make because they may reach further than just the moment...

We don’t need to tear everything down, we don’t need to burn everything down – we can create and consciously replace…. With the Earth-Sun axis at the galactic equator, there’s so much we can achieve if we set our intentions, blueprint, architecture and focus on birthing what we want and with this over-writing and “heal” what was fear, lack or victim mentality….

I mentioned the theme of “integrity” but also the theme of conscious awareness of “intention, expression and materialization” (it’s actually always present as Earth is always opposite of the Sun by simply the fact of orbiting the Sun)….

This got a lot to do with our values – Venus is approaching Chiron in middle sid. Pisces – they give us the chance to “uncover” what we may have hidden or forgotten under the dust of time… maybe our true values, what we really cherish… most of us probably want to be “good people” but what is a “good person” in our personal value system? Do we sacrifice our values to something or someone or are we sacrificing ourselves to our values?... deep questions here… 😉

Somebody who’s living from their own truth, heart and soul becomes naturally integer and doesn’t need to express distortions to feel powerful or loved – yet we also have the mind as part of our being which shouldn’t be dismissed nor is “activity” and forward moving something “bad”…

Yes, you’re right – Mercury is approaching Mars in conjunction at 9° to 11° of sid. Aquarius. They stand in a Sextile (60° angle) with Earth – Mercury a first one and Mars a last one… Mercury brings “fresh” messages, not only from Earth but also Pluto, Chariklo, Vesta, Saturn and Juno – yes, he’s fast 😉 …. Mars also got all those energies within him through his conjunctions over the last months and weeks but he was last conjunct by Earth a while ago – so he needs to “conclude” here, to seed anew within his theme of action and leadership in combination with the “Earth themes”… How shall such communion, collaboration, mindful action being achieved? Well, they stand “under” the stars Deneb Adige alphastar of Cygnus the Swan, Baham of Pegasus and some stars of Aquarius which brings an understanding for “unity consciousness” (unity in individuality!!), the understanding that categorizations and judgments bring separation where non is needed… So it’s a longitude here that talks about integration and soul awareness… on the “earthly realm” that also means support and collaboration here… on a personal level, it means the integration and collaboration between the subconscious wisdom (soul wisdom) and the outwards action…

If we want to build a “new world”, to bring “heaven to earth” – we need to be the start….

Much Love to you All,


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Barry Ion
Barry Ion
Jun 23, 2022

You have such a comprehensive suite of knowledge on these matters Fran and your command of the English language, grammar and nuances is impeccable. I love your reflections on life's journey's and insights into your inner thinking and philosophies as well as your ability to explain technical aspects of astrology and astronomy to a 'T' in such an intellectual manner. Thank you ❤️

Fran Arnet
Fran Arnet
Jun 24, 2022
Replying to

Barry - I'm speechless - thank you so very much for all these compliments!! I'm very happy to hear, that you also like the way I try to explain the more "technical" aspects of the astrology and astronomy 😊

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