Temptations - Choices - The May New Moon 2022

Updated: Oct 24

Thailand at 18:30 – Universal Time 11:30 .... For Thailand and all the places where the last new Moon was on the first of May, it's obviously the 2nd new Moon of the month.

The Moon and the Sun stand in the constellation Taurus conjoining it’s head, which means the stars Ain, the Hyades and to a lesser degree Aldebaran (the bull’s eye)… Earth stands in the constellation Scorpio just between the stars Al Niyat (throat) and Antares (heart)…

The energies I’m describing will be around for a while as the next Taurus full Moon will be on 8th of December 2022 and the next Taurus new Moon on 19th of May 2023….

On this axis we talk about the “physical” realms of Taurus, sensual experiences but also property and the “watery” realms of Scorpio, deep emotions that want to be acknowledged but also the intuitions and again the weight of hearts….

During a new Moon, the strength of plants resides in the roots and when the Moon waxes again, the light increases and so does the growth and strengths of the leaves…. As we’re Earth-bond in our physical needs, we kind of “live” with these cycles – we may go more within, feel more “connected”, heightened intuition and similar during a New Moon, whereas during a Full Moon we’re becoming more “aware” what is “outside”, around, the environment…. But know, both the new Moon and the full Moon are times of gaining “consciousness”…

This new Moon does have “double emphasis” again on the roots, in the sense of the awareness of the correlation between the roots and what will grow out of them – strong seeds will grow strong roots as the basis for a strong plant to grow…. That’s pure physical thinking – now there’s also the “non physical” realm in the sense of emotions and thoughts…. Also the theme of “cause and effect” and the “rhythms” of life…

When talking about Moon cycles, we also talk about the lunar node axis. The nodal axis has just shifted from the constellation Taurus (north) and Scorpio (south) to Aries and Libra… The nodal axis stays in the same sign for ca. 1.5 years – it to me, feels this new Moon energy marks a bit of a “testing/practicing time” in the sense of being able to apply what we’ve learned/ discovered/ worked on, dealt with the rhythms of life and it’s “ups and downs” for the last 1,5 years or more into practicality and “foundation” for activity in the physical realm….

We have gone through “shadow work”, dark nights of the soul, inner recognition, self-reflection and so on and might have taken some “consequences”, have decided something for ourselves or made plans for the future etc… now it’s the time to live according these “insights”, principles etc… AND to practice and trust our “intuition”, the inner guidance etc. because we might individually be tempted by opportunities and we need to “decipher”/discern them as of being in alignment or not – it’s sometimes not easy to keep the balance and to keep the focus on the higher goal but same time living in the physical world…. But see, the more we’re in alignment, the more the physical experience changes…. So don’t worry too much and trust yourself and your own abilities…. Another aspect is, that we have learned to handle the “turmoil” caused by trying to release our “skeletons from the cellar”, which will probably also bring the understanding for every Being going through such – same time we don’t even see the “skeletons” as such anymore because we have understood their purpose….

Beside all these “physical life” stuff, there’s also the foundation of the “non-physical life” we have – what are we doing at night, during the time our physical body is at rest… how much do we remember and how do we integrate that as part of our lives and “information system”….

Why do I now come with dreams? Because there’s a lot more involved in this New Moon than just the axis of Sun, Earth and Moon….

There’s also the approaching conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune, the approach of Vesta to Chariklo which is the focal point of a “Boomerang” aspect configuration … There’s also a Grand Trine between Ceres, Hygiea and Nessus and Hygiea connects an almost “mystic rectangle” between Hygiea, Nessus, Uranus and Orcus…

Here the post I made about the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction: https://www.faempowerment.com/post/when-belief-meets-possibility-jupiter-and-neptune-2009-2022-2035

Beside that, also linked the conjunctions of later May: https://www.faempowerment.com/post/new-beginnings-may-2022

All these heliocentric aspect configurations do speak of initiation, idealistic but creative potential and “unfoldment”…. It’s though not without a bit of tension, which is needed for movement…. Some of that tension may lay on the Vesta- Chariklo conjunction which will be exact on the 3rd of June…. But their “almost” conjunction plays a role in the New Moon chart because of their “boomerang” aspect configuration during the new Moon….

Vesta: https://www.faempowerment.com/vesta

Chariklo: https://www.faempowerment.com/chariklo

It means, that we need to be within “our inner space and balance”, discerning on what got “potential” to grow or not, what is “beneficial” for the task – just like if we want to grow apples we’re not going to plant a cherry tree right, it’s discernment and not judgment. Vesta is the “inner flame”, our “devotion” and what we want to “keep going”… what do we really want, if we’re honest to ourselves…. This sounds beautiful right, especially at a place that talks about “sacred places”, sanctuary and coherence from where we “manifest, create” but also about practice, rehearsal, learning by doing so that's also secret places or home for those who consider that their "safe haven" but also like retreats beside of course, the inner space... Yes, as beautiful as it is, there still might be some stuff that likes to come up - that's fine, we don't need to get crazy about that, recognizing it and letting go of it, is just fine...

We might be “challenged” by Venus 30° “ahead” in Aquarius and Pholus 30° back in Sagittarius…. Within these 60° Pholus is the slowest but in the whole configuration Varuna is the slowest and the peek/release point…. Venus as the “beauty of the heart” and our values is in longitude conjunct the star Deneb Adige alphastar of Cygnus the Swan (it’s tail) and to a lesser degree Sudalmelik and Ancha of Aquarius – here Venus is asked to be in the “higher heart”, in individualized Unity consciousness – it’s a very creative area for art, philosophy, science or any combinations and therefore an area where we share, exchange ideas… We though have to value our resources too and put them into “work”/world that is beneficial for all, including the self so therefore it’s also a question of “self-value” but also what we value in others...

Venus: https://www.faempowerment.com/venus

Pholus though is a wise teacher and guardian and talks about using our “foresight”, our inner systems – he’s guarding our resources – so we need to know when and how and with whom to share and for what reason… Through past experiences we may have become too “guarding” or protective…. and we might be his nodal axis is “entangled” with Chariklo’s, just the other way around…

Pholus: https://www.faempowerment.com/pholus

The release/relief point is Varuna near the star Decapoda of Cancer – Varuna was an old Vedic “all knowing creator god” that is now considered to be related with water and the wind but also the “principle of rhythm”…. It means we talk about breathing techniques but also our thoughts which write onto our emotional waters….

Varuna: https://www.faempowerment.com/varuna

I would like to make clear though, that this “Boomerang” configuration is NOT part of their conjunction chart… This is really just for the New Moon theme – it shall be the “basis, foundation” from where we act/create… and that Moon cycle doesn’t last as long as their conjunction – so whatever happens in this respect during the Moon cycle, can be taken as a “lesson” a part of the learning, but maybe we already have gone through such lessons that we can now put into the right perspective – not to jump to the other extreme but to find the “middle”, the balance….

Now, we can jump to the 3rd of June conjunction:

Same Players, Chariklo and Vesta and yes, opposition to Varuna but now Venus has moved on and stands in a 144° angle to Varuna and is about to conjunct Nessus, another Centaur who talks about themes like abandonment, neglect, abuse and how we can rise “above” this…. Chariklo and Vesta are still in the 30° from Pholus but now Pholus got company by Mercury and they stand in a 144° degree angle to Sedna (re-emergence of the exiled).

Again, discernment but Chariklo also talks about sanctuaries and outsiders – I personally do have Chariklo pretty strong placed and so I have always attracted the “outsiders”, the special people, the crazy ones, the not conformed ones (some with money, some without)…. Yes, not everybody of those categories was nice (but most) but I’ve learned many unusual things from all these people - so, no judgment from the outside appearance… Discernment by heart, by the inner feeling…. When it comes to the higher realms though – be open for that guidance, to commit to the tasks, opportunities “they” guide you to…

The discernment is also when it comes to the so called “demons” – also people we perceive as “energy vampires” and such – fighting them will give them power but if we’re in our “middle” and not provoked, we kind of “neglect” them, “dry” them out… they only can live through the energy we feed them…. And we will meet “inner demons”, so remember, they feed of our fears or anger or guilt or anything alike also insecurities (so we in this sense create them ourselves)… look beyond, and focus, commit to that which is truly you and what you can do with that, perceive your choices and go from there….

As mentioned above, Venus is asked to become the “higher heart” – that which “transcends” the drama, got the wisdom and protection and understands that growing up, learning sometimes can include pain and Mercury too, gets a different perspective here and might be able to bring us into “higher mind”… Venus and Mercury are asked to learn from the past….

Much Love to you All,


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