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last and first minute changes - full Moon June 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Full Moon 14th of June 2022: Thailand at 18:52 – Universal Time 11:52

As we're approaching the June Solstice and a couple of weeks later the Earth's aphelion (furthest away from the Sun in our orbit) and from that perspective at a "Earth home new year" we may feel these push and pulls between the various new phases after planetary conjunctions but same time "going home, balsamic, completing" feel of Earth despite the summer-feel on the northern hemisphere...

Moon and Earth in sidereal Scorpio conjoining the star Imad of Ophiuchus while the Sun stands in sid. Taurus over the constellation Orion conjoining the star “Al Hecka” of Taurus – it’s the axis of 28°6’47” sid. Scorpio – Taurus….

The geocentric lunar nodes (as the Moon orbits Earth, only in geocentric view available) at 26°57’28” sid. Aries near the star Botein (Northnode) and sid. Libra near the stars Zubenhakrabi and Brachium both of Libra (Southnode).

Except the Moon and it’s nodes, all placements are taken from the heliocentric view – kind of like the “observer”…

This full Moon stands in “connection” with the New Moon on 4th of December 2021 but also with the new Moon on 30th of May 2022…

A little excerpt: Scorpio is a water sign and Taurus an earth sign – so the heart that pumps the blood through our veins carrying all the nourishment and/or the poison that we allow to enter/stay there…. The earth, the manifestations of beauty that feeds our sensuality does offer so many choices – what do we choose!!???..... it’s not only the blood but also the stream of energy/emotions we pump through our being…. We’re at a decision point – what we take with us on all levels and what we “leave behind” – a building of foundations from where we build our future….


Earth and Moon at the star Imad of Ophiuchus, over the tail/sting of the Scorpio but also under the head of Drago but over the constellation Ara (the alter) … The Moon is bond to Earth and so are the emotions, as “catalyst”/activation of all kinds of systems within us…. Now the Sun shines onto the “manifestation” of that choice we made last December in respect to “foundations/direction” and by this “obvious”/ in light we see the leaves in full “juice”…. What are foundations here? – it’s like the lower chakras – we may have identified and dealt with various themes individually but now it’s the time to see what we have achieved and become more secure and stable within this new “energy/feeling”, the “grip” or “stand” but of course also the trust – the trust in self – the ability to express what is self and with this to manifest from self, in harmony… it’s though also a time to actually enjoy what we have manifested – to enjoy the sensuality, energies from within, nature and her fruits etc. yet it might be somehow different than before…

There might also some ideas coming up of how to accelerate whatever we’re working on – to see where we need to call on our values and act up to them as the true “foundation”…. The values are especially emphasized onto by Venus’ position now and also during the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction… the theme has also been emphasized onto by the last new Moon and eclipses – the integrity with which we act, the honor we show towards our values….

Interestingly, beside all the conjunctions/ new cycles we have just started in May and early June (including the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction), there’s also now the Mercury-Vesta conjunction near Chariklo in sid. Capricorn but also the dwarf planet Makemake (governance of resources, trustworthiness, powerplays etc.) in sid. Virgo and aspected a lot…. More about Makemake:

Everything is energy – every matter is made of the “non-physical” and influenced by it – we do feel such, some may feel the weather in their bones or whatever body part, some may “smell lies”, some may “see” things others don’t notice, some feel “emotions of others”, some are in other ways very intuitive just to name a few “commonly accepted abilities/resources/guidance”….

Many have problems to integrate these abilities into daily life, to make these a part of their “foundation” in the meaning of using the own guidance to help to discern and master certain emotions – to find it’s actual source and meaning – is the “fear” I feel coming from a real threat or is it more like “imagined” or coming from a distant experience I made or what is it…. Same about the “joy”/passion etc., is it really that or is this just a misleading emotion, a cover up, an “addiction” or repetitive behavior of some sort? If we’re honest with ourselves, when we trust our inner system, reactions, then such a process of “evaluation” can go pretty fast…

Also understanding natural/universal laws such as “cause and effect” (often called “karma”, which is a bit misleading) can lead to that “thinking twice before acting”-attitude and may keep us from repeating patterns… it may also help in acting from a “broader perspective”, from an “objective” view…

Such helps in naturally forming “boundaries” as we give less “space” for “intrusion” to happen…

I personally think, the natural, universal laws (which corresponds with new quantum physics) should be taught in schools and wherever possible (opposed to often hierarchical religious or similar organisations) as tools to make choices in life that can be more “in flow” with the own being and life in general…. Out of that will also come new technologies in the “outside world” but also the re-development of the inherent bio-technology – technology and own bio-technology is more an Uranian theme and is slowly approached by the lunar Northnode, which truly asks for integration of the theme, which is confirmed by him slowly moving away from the head of Cetus meaning a true liberation shall take place here….

Yes, I know, not everyone got Uranus in the same relationships but he spends years in the same sign or constellations so therefore there are similar themes for certain age groups yet individually approached differently….

If you would like to know, in what relation your chart stands to longer term planetary cycles etc. you can always contact me for a personal reading… yeah, I usually don’t make advertising but why not within my own writings 😉

(Use the “contact button” on my website or email me - links below)

Did I mention Saturn already? – well, he’s in a “theme confirming” position as well and still conjoined by Juno the Asteroid of “one to one relationships”…. Restructuring, putting information together and into perspective and maybe new order all combined with “relationships” – well, talks volumes, right 😉 But yes, it’s also about the relationship with ourselves – see, everything grows from within and so do relationships grow from the one with self as a “whole” to the one with others as a part of the all… I just had a little story with a vacuum cleaner that explains this whole theme very well – so, I took the dust bin to empty but it “fell apart”, so I had to put it back together and I tried and tried and it didn’t fit but then I looked at it again and noticed a tiny thing sticking out and so I knew I had to turn the piece around and suddenly it did fit perfectly….

Remember, this Juno-Saturn placement is in direct correlation to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction as well as their previous one!!! So not just a “little” coincidence – nope, such thing isn’t existing and especially not with the “time lord” 😉 Yeah, so what relationship do you have with time? Are you still thinking in just “linear time” or did you gather personal information that it might not be as “linear”???... yeah, time is right for some deep diving into such themes too 😉... ohh, and don't forget Mars - he was there too with Juno and Saturn, so also the physical action, will and leadership needs to be applied to whatever we "discover" for ourselves - yet the mature expression of Mars!!!

Much Love to you All,


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