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Re-inventing Self - New Moon 4th/5th of November 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Let the past be a fertilizer/wisdom for the future – re-inventing Self

What is harmony and balance?

To me a part of it is when we know “who” we are and “what” we want and live and do accordingly – we’re in inner balance and “shine” that out. The foundation is the “self” though, how and what we identify ourselves with/as… sometimes during life, we just “invent ourselves” new and our whole life changes accordingly – it’s an effect or process that naturally follows without any specific effort…. so this "Self" isn't a fixed thing nor stagnating.....

What causes one to “re-invent” self? I think that mostly happens through “key-moments” that are mostly challenging and uncomfortable – “crossroads”…. Challenges we had a lot over the last two years and we have all taken conclusions out of the situation… many have and are kind of “re- inventing” self and we do it also on a global/societal level…. What is a Human-Being, what are the most fundamental attributes of us and what does it mean??

Often we’re oriented/defined by the past – we had a great day, so that’s what we want to “re-live” the next day and focus on and same with the not so good day, we want to “avoid” it and so we also focus on it and with this we kind of “victimize” ourselves to the past in a kind of “repeating” way and leave the creative powers of us “untrained”….

We’re in times where this is slowly dissolving, we’re kind of “re-inventing” ourselves on different foundations – we have the chance to leave the past to the past, as being a sea of experiences, lessons learned, knowledge and wisdom gained as tools for the future from a “balanced now” from a now that “knows” and “is” and can “become”….

We start to understand that the feeling is what really holds the key and not the “thing” or “scene” itself…. Imagine if there was absolutely no lack of money, if you had enough for whatever you wanted or it even not to be needed at all anymore and the same for everyone else – what would you do, what would you like to experience???? – after you would have solved any health issues, resting, holidays, building your dreamhouse and such – what would you want to do/experience/ feel?... What does this tell you about yourself and your true values?? ...

When I was a child, I and the other kids in the neighborhood would play together, having all kinds of ideas and stuff – bicycles became racecars, tree leaves money, branches swords or wands, a tin a helmlet, flowers a crown, a piece of fabric dragonwings and so on…. We were able to create whatever from whatever because of the feeling and idea we put into it…. Remember the feeling, it’s a tool we have to turn “lead into gold”, if not in the physical so then at least on the other realms and who knows what the future will surprise us with 😉

Uranus-New Moon 5th November 2021 at 4:14:37am – 4th. 11. 21:14:37 Universal Time

As viewed from Earth, the Moon and the Sun stands in exact line in sid. Libra, just between the constellation Virgo and Libra closer to the “Zuben-stars” of Libra though…. As viewed from the Sun we would see Earth standing in Aries conjoining Uranus and that very close also in declination….

The lunar nodes are still on the Scorpio – Taurus axis – the Northnode in the longitude of the Pleiades and the Southnode on the head of the Scorpion….

I made a post and a long video about various “Uranus cycles” as of their “actuality”…. Here the link for those interested to have a look again:

Of course, there are more cycles at play but more about those further down…..

Earth with Uranus over the head of Cetus – the “annual conjunction” – and in square with Saturn in middle of sid. Capricorn – Earth in a first square, Uranus in last… potential for liberation but also rebellion and change…. Earth is in change and so are we – it’s the energy of “growing up”, similar to the state of adolescence – we try out, we rebel, we liberate we grow “new structures”, the body awakens and so on…. It comes with pains, insecurities, challenges, questions but also dreams, promises and chances…. At this longitude over the head of Cetus and at Andromeda’s legs, we’re reminded of the “stamina”, honor and “uncorrupted heart” we need to keep and same time being aware of the powerplays around us and within us….

In a year, Uranus will have passed the head of Cetus and Saturn will be at the cusp between Capricorn and Aquarius…. Now though, Saturn stands just between the stars Armus and Dorsum of Capricorn, which are just under the “first stars of Aquarius”, a shift of energy into the more “sharing” part of Capricorn – we have been more “solitary” in the earlier part of Capricorn in the sense of making plans or “blueprints”, practicing, testing etc… and now we’re going on to share – maybe still a bit insecure but future oriented and more enthusiastic, though we may start with some few people first to get “feedback”… this of course, is about all “realms/bodies”… it’s always a story in the sense of the areas of the zodiac bring an energy or theme “further” – we had Saturn travelling through the first half of Capricorn throughout the last good 1,5 years bringing the “ideals” and vibration from late Sagittarius into focus and “actualization”. Jupiter did the same since they met last December but he’s a bit ahead now, “expanding” themes for us to “see” them with a bit a broader view/mind and Saturn does now bring that all into sharing, what we have perceived, focused on and practiced, developed throughout the times of more “solitude” to be slowly brought into the world… whatever that might be for one individually…

Same time we have been working on our foundations – as like “self-identification” and values of Self and general values but also the own abilities, powers and potentials our dreams, ideals and goals, as well as intention and purpose….

The lunar nodes are talking about our path of action on the incarnate emotional level – what we bring as talents, feel familiar with or may need to let go of a bit and what needs to be integrated in order to bring the axis together as “one”/balance – the Scorpio’s head – Taurus/Pleiades axis they’re talking about the neurological pathways, the heart-mind connection/coherence, the “hero’s journey”, self-reflection etc.…. It’s an “initiatory” area on both sides. The Taurus-side talks about insecurities in the new energy/environment which can lead to “emotional tantrums” but with self-reflection gaining awareness of the own “blockages” and being able to “slain the fears” whereas the head of Scorpio talks about this self-mastery leading to neurological transformations, adaptability and being able to see the real Self, the beauty and “fullness” within and living that self instead of playing a mascaraed (it’s kind of manifesting that beauty into the earthly realms – Taurus)…. The nodal axis moves clockwise, so we have passed the Aldebaran – Antares part already and therefore the wisdom and knowledge about the heart- mind coherence experienced but now we can learn to “actualize” it…. The axis will shift again on 3rd of March 2022 (just 12 hours after the New Moon and a week after the Jupiter-Nessus, Vesta-Pholus and Venus- Makemake conjunctions ohh, and the Hygiea-Eris opposition) – so, end of February and beginning of March 2022 we’ll have huge shifts taking place but the work, “seeding” for that, we’re doing now….

Earth and Uranus also stand in a first trine by Mercury and last trine to Orcus in Leo and Mercury and Orcus in a 150° angle with Saturn…. Mercury is the mind, the “neurotransmitter” (messenger) and just passed the conjunction with Orcus, the “oath keeper” and helper of Pluto… Mercury here says “I had enough” – I’m not broken, even if I may have felt this way, I steer my ship (life) and I transmit that to my whole being and let us set sail to the adventure and stage of life…. A creative, brave mind is needed to communicate the new “ground/foundation” and the inner bio-technology to all the cells within, all changes, all will follow that command….. we know from inner certainty that nothing will ever be the same again and that is scary at times but the mind is “flexible” and with the memory that never leaves one can walk towards the “next” with confidence and trust….

Have you seen the movie “Geisha”? – I was just thinking about that, there was a scene where an “art” of going through life was compared to Bamboo – it’s very strong and bends and blows and “drums” with the wind in a storm (have you ever experienced the noise – it’s fantastic) to stand straight and healthy the next day…..

We’re experiencing “ups and downs” always – it’s one of the Universal Laws – the law of Rhythm, the breath of the universe, in and out, expand and collapse… we can go with that flow and use their energies for the good…. Varuna, who symbolizes this principle of rhythm stands in Cancer and is opposed by Chariklo (the sanctuary for potential) in Capricorn… We can almost “literally” give breath to our potentials from the privacy of our inner being but we need to focus and we need to trust ourselves as being the “safe heaven” for ourselves….


For the next two weeks the Sun will be travelling through the constellation of Libra – the scales – the Scorpion’s clutches – and Earth through the second half of Aries and meeting with Perseus, Medusa and Taurus for the Full Moon…. So during this Aries – Libra time of almost two weeks, we’re facing the “light and heavy”, past and future with the opportunity to choose the middle, the now and with Earth in Aries we’re provided with the needed strength and ground to do so… It though has a lot to do with our “relationships” in families, with friends or generally in “groups” or society. We can’t produce peace and harmony or balance by being “imbalanced” within self in the sense of feeling “heavy” as then we start to “project” that out in form of expectations, blame and so on…. This Earth-Sun axis works hand in hand with the lunar node axis and they move “towards” each other from opposite directions… when we have the theme of self-reflection, or mirroring in general as well as to discern, “slay” or overstep fears or other blockages we also understand when others are “trapped” in those feelings and can show that and have compassion without the need for “judgmental” or blaming behavior…..

Another Libra theme though, the one about the inner balance, got a lot to do with the balancing or “equality” of the feminine and masculine powers within us – as I talked about the imagination and the feelings above, it’s the feminine and creative power and the masculine is protecting this, is providing for it and putting it into action or adds “force and will” if you want… so one needs the other… if we suppress the feminine or just use it in “limited” ways, well then things kind of stay the same, stagnate and we’re so not in any energy like this in the “bigger picture”….. on the other side, if we’re only in that feminine we lack any “manifestation” and everything crumbles around one as there’s no “spark” lightning the fire for it to become…

Mars is representing this masculine willpower and action – and will be for the new Moon on 4th of December where the Sun stands now, emphasizing on the Libra theme from the masculine…. Mars now, for this New Moon is another story 😉 Roughly 24 hours after the New Moon, there will be the exact conjunction of Mars and Haumea at 3°10’13” sid. Libra constellation of Virgo and Bootes (Haumea) and in square to Pluto, in 30° to Vesta and 150° from Sedna and Ceres… Very interesting, I mean, Haumea the “Mid-wife” stands in the constellation of the “Shephard, Guide” and Mars, the willpower and physical action near the “birthing area” of the Virgin… The Birth of the paradigm shift, the application of “higher consciousness” seems difficult and may feel as not in alignment with what we want right now (many would like to go “back” to how it was) but with devotion to the cause (ourselves) then we’ll just do it, without further “doubts”….. a birth ALWAYS comes from the inside out – no matter what….

Another interesting cycle at play here is the Neptune – Pluto cycle which started in 1892. In the very late 1950’s and 1960’s we made it to 60° and further up to 63° in the 1970’s but then started to “decrease” – we’re now back in a “growing” phase though – but the 2nd time to reach the 60° angle will be in June 2029… roughly 14 hours after this new Moon, we’ll reach the exact 56° after we were for years now stuck at around 54°-55° 😉

Here the link to the post with video about Neptune – Pluto and Neptune – Sedna:

The full Moon will be on 19th of November and will be discussed in a separate post as usual as well as more details about the 29th of November, when we’ll have kind of many conjunctions to be active and working or approaching and/or being connected by angles/aspects…

We will have Venus with Uranus over the head of Cetus, Earth with Ceres opposing Mercury, Sun and Vesta on the axis of the bull’s head and the scorpion’s head and neck… and Jupiter forming a T-square in Aquarius while he’s slowly approaching his conjunction with Nessus (abuse, neglect, “sabotage” etc. – to others and to self – no, he’s not a “bad guy” just “revealing”) – Jupiter is “illuminating”, emphasizing the direction of humanitarian tasks or how such tasks are “organized”… it’s a lucky place for those using their arts, sciences (creativity) according their philosophical “higher ideals” to reach such goals…. Like “help to help themselves” and similar…

Keep in mind – 26th of February 2022 – then Jupiter will reach Nessus for their new cycle and therefore we’re now in the wrapping up time and seed anew - more about it, soon….

Much Love to you All,


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