Active planetary Cycles - Part 6 - some Uranus cycles

Updated: Oct 24

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction picture used as banner

Some Uranus Cycles:

- Uranus and Sedna 1931

- Uranus and Pluto 1966

- Uranus and Neptune 1993

- Uranus and Eris 2016

Here the link to the You Tube video:

Here now some of the data also in written form: the charts though, you'll see in the video - it wasn't possible to take over the pictures with my "notes" on them.... and I said many things in the video, not mentioned here or in a different way....

Uranus is a Rebel and Liberator but also about technology (the own bio-technology as well), a “holistic” scientific approach – air energy, which brings more focus on the mind, as the “medium”, the translator and messenger….

More about Uranus:

Sedna is about the re-emergence of the feminine principle (which includes the limitless possibilities) or anything that was suppressed and feel “betrayed” of….

More about Sedna:

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Sedna (11’400 years-orbit) 10th house placement

14. Sept. 1931 at 23°2’23” sid. Pisces. Uranus conjoins the star Kaht of Pisces and Sednais between Pisces and Cetus. Chariklo approaching Pluto at 24°-26° Gemini and Saturn at 27°49’ Sagittarius. Uranus and Sedna are the “focal” point of this T-Square and Nessus is near them at 27°38’ Pisces…. Earth under the Circlet of Pisces at 26°46’ sid. Aquarius. Ceres at 24°12’ Libra with Mars at 27°24’ Libra – Earth – Ceres/Mars – Pluto/Chariklo and Saturn are in a Kite/Pyramid aspect form. There is also Saturn 27°49” Sag – Chiron 26°17’ Aries – Venus 0°57’ Virgo another Grandtrine and when taking Pluto at 26° Gemini in as well, we have another Kite/Pyramid formation…. Jupiter at 11°57 Cancer and Neptune 11°34” Leo… Interesting to note: this was one of Neptune’s Perihelion/Aphelion axis time in/at 20° Taurus – Scorpio…. Earth near Uranus Aphelion. Pluto on his own Northnode and Saturn approaching his Southnode.

This part/longitude of Pisces (and the surrounding constellations) talk about the strength we can gain from past happenings and emotional upsets/turmoil. Here it’s also about values and resources and how we use them (individually as well as collectively) – can also be about financial affairs …. 10th house energy means, most visible, public….

Earth in sid. Aquarius under the Circlet is talking about the physicality as a “vessel”/container for our “non-physical” being and as all “dimensions” of Self have needs, so does our physical body – we need to gain the understanding that one depends on the other (holistic) and therefore a holistic approach/ collaboration within self/collective is needed for best outcome and flow…

Pluto and Saturn are double important in this chart, as they’re both the focal points in the “Pyramids” but same time also standing on their and each other’s “feet” (nodal axis) and are the axis to where Uranus and Sedna stand in the “focal square” to…