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Active planetary Cycles - Part 6 - some Uranus cycles

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction picture used as banner

Some Uranus Cycles:

- Uranus and Sedna 1931

- Uranus and Pluto 1966

- Uranus and Neptune 1993

- Uranus and Eris 2016

Here the link to the You Tube video:

Here now some of the data also in written form: the charts though, you'll see in the video - it wasn't possible to take over the pictures with my "notes" on them.... and I said many things in the video, not mentioned here or in a different way....

Uranus is a Rebel and Liberator but also about technology (the own bio-technology as well), a “holistic” scientific approach – air energy, which brings more focus on the mind, as the “medium”, the translator and messenger….

Sedna is about the re-emergence of the feminine principle (which includes the limitless possibilities) or anything that was suppressed and feel “betrayed” of….

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Sedna (11’400 years-orbit) 10th house placement

14. Sept. 1931 at 23°2’23” sid. Pisces. Uranus conjoins the star Kaht of Pisces and Sednais between Pisces and Cetus. Chariklo approaching Pluto at 24°-26° Gemini and Saturn at 27°49’ Sagittarius. Uranus and Sedna are the “focal” point of this T-Square and Nessus is near them at 27°38’ Pisces…. Earth under the Circlet of Pisces at 26°46’ sid. Aquarius. Ceres at 24°12’ Libra with Mars at 27°24’ Libra – Earth – Ceres/Mars – Pluto/Chariklo and Saturn are in a Kite/Pyramid aspect form. There is also Saturn 27°49” Sag – Chiron 26°17’ Aries – Venus 0°57’ Virgo another Grandtrine and when taking Pluto at 26° Gemini in as well, we have another Kite/Pyramid formation…. Jupiter at 11°57 Cancer and Neptune 11°34” Leo… Interesting to note: this was one of Neptune’s Perihelion/Aphelion axis time in/at 20° Taurus – Scorpio…. Earth near Uranus Aphelion. Pluto on his own Northnode and Saturn approaching his Southnode.

This part/longitude of Pisces (and the surrounding constellations) talk about the strength we can gain from past happenings and emotional upsets/turmoil. Here it’s also about values and resources and how we use them (individually as well as collectively) – can also be about financial affairs …. 10th house energy means, most visible, public….

Earth in sid. Aquarius under the Circlet is talking about the physicality as a “vessel”/container for our “non-physical” being and as all “dimensions” of Self have needs, so does our physical body – we need to gain the understanding that one depends on the other (holistic) and therefore a holistic approach/ collaboration within self/collective is needed for best outcome and flow…

Pluto and Saturn are double important in this chart, as they’re both the focal points in the “Pyramids” but same time also standing on their and each other’s “feet” (nodal axis) and are the axis to where Uranus and Sedna stand in the “focal square” to…

This axis talk about communication as a "two way street" - the tone makes music and resonates - in which way it resonates depends the output... "cell memory", cell learning... structures that we need to transform.... such higher learning and self-awareness needs to be integrated into our "daily life/routine" to re-birth self as a "whole" and ready for the collaboration on all levels...

Uranus and Sedna will meet again on 1st of June 2026 in sid. Taurus ….

Now we're only around 13 to 14 degrees away from their next conjunction - so we're very "balsamic", seeding phase to the new cycle...

History around 1931:

- Mahatma Gandhi’s “civil disobedience”

- Albert Einstein in the US and does research together with Edwin Hubble

- Original film version of Dracula and also Frankenstein

- Salvador Dali’s “persistence of memory” on public display first time

- Kreditanstalt of Austria bankrupt which leads to worldwide financial meltdown

the persistence of memory by Salvador Dali

"The Persistence of memory" by Salvador Dali (from Wikipedia and there taken from

the big question of "time-space" or "space-time".....


Pluto is the Transformer / the Phoenix rising from the “deep and far” – like it’s “bigger in the inside than the outside” and once discovered can bring us very far as it’s empowering to know the own Self…

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Pluto (248 years-orbit) 3rd house energy – axis 9th house

8. Jan. 1966 in sid Leo at 8. Jan. 1966 in sid Leo at 22°17'22" conjoining the hindleg and tail of Leo, under Ursa Major and over the Argo Navis, opposing the "triple conjunction" of Saturn, Juno and Chiron in Aquarius and same time there's a separating conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Libra. This meeting point is only 4° degrees away from Uranus' perihelion and Juno's Northnode.... btw. Juno is about relationships - "one to one" relationships of all kinds and I think most importantly about the one with the Self....

They conjunct at an area where we can find immense creative powers but the same time also the potential for misuse of that. The Sail of the Argo Navis suggests, that we need to include the alignments with our inner heart and devotion to a cause in confidence and "full sail"...

Chiron, Saturn and Juno talk about the "loops of old" we take, the relationship with the own Self and the general structure is in direct connection with the theme of Uranus and Pluto – the Aquarian side of this axis talks about the “flow”/resources and their distribution, the relationship or “holistic” view of things, that all “belongs” together as a part of a whole system on all “dimensions” – what is on an axis, isn’t “separated” in this way, it’s two poles of a whole, mirroring back and forth – a collaboration, communication and includes “vibration” (it’s the tone that makes the music)…

A “holistic scientific approach” to the whole theme is needed – without emotional turmoil (cool mind) and remembering the “intention” from a balanced and integrating view in order to create the path of action in “coherence” with the intention… a “power”, talent, ability always comes with the responsibility to “mature” into it with practice…. Kind of “learning by doing” type of thing…

Their next conjunction will be in April 2104 in sid. Aries.

In these last months of 2021 we’re at the first 106° to 107° of this whole cycle – Uranus passed the middle of Aries and Pluto in very early Capricorn…. Sometimes we become rebellious if we feel we want to liberate ourselves of something, Aries energy is for sure supporting such, if it’s within the intention of their cycle-theme. If it’s done from the “old ways”, that which we want to transform, then it won’t really work as it’s based on the entrapment, the dependency… Pluto on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn means under Lyra and Aquila – here we have the themes of vibration paired with focus…. Uranus' Aphelion in late Aquarius represents his “intention” with his point of most influence (Perihelion) in late Leo which is the individual creativity shared (Sun shines out)… but back to the angle – we have passed the “growing phase” of the first square, so we’re now putting more action/force to it with creative “intent”…


Neptune is the “ruler” of our age and all liquids – he’s about our core beliefs and “spirituality” as the fabric from where we imagine and dream but also the emotional veils / walls we put around ourselves and need to be transcendent / gain clarity…

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Neptune (164 years-orbit) 7th house energy

20. April 1993 in sid. Sagittarius at 24°21'27" under the constellation Lyra near Pluto’s SN. In this time Neptune’s Aphelion and Perihelion axis at 14° Libra – Aries and his nodal axis at 17° Capricorn – Cancer.

There's also a T-Square between Saturn Capricorn 28°, Chiron Cancer 28° and Pluto square in Libra 29°. Same time Uranus and Neptune are both in the last 88° (square) to Eris and last 113° to his next conjunction with Sedna.

Lyra represents the "heavenly harp" - the tone/vibration and the geometry they form - also within water for example. Within the Self, the thought makes the tone and its resonating within our cell’s geometry. Thoughts though come from what we belief possible…. That’s why, we feel shaken when we’re confronted with truth we would never have thought possible…. We need to transcend, see through the veils of false beliefs and what we think is possible – often it’s like we don’t “allow” ourselves to belief something we already have seen “only” because it’s not meant to be possible (we’re in denial coming from fear) and so we “suppress” it… on Pluto’s Southnode we need to “face” everything, to bring clarity, discernment to it and let our core beliefs to be transformed in order to not only liberating our very own biotechnology and inner communication but also the path for science to include the “non physical”, to allow to be open for whatever….

By now it’s estimated, that the Universe is only containing about 5% visible/ physical elements that we “know” how to explain… BUT.... slowly but surly there are new models and theories published and discussed that could explain a lot more... I find those findings most inspiring and fascinating - explaining what we actually already know for a long time... "re-emerging" (Sedna) - ha I love it....

In the last few months of 2021 they’re roughly 50° to 51° into their new cycle. It means we have already passed the “sprouting” phase and are in the “growing phase” of this first square/quarter of the cycle… As we know, Neptune stands at Uranus’ Aphelion – at his intention point and in an area close to the Circlet of Pisces in late Aquarius, where we talk about the flow within, the “various” bodies we have within and how to bring them into collaboration…

So let’s look at this closer – in the last years it has become “in” and widespread to practice Yoga, meditation or other similar techniques to bring our multidimensionality into “coherence”, of course did this include many different forms of diets, organic food, loads of different “alternative methods” in healing using bodily energies, music and much more…. There was for decades more and more “Psychics” and spiritual Teachers of all kinds emerging and since 2012 that accelerated even more and it’s by now nothing “special” anymore to talk about all these various topics….


Eris is about “revelations”, the reality of situations in their core – she exposes lies on a core level…

Uranus (84 years-orbit) and Eris (557 years-orbit) 10th house energy

10. Dec. 2016 at 27°52’42” sid. Pisces opposing Haumea conjoining Arcturus of Bootes (sid. Virgo). – note: the 1931 Uranus – Sedna conjunction was at 23° sid. Pisces - Mercury conjoins Chiron at 28° sid. Aquarius constellation Pisces (star Simmah). Pallas just separating conjunction to Neptune at 16°-15° Aquarius (6 Oct. 2021 new conjunction at 26° sid. Aquarius at Uranus Aphelion and Pallas Southnode). A Grand Trine is formed by Ceres at 13° Aries, Orcus at 12° Leo and Chariklo at 13° Sagittarius. T-Square between Earth 23°50’ Taurus – Saturn 23°38’ Scorpio and Mercury/Chiron 28° Aquarius/Pisces. Lots is going on at the GC, above and around it…. Various planetary cross-axis involved as well….

Neptune’s Aphelion – Perihelion axis at that time 3°30’ Scorpio-Taurus.

The liberation of past experiences or how we “perceive” them. We can either “run away” from it and still carry it with us in a subconscious, dependence building way or we can take a deep breath, listen to our “guiding system” and take Perseus’ mirror and face what there is to acknowledge – the truth – the reality within – in short “self-reflection” – such can be pretty “ground shaking” and even if we “break down in tears”, it’s in the end a liberating and “cleansing” experience BUT this’ only the beginning of the liberation as all that is us, that lays beyond time, stands at our dispersal if we choose to perceive it….

Of course, we can also “mirror” it around the other way – we SEE our reality in that which surrounds us, on the personal stage as well as on the global stage (world history teaches us a lot not only about those times but also about the state of consciousness of the collective)…

But again - Uranus is not an "emotional" energy - so a more "holistic scientific approach" is asked here... remember - "Cell memory" is there too - we can always ask ourselves if we don't mind the answers.....

Uranus and Eris will meet again in April 2106.

2016 history:

- Ecumenical declaration signed between the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches by their leaders on their first meeting since the schism in 1054.

- The Panama-Papers scandal

- The Pokémon-go “story”

- Swiss Solar Impulse 2 is the first solar powered aircraft to circumnavigate the earth

- Proxima Centauri B is discovered as the closest (so far) exoplanet

- Of course the American election

- World Economy Forum introduces the "great reset" (they probably have very good

Astrologers at hand)

We’re just around 18 degrees into the cycle – so still very new but we’re living it without much conscious understanding yet…

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