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Active Planetary Cycles - Part 7 - Neptune with Sedna and Pluto

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

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Some Neptune Cycles:

- Neptune and Sedna 1861

- Neptune and Pluto 1892

Neptune is the “ruler” of our age and all liquids – he’s about our core beliefs and “spirituality” as the fabric from where we imagine and dream but also the emotional veils / walls we put around ourselves and need to be transcendent / gain clarity…

Sedna is about the re-emergence of the feminine principle (which includes the limitless possibilities) or anything that was suppressed and feel “betrayed” of….

Neptune (167-8 years-orbit) and Sedna (11’400 years-orbit)

25. March 1861 at 6°2’22 sid. Pisces over Deneb Kaitos of Cetus in square with Varuna at 4° Sag and loosely with Orcus at the GC – Mars opposing over Orion and at the bull’s horns. Venus, Eris and Juno at 11°59’, 14°6’ and 14°13’ sid. Aquarius conjoining stars Situla and Ekkhysis of Aquarius – Makemake at 18° - both, Makemake and Eris very south of the ecliptic – Saturn in opposition of all this in middle of sid. Leo (14°3’48”). Pluto and Pallas very south of the ecliptic…

Neptune represents all waters/liquids, spirituality and seeing clear (through the sea of emotions). Sedna represents the “exiled re-emerging feminine” or generally the limitless possibilities… They sound like harmonious together….

Again – the “galactic” and evolutionary path is emphasized on from various perspectives. To transcend our own emotional being, our spirituality and let the feminine powers be integrated, we need to work on our subconscious fears and traumas – to free and liberate us from the bonds we have put around ourselves. We need to bring the subconscious, the hidden up into the conscious realms, to see the truth and to work with the “revelations” we make in order to progress, to go on and build in the flow of the universe… taking physical action to build an “environment” and structures which support freedom of mind and choice, equality and individuality….

We have built such a net of beauty but want to same time “conserve” it, keep it and with this, we fence ourselves in and close the door to maybe even more beauty…. It’s always a risk, just like Investors take a risk, just like crossing the street can be a risk etc…. we can’t secure everything and still be free….

They will meet again in May 2065 at 3 degrees Gemini which is close to the “Anti-GEN” point and our Solstice axis…

History 1860’s:

  • American Civil war 1861-1865 as first “industrial war”

  • Forming of Austrian-Hungarian Empire in 1867

  • England engaged in New Zealand and “confiscating” the land in 1863

  • First underground railway in London opened 1863

  • James C. Maxwell publishes equations that show the relationship between electricity and magnetism = light is a form of electromagnetic radiation

  • Joseph Lister develops antiseptics / Alfred Nobel invents dynamite / Gregor Mendel formulates his “law of inheritance” = genetics (funny enough in 1983 Barbara Mc Clintock got the Nobel price for her work and proof about “genetic elements” that jumps around and alters nearby gens about which she was laughed at in the beginning)

  • London Fire Brigade was established

  • Florence Nightingale founds school for nurses

In these last months of 2021 we’re within the last 66° of this cycle. We’re still in a part of the cycle where we “maintain” and improve. So it’s a lot about realizing, discerning and so forth…. It’s with the 300° (last 60) that we will start to “wrap up”, releasing strength and more kind of take the quintessence with more focus onto the future…

Geocentric Neptune will change into “official Pisces” on 21st of March 2023 short after the Equinox (Sun still very close the vernal point then) – Heliocentric shift will occur on 18th of April 2023. Yes, it’s not constellation change!!! Underneath the fish-head or middle of the Circlet is the constellation Sculptor and the tail of the Phoenix…. Again kind of a “quintessence”-rebuilding energy….

Neptune will reach the SGP and vernal point around the middle of 2025. They will be at the 300° or last 60° mark at the end of the year 2025…. November 2025 there will be the Chiron – Eris conjunction December 2025 is anyways pretty “packed” – there will be the Saturn – Neptune conjunction and the conjunctions of Ceres – Chiron – Eris…. Ceres will be very active as she’ll start anew with many also with Saturn and Neptune



Pluto is the Transformer / the Phoenix rising from the “deep and far” – like it’s “bigger in the inside than the outside” and once discovered can bring us very far as it’s empowering to know the own Self… he talks about taking that “hero’s journey” to discover the hidden realms within Self, to gain harmony, balance and “equality” (non-judgmental)…

Neptune and Pluto – cycles I did study a lot and researched the date of a time-frame of almost 29000 years…. I have a whole sub-page up on the website about it…. Here the link:

Neptune’s Aphelion and Perihelion axis of that time suggests, a similar task as Pluto’s but just the “other way around” – it’s like Neptune does bring clarity/transcendence of the equality, harmony (the deeper meaning of it) in order for Pluto to “re-birth” it and Neptune brings that foundation to the “Hero’s journey” of self-reflection in order for Pluto to see the path…

Neptune though works from the inner feeling, the structures and expresses through the “womb, our safe space or void” and Pluto works from the “ideals”, the “higher self” if you like and expresses this through the vibrational channels into the earthly realms as a “support” for Neptune’s action in the womb… sounds a bit strange

So, this is their Intention – Influence and path of action…

Saturn does in my opinion play a major role in this all too – he changed his nodal axis in 1851 into the same “sign axis” where his aphelion-perihelion axis lay… the Southnode in Sagittarius only about 4 degrees away from Pluto’s and therefore the Northnode in Gemini also near Pluto’s… they work together!!! Jupiter’s nodal axis is also in Sagittarius – Gemini but more around the middle of the sign… and you know what – Earth’s Aphelion is in Sagittarius and her Perihelion in Gemini!...

Neptune (164 years-orbit) and Pluto (248 years-orbit)

29. Jan 1892 in sidereal Taurus 14°31’22” - Pluto stationing, as often when they conjunct. I made a study about their cycles, they momentarily only meet in Taurus since 3800 BC and will continue so, until the year 4110 when they'll meet in Aries. Ixion's Southnode is at 16° Taurus (he's standing for the "lust for life"). Neptune (Clarity, Spirituality, core beliefs and knowing) stands close to the stars Aldebaran and Ain of Taurus and Pluto (Transformation, the deep and far) further South near Tabit of Orion (at the shield). These stars talk a lot about the planning and protecting phase of any project. We need an environment that is nourishing to what we want to achieve. This is true also for example for our body-cells, if the "environment" is in anyway disharmonic, then the replication will be as well and "dis- ease" can be the result. They will have their next conjunction in April 2385 at 11°49’17” sid. Taurus. We’re in the “Taurus age” when it comes to their conjunction phase – it started roughly 5’800 years ago and will last for another roughly 2100 years – the “shift” usually occurs with their opposition, leaving around 250 years for that shift to be “anchored” – they always are in opposition with Pluto in their “conjunction sign” and Neptune opposite… so it’s always Pluto in Taurus and Neptune in Scorpio…. Well, until they will shift into Aries – Libra…. History around 1892:

  • Thomas Edison receives patent for a “two way telegraph”

  • first collection of Arther Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Homes stories published in London’

  • Premier of the Nutcracker ballet to music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

  • Andrew Carnegie combines all his separate businesses into one big company

  • Cholera outbreak in Hamburg, Germany

  • Viruses first described by Russian-Ukranian Biologist Dimitri Ivanovsky

  • 50 year old turtle Timothy is brought to Powderham Castle where she stayed until her death in 2004

  • Rudolf Diesel discovers the “Diesel cycle” a thermodynamic cycle.

It was in this decade, that the bicycle became a widespread use for transport and also the first cars were developed. The first company to construct only automobiles was the French company Panhard et Levassor in 1891…. But same time many different Inventors did try various techniques for “flying machines” or “gliders” at first….

The Kinetoscope, an early “motion picture exhibition device” invented by Thomas Edison and developed by William Kennedy Dickson was first introduced to the public in 1893-94

In the last decade of the 19th Century radioactivity, x-rays, Argon, Helium, Neon, Krypton, and Xenon were discovered or proved…

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