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"switch channel" - Full Moon 19th of November 2021

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

“switch the channel if you don’t like the movie"....

The full Moon shows the “culmination” (fruit bearing) time of the Moon cycle – it means the theme is very obvious, most seen….

Here the link to the New-Moon post:

I had the “working title”: use the past as a fertilizer for the future…. As the new Moon is in a preparing phase for the December Solstice, we have to “empty” ourselves from the past in an emotional sense – not to forget as it holds wisdom – more like to let go of our attachments to it in order to make space for the future to come….

Also, with all the cycles that have started and about to start, we’re entering very important times “cycle-wise” – here the link to the post I made about middle of November to middle December:

This full Moon on 19th November 2021 at 15:57pm Thailand time and 8:57am Universal time

Earth and Moon at 1°56’24” Taurus with the Sun at the same degree Scorpio.

The lunar Southnode at 6°23’41” Scorpio and the Northnode same degree Taurus with geocentric Vesta only a few minutes from the lunar Southnode in Scorpio…

Heliocentric Earth/Moon stand in the last 150° to Haumea (mid wife energy) in early sid. Libra, constellation Virgo, which brings support for creative results (manifesting) – in 30° or roughly 1 month the gate for actual “birth” opens…. In the planetary themes of course and to be understood of what had started last time they met (annual conjunction for Earth)….