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"switch channel" - Full Moon 19th of November 2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

“switch the channel if you don’t like the movie"....

The full Moon shows the “culmination” (fruit bearing) time of the Moon cycle – it means the theme is very obvious, most seen….

I had the “working title”: use the past as a fertilizer for the future…. As the new Moon is in a preparing phase for the December Solstice, we have to “empty” ourselves from the past in an emotional sense – not to forget as it holds wisdom – more like to let go of our attachments to it in order to make space for the future to come….

Also, with all the cycles that have started and about to start, we’re entering very important times “cycle-wise” – here the link to the post I made about middle of November to middle December:

This full Moon on 19th November 2021 at 15:57pm Thailand time and 8:57am Universal time

Earth and Moon at 1°56’24” Taurus with the Sun at the same degree Scorpio.

The lunar Southnode at 6°23’41” Scorpio and the Northnode same degree Taurus with geocentric Vesta only a few minutes from the lunar Southnode in Scorpio…

Heliocentric Earth/Moon stand in the last 150° to Haumea (mid wife energy) in early sid. Libra, constellation Virgo, which brings support for creative results (manifesting) – in 30° or roughly 1 month the gate for actual “birth” opens…. In the planetary themes of course and to be understood of what had started last time they met (annual conjunction for Earth)….

Earth also stands in a first trine from Pluto, which does add “creativity” in a “building way” – transformation through creativity on the earthly realms – reflecting out or “creating” what one wants, use of the polarities and so on…. in a joyful way, a sensual way – to build and focus on values (not necessarily money, can be anything)….

There’s also Mercury separating from his conjunction with Mars under the Virgin’s legs near the star Khambalia of Virgo in sid. Libra…

We also see a nice “exact” Kite (Pyramid) configuration – Vesta at 8° Scorpio opposing Ceres at 8° Taurus with Hygiea 8° Virgo and Chariklo 8° Capricorn being in trines with Ceres and sextiles to Vesta…. It will be already active on 15th of November….

There’s also a Grandtrine between the Uranus in sid. Aries – Orcus in Leo and Juno in sid. Sagittarius, which will remain active throughout this lunar month but also will become another Pyrimid/ Kite towards the end of the month, when Juno is moving a little and will be in sextile to Nessus in Aquarius…

Very supportive energies for this Full Moon – in both charts – it’s really about the birth of a new “world” which starts within the mind of every Individual… Even so there are creative powers at play, we may still feel a little “doubtful” when it comes to “solutions” – we may be a little “back and forth” between the ideas already at hand/existing and the ideas slowly forming because we may not exactly know how to put them into action… The way it is to use “higher learning” gained in the past and focus on building strong inner foundations accordingly – the mind translates the heart, visions and whatever perceptions we have and what we think we put out there and within. As so often, it’s important to keep the thoughts focused towards what we want on personal, community, societal and humanity/global level in order to be strong, otherwise we’ll be in these “back and forth” kind of unpleasant energy… when we have a goal, an ideal we want to work for we need to focus on that and not on that which we don’t want – a very simple fact…

The new cycles that start all support this “transformation” – to see “mistakes” or “failures” and so on as part of life experience and put it into “library” and release the focus onto it, in order to be “free” for whatever else….

It’s like watching a movie we don’t like but instead of switching to one we like we blame the movie to be bad – kind of silly right – so “switch the movie”…..

Varuna is very strong in this heliocentric chart – he talks about “rhythm” in life – it can go from extreme highs to extreme deep or hardly feelable rhythms… as we’re in major shifts, the adjustments may feel a bit “extreme” but there’s also the assurance that it will go the other direction again too – nothing ever stays exactly the same….

During this full Moon we have “emphasis” on that movie – we see in full light what we actually “watch” or what we are in this whole scenario… The “rhythm” very obvious and this “knowing” about this mechanism can give the feeling of “hope and security” needed to let go/surrender and change focus with more health/hygiene of body and mind… this new focus will bring guidance and support from the surrounding in various forms – it only needs trust….

Neptune is standing “un-aspected” as Pallas has already separated and stands in early Pisces (heliocentric) and so Neptune’s energy is either very much available or not at all – another choice we make… are we open to trust our dreams, the “spiritual realms”, the “non-physical” etc.??

There are different type of people – some may be more like “builders” others “exposers”, fighters and so on and of course artists, healers to name just a few – some are also “allrounders” in some ways…. So, there are many different tasks that needs to be taken care of and as you will probably not call the IT guy when you have a broken toilet, we should also not put ourselves in a role that we don’t fit…. We have been working on these themes for quite some time already and the energies will slowly change and supporting the own choices – up to each of us, which way we go and manifest…..

27th to 29th of November 2021: Earth-Ceres conjunction and Venus-Uranus conjunction

27th of November:

The Earth-Ceres conjunction will take place at 9°48’10” sid. Taurus approaching the “bull’s head”– they will be still forming the earlier mentioned Pyramid/ Kite. Also Mercury is now approaching Vesta for conjunction and add that “mind-heart-collaboration” energy to the anyways strong “neurological” tasks at the Scorpion’s head… There’s now also a T-Square formed by Jupiter to the Earth/Moon – Sun, Vesta, Mercury axis – he stands at around 10°47’ sid. Aquarius passed star Ancha of Aquarius… the “fire Grandtrine” of Uranus now has become a Pyramid/Kite – it’s top is formed by Orcus in sid. Leo and opposed by Nessus in sid. Aquarius Uranus in Aries and Juno in Sagittarius are forming the “sides”….

This all also means that Vesta as well as Mercury are at solar conjunction during this time – Vesta for the following few days…. All Three are moving towards Al Niyat and Antares of Scorpio… with that “travel” again putting emphasis on communication between the heart and the mind/head also on the physical level as in between we have the throat chakra – communication, which is also a Mercury theme…. Communication of the very own truth – there’s not only 1 truth on an individual level – what is good for me isn’t necessarily good for someone else….

If we want abundance and a “nice flow”, we need to communicate that which is from our own truth – with everything else, we betray ourselves more than anybody else….

We can only fulfill our “life path/purpose” when we have a foundation based on the very own inner “flow” of communication and the “collaboration” of our very own bio-technology and our “multi dimensionality” in the sense of all our parts of being, which clearly includes the non- physical realms, the emotional realms but also our experiences/library and our “heart and soul”….

Easy said – we can’t live our own path, if we try to live “somebody else’s life”… we’re not a copy but an original 😉

29th of November: Venus will meet with Uranus at 17°44’51” sid. Aries. The mentioned T-square of the 27th is still active whereas the “Vesta”-Pyramid/Kite is slowly dissolving as Vesta is moving fast but the Grandtrine remains… the Grandtrine between the Venus-Uranus conjunction – Orcus in Leo and Juno in sid. Sagittarius…

So – we do have the chance to really “liberate” our hearts (heal the heart chakra open) and to act accordingly in the world….

Hygiea is in approaching conjunction with Makemake in sid. Virgo – Makemake north in the constellation Coma… this conjunction will be exact less than 24 hours after the next new Moon.

On 29th of November the Two are in Trine with the separating conjunction of Earth with Ceres. Earth moves on but the Trine with Ceres will remain also during their exact conjunction…. This trine is very harmonious – supporting and creative….

How does this all play out??? Well – as we’re All different, we’re also differently affected and take different approach to the theme at hand!!!

The Vesta/Mercury/Sun theme will hit people born between ca. April 1971 and March 1973 by transiting over their natal Neptune – and opposing natal Varuna over which Earth is “travelling” - so the spiritual, core beliefs and so on in “focus” and part of the very own foundation as well as the “rhythm of life” themes…. Of course everyone born with natal Neptune in sid. Scorpio (heliocentric and “true” sidereal zodiac) are feeling this soon or have been feeling it already but not with those conjunctions and Pyramid/Kite…

On 24th of December 1982 there was a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in early sid. Libra, constellation of Virgo and they will or are for a while feeling the Haumea energy (mid wife) and therefore need to try to transform the thoughts about Saturn being limits and instead “widen” their own systems/ structures…. And same time Uranus was at the head of Scorpio, so also affected by that Vesta theme but on the “liberation/rebellion” theme….

Whereas people born in the 1930’s will feel their “Uranus return” to natal position and may feel as being in the “same” again…

If you would like to know more about your personal chart and how or “where” the cycles and transits affect your natal chart please contact me via the website or directly email me at

Much Love to you All,


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