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Value the own resources - Heliocentric Astrology

Updated: Jan 22

8th to 10th of October 2022 (and ongoing)

During these few days (exact day and time depends time-zones) we’ll see a Juno – Neptune conjunction in sidereal Aquarius under the fish-head of Pisces and almost 24 hours later the full Moon in sidereal Pisces.

As these two “events” are so close, there are only slight changes from one to the other, yet might be “significant” as Mercury is making the differences...

Juno – Neptune conjunction at 28°50’31” sid. Aquarius/ Pisces’ circlet

They meet on 9th of October at 4:16 Thailand time - 8th of October at 21:16 Universal time

It’s a close conjunction also in latitude and declination (not in distance of course 😉 but through quantum physics we know now, that this is irrelevant)

Their last conjunction was on 27th of April 2018 at 19° sid. Aquarius around where Vesta and Nessus stand now (probably no “coincidence neither”, lol).

Their next conjunction will be on 22nd of March 2027 at 8°41’ sid. Pisces, so around where Jupiter stands now…

Heliocentric sidereal Astrology chart about the Juno - Neptune conjunction 2022

The Players:

Juno is about one to one relationships (including the one with self), what we value and look for in our relationships. Juno is also about equality and acceptance and inner “balance”/harmony. She’s a “transmitter”/bridge between our outwards actions and our beliefs, higher ideals etc.

Neptune is the ruler of water, water can change and become ice or also mist/fog and blur our vision. He wants us to transcend anything that is in between our “core”, our fundament in order to know ourselves. Spirituality, esoteric, mysticism, dreams and illusions etc. are the traditional key words, as well as “escapism”. Neptune can also be thought of as a bridge and gate between the inner and outer realms and in this sense, he works closely together with Pluto – we need to gain “clarity” (especially of Self).

The last cycle “meeting point” took place in an area that talks about “letting go”, surrender, rising with a vision, to outgrow ourselves or to “grow beyond”… so, now we go to the next “step”….

The Two will meet under the Circlet (head of the westward swimming fish of Pisces) in late sign of Aquarius, where also Pallas’ and Juno’s Southnodes are located. In the north we see Markab and Helvetios of Pegasus, and even further north Lacerta (the lizard). In the South we see stars of the constellations Sculptor, Phoenix, Eridanus, Horologium and Reticulum.

This longitude of the heavens talks about the integration and connections of the physical and the spiritual realms. Our body is our vessel/temple and we have the responsibility for it and we work together with it – our genetics, our DNA structure, neurological “set up” like the “net of synapses” etc. – all important and it’s on us, to create an environment for our bio-technology to work smoothly for us and in alignment with what we want to reach. When we connect spirit, soul and the physical, we can do things, most would have thought impossible – that includes physical activities as well as the spiritual, “esoteric”, para-psychological etc. We need to trust, feel and know that we’re able, to do “anything” if we “bundle” our powers together….

Interesting to note here is, that they really meet on Pallas’ Southnode (path of action) and Pallas herself standing close to the “origin” of the Eridanus river under Orion’s shield. Furthermore, Juno also just passed her own Southnode, so just an “own new cycle” within her interaction with the ecliptic and therefore the Earth and us… Not exact for our conjunction but as there’s so much going on in this region important to mention I think - Uranus Aphelion (like home, getting momentum, refreshing, intention etc.) is at 22° sid. Aquarius…

Another very interesting observation is, that no “big” aspects are formed by the Juno – Neptune conjunction, yet there are “hidden jewels” – it’s a 20° angle with Chiron (only 25 seconds from exact) in Pisces – and an approaching 30° angle with Saturn in late Capricorn (will be exact on 30th of October – more about that in a later post).

We have Chiron involved – the Centaur of “loops” and in mythology could only “heal”/ escape the loop, by surrendering, sacrificing the wound/problem and with that creating a different focus…

For Juno it’s a last 20° - therefore the theme of “letting go” of the old and “dreaming” of the new. For Neptune it’s the first 20° aspect in the cycle – a building, concentrating on the new while still perceiving the old… perfect right 😉 … also – a 20 division of 360 results in an 18 pointed star, which includes Tesla’s famous 3-6-9 – how many times were we already at these 20 degrees? How many times have we already either decided to stay in the old or to courageously going for the new? … who knows, it’s all spiraling and therefore we may have been here x-times and evolving each time a little further.

As the meeting area of Juno and Neptune in late sid. Aquarius also talks about the neurological system, the synapses or the “networks” we create generally, we may see in that 20° angle or better said 18 pointed star, the chance to create the possible further opening of the 3rd eye (in whatever way that applies to one personally – it doesn’t show to everyone the same way!!) – yet, a relationship between the non-physical and physical needs to be established and trusted into.

As there’s Saturn involved as well, we’re also talking about structures or “ordering” of things – we may start to truly let go of the “old” and give space for the new to develop – just like we let a tree grow, if we “overly care” for it, it may not have the space to grow… this also means, that we sometimes try to “control” so much, that things can’t “unfold” – so we may just “relax”, follow the guidance and “let happen”…

This theme is further confirmed through Mars approaching Uranus for conjunction in sid. Aries over the head of Cetus and their 144° connection (5 pointed star) to Venus and Makemake in sid. Virgo.

Full Moon at 21°13’46” sidereal Pisces

Thailand time on 10th of October at 3:55 am – Universal time 9th of October 20:55 pm

The Moon is conjunct the Earth and opposing the Sun, as always during a full Moon – therefore the Sun at same degrees sid. Virgo.

Moon and Earth are conjoining Chiron and the Three in trine (120°) aspect with Hygiea in sid. Scorpio.

Those of you, who take part in the course, may understand that the full Moon time means, that the Sun is illuminating the side of the Moon facing Earth – so we see “our state”, become aware or conscious about it…

As Earth and Moon are conjoining Chiron – the Sun is opposing this “looping” Centaur and “illuminating” Chiron as the Moon as well…

The Sun’s light can be blinding, so we may need to close our eyes and “feel” the light, the information that flows into us, also via the Moon at night and the Earth continuously – we can feel it through the skin, smells, inner knowing, visions etc. … (again, depending our very own pathways)

As soon as we get emotional about something though – we should be aware that something is set into motion… Emotions are a tool, the inner cell phone that connects in both directions… Practical tool really 😉, not always easy to handle though … just remember – there’s no “championship” involved or anything – we’re all growing with the task 😉

Mercury at one of the Solstice points in sid. Gemini (4°59’59”) during the above discussed conjunction and at 11°10’19” during the full Moon. In both charts part of a T-square – during the conjunction in opposition with Ixion (Centaur – lust for life) and during the full Moon in opposition with Pholus (Centaur – “visual perceptions”) and the squares are formed in both charts by Jupiter in sid. Pisces.

Venus just separating from her conjunction with Makemake in sid. Virgo – now the Two together with the movement of Mercury, are in an obvious way making the T-Square from above into a Grand Square during the full Moon… I see in this Venus transiting under Makemake (governance of resources) giving value and appreciation to the very own “resources” (like the gifts and talents – also our own guiding system). Venus at the star Porima of Virgo and Makemake at Diadem of Coma (in the southern heaven we would see the Antennae Galaxy of Corvus) – this longitude does again talk about resources through the crown, the soul, guidance perceived in various channels of our being…

Mercury and Ixion and Pholus – Gemini and Sagittarius axis – Mercury as the communicator, the messenger between realms, Ixion the grandfather of most Centaurus who became at one point prey to his own lust and ended up as a tyrant, Pholus also a Centaur wise teacher and guardian with inner/outer sight perceptions – all of that near the galactic equator on both directions (our Solstice axis, celestial pole axis then half way to aphelion-perihelion axis), the feet of the Twins (Gemini) and the bow of Sagittarius… can we make the “higher learning” our foundation to built a communication system within that brings “heaven to earth”, that speaks of truths about self that is according the galactic rhythm and law – yet, we also need to practice wisdom of what and how we share or “take on” – fear and love are both creative forces…

We may also talk here about the development of telepathic pathways as a way of communication - or things like "channeling" etc. - be aware, that writing a journal and getting answers presented through it (I often dream about the solutions after writing questions) just as an example or "automatic writing" are all variations of those abilities.

Now Jupiter – an important role he plays in these charts – he stands right between Neptune and Chiron with about 10° on either side – ending the cycle with Chiron and just started the one with Neptune… When I wrote about Jupiter and Neptune, I called it when “belief meets possibility”… Belief is a very important power as it makes us either stay in “loops”, recreating whatever (like repetitive behavior) or it can bring totally new things that a hundred years or even 2 years ago would have been considered impossible… Just because “they” say its not possible because it has been always like that, we should not become doubtful, yet if we do (easy to happen at times) we can, if we realize it, give ourselves another direction, change the way of thinking, getting inner guidance and evaluating our “resources”, the possibilities etc. and use our ability to “sense the outcome” or eventual/possible “effect”…

Never forget - we can always "laugh the devil (doubts) into the face"

Maybe that "laughing" will be needed quite often - there are 2 Grand-Crosses-Squares or as some say "mythical square" which can bring some discomfort that asks for action, yet, it does hold great chances as well... I'm absolutely convinced that if we try our very best to stand in our own truths and willingness to work with our own system, then it goes all smoothly (doesn't mean without "activity")...

The Universal laws are in play and we can either try to use them or resist them and we can play around with both to see how the effects are to become more aware of it all… yet, if we have done that already, we can try to integrate the learning more into our daily lives…

Whatever we do – it’s ok – it’s all a process and usually we ourselves the “biggest judge” 😉

Much Love to you All,


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Credit/References: all charts are created using the free software by - choose "extended chart selections".... sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar planer (website no longer available directly but in internet archives)

Dane Rudhyar - many publications and books.... available through "Rudhyar Archival Project"... by Astrology University..... by Michael Meyer on

My own researches, inspirations, intuition, experiences and dreams…


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