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Fountain of wisdom - Equinox 09.2022

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Jupiter – Saturn 40° and the Equinox

19th to 23rd of September 2022 - themes we work on for a while....

Jupiter and Saturn

did meet in 2020 – heliocentric it was on 3rd of November and geocentric on 22nd of December – at heliocentric 6°32’36” sid. Capricorn under the stars Altair of Aquila, Sham of Sagitta, and the head of Cygnus the Swan and above Indus.

In short, it’s about the re- structuring or re-inventing of the Self and the world around us in a way that keeps a global vision but is lived locally with the integration of the visions we may have, to bring/give them “life” through living from these higher ideals and vibrations yet also to “observe” what leads where - a bit like practicing the own abilities, tools and their “impact”…

Now Saturn has moved to 27°41’59” sid Capricorn and Jupiter passed the March Equinox point and stands at 7°41’59” sid. Pisces.

This 40° aspect is called a “novile” and means the “space” from one pointer to the next of a nine-pointed star – or 3 intersecting Grand trines.

Nobody of us stood still in these last years. We all had to react to the happenings, nobody was not affected in one way or another. The “gestation period” of this new birth or re-invention or re-structuring started with a lot of pain but also opportunities.

Since we started this bit of the whole “paradigm shift”, both Jupiter and Saturn had meetings with others and did change the energies or “perception” within the theme the Two stand for.



One of the most significant/prominent conjunctions was probably the one of Jupiter with Neptune on 6th of June 2022 during which Saturn was almost 36° “behind”/away (a ten-pointed star – 2 pentagram). For Jupiter this means, he added the realm of transcending the current perception of possibility to his “path” of belief, growth and expansion of Saturn’s structures and maturity theme.

After this he was seen by Mars on 25th of July who may have said “yeah, you can do that, just go for it”. Jupiter went on and travelled over the Vernal point and South Galactic Pole around the middle of August. Now that really adds a lot right – the galactic perspective – wow, yeah, maybe, maybe I can, maybe we can …. The light becomes brighter and the day lighter when we suddenly belief that we have a choice – always – now which way shall it go and how??

A question we all answer for ourselves… and as he stands just over the tail of Cetus and under the square of Pegasus the questions arising may lead to an “awakening”, a “freeing” or emerging of some sort from the inside out.

Saturn though was also “visited” by some bodies – in late May we had the Mars, Juno and Saturn triple conjunction going on just after Venus had passed and conjunct each of them and on the same day as Mars was with Jupiter, Saturn was visited by Vesta – the Vesta – Saturn conjunction seems to me very significant as I perceive it as “which authority do we devote ourselves to” and with that which inspirations we may perceive … You see, a lot of “entanglement” here – a lot of help to make the little steps that together make the bigger one.

Equinox 23rd of September 2022

Universal time 1am – Thailand 8am – US on 22nd of September

The Earth at 4°41’0” sidereal Pisces (only a good 3° away to meet Jupiter) and Mercury only 1° away from Earth – The Sun at 4°41’0” sid. Virgo.

Sidereal heliocentric Astrology chart about the Equinox September 2022
sidereal heliocentric Astrology - Equinox 09.2022

Mercury is about to start a new cycle with Earth in the heliocentric view and in the geocentric view a new cycle with the Sun… interesting isn’t it 😉 …

Mercury is about communication, exchange, electricity, knowledge and wisdom to name some key words…

Mercury does therefore himself make an axis from this perspective – “this side or that side”? – well, I guess it adds to that “Jupiter’s choice” theme.