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Fountain of wisdom - September Equinox

Updated: Jan 25

23rd of September 2023 - Universal time 6:47am

Heliocentric sidereal Astrology - the "observer view" - connecting to galactic and universal guidance...

September-Equinoxes to me can appear as a fountain of wisdom - we're all on the Earth and under the same sky, even we may it all see a little different from our space in time....

sections of the post:

- Equinoxes in general (start)

- jump to the chart and details (some details only for paid subscribers)

- jump to the aspects (only for paid subscribers)

(note - this is an updated post from the year 2022 - that part is still there, if you're curious about the "retrospective", just scroll past my links and the credits)

Equinoxes in general

Equinoxes in general mean that it’s the two times of the year, when we see from Earth, the Sun to be in exact alignment with the celestial equator….

During the September Equinox it’s the time of the year, when the Earth/Moon system stands over the South Galactic Pole (SGP)… Currently the Earth (as well as the Sun in geocentric view) are twice a year aligning with the Galactic Pole axis….

The SGP though, lies quite a bit south of the ecliptic in the constellation Sculptor.

Whereas on the other side (the Sun’s position “on” the ecliptic in earlier sidereal Virgo during the September equinox) the North Galactic pole a bit north of the ecliptic in the constellation Coma Berenices.

The position of the equinox does change with the precession of the equinoxes – roughly 1 degree on the ecliptic in 70 – 75 years (it’s not as linear as one thinks)….

More about Earth in Astrology and her natural cycles on my Earth-page.


This chart, has this possible "completion" feel to it - that radiant shining and sharing, that produces gravity and with that a "protective cocoon" around a sacred or initiating kind of space.... It's like a promise here - very empowering....

The nature works pretty incredible – always “falling back” into some kind of “stability, equilibrium” or the last “basis” (lesson learned or “process part” established)… one system or creature supporting the other and we’re not different than that also “within ourselves” (if we think as ourselves as a whole “universe” / natural system of our own – as one containing many while same time being a little part of the whole)….

Yet, on the other side there’s always the going further, growing, challenge and activity and so on and that’s supporting that equilibrium, that “perpetuum mobile” in some way….

Usually the “falling back / repeating” is seen as something “negative”, something to avoid, a failure of some sort …. Yet, it can hold loads of possibility – either we do exactly as we had planned before or we suddenly see something else, that can be of “additional value” which would otherwise not been “incorporated”…. we can also look at it as an "introspection" of some sort and when long term cycles are involved we do that also collectively and sometimes over several generations....

There's no rainbow without rain - and so many or even most people are learning best from challenges, it kind of pushes us into an "active state" (Mars)... - in best case mature, integer responses.... there are though also many who learn through connection, tap into wisdom and insights and acting on them, and therefore in a collaboration.... well, and yet others do both (I guess the majority) and from my personal experience I can say, the more we're willing to "listen" the "smoother" the challenges become to be perceived and handled....

The relativity, irrational, ongoing and un-linear as well as time and timing are themes too:

- In dreams we can have experiences that span a day or more but in “earthly time / clocks” it was only seconds or minutes that have passed

- emotional aspects of time are like if we do something we "like" or not; the "feel" of time changes drastically....

- our personal age plays into too as like kids feel Christmas is a "half eternity" away, whereas we may feel the last one was just last month…

Timing is about a "schedule" or timeline etc. - in order to do anything, we need to know where we are in time and space...

Through our minds (Mercury) we're often transported to the past and our body systems do "conform" and give us a "copy" of our emotional biology from the time/memory we travel to... the body similarly responds based on past emotional responses when we "travel" to the future...

The mind is a wonderful part of us and can be worked and opened as the heart can.

If we neglect or refuse one or another part of ourselves, we often get painfully "reminded" of it - yet with the "seeing through ability" of the now / present and presence, we can go beyond that pain, seeing its purpose and in some cases, the pain leaves or is perceived differently... - just keep the "timing and time-principles" in mind - things happen as we're "ready for"... THAT applies to every "wish-fulfillment" too....

Yes, we like to dwell in those "problems and pains" - yet, when we focus onto that which we want as an outcome, the feeling of it, and so on, we create a different type of "attraction" and path...

I had a dream last night, it was about "shapeshifting" - the challenge with any change is, we have to "let go" first (giving, sacrifice etc.), just as we take off the clothes first before we change to another outfit.

So, if you "lose" something be aware it might be the process needed for something to enter your life or to complete a "cycle" of whatever....

I think because we're aware of all these aspects of self, the triggers and some principles at work, we may same time understand others better - we may understand that everyone is under the same sky and may just deal with stuff too... - so, we know, we can react with some compassion/understanding for that and won't need to be "triggered" ourselves.... and yes, we can and should still maintain our values and "boundaries" - lol, yet sometimes it's just the "tone that makes the music" as well as the "timing"....

If you like reading my posts - you can...

The Chart with some details….

The Earth represents our home, our roots, embodiment, anchoring and grounding etc. – the Moon is orbiting the Earth and is therefore bonded to Earth and represents the emotions (can also mean egoic expressions) as well as intuition…

It starts this year – Neptune is loosely conjunct the Earth/Moon system during the Equinox, which also means, Neptune is slowly approaching the longitude of the South Galactic Pole….

Heliocentric sidereal Astrology chart about the Equinox 09 2023

Earth, Moon and Neptune circled in red and blue in the chart below. Earth stands at 4°40’7” and Neptune at 0°57’37” sidereal Pisces. The South Galactic Pole is coming into ecliptical longitude at around 5° sidereal Pisces.

Further south of the ecliptic there are the constellations Phoenix, Eridanus, Horologium and Reticulum.

North of the ecliptic there are the constellations Pisces (the Circlet), the square of Pegasus and Lacerta and of course Draco. There are quite some aspects going on – pretty interesting how things “flow into each other” 😉

**** Neptune-Pluto cycle side note

Earth stands in a first 135° angle from Ceres at the star Zubenelakrab of Libra (red line), in first sextile from Pluto and last trine to Juno (the 2 “fat” blue lines), they’re also in a quincunx (150°) from Mars/Haumea.

Pluto got a special “stand” or “string holding position” again or still – from a Grand Trine lasting quite several weeks to now a different type of triangle (orange lines and circles) and same time Mars (as he links to the energies of this type of aspects in that triangle) forming a T in the T-square with Pluto and Juno (yellow lines and circles).

Venus conjoins Eris at the last degree of sidereal Pisces (green) and they stand in opposition by/to Mars….

If we allow "bigger orbs", then we can connect all of these lines (orange, yellow, green) then we get a kind of "special pyramid" of which Pluto sits on the apex... special choreography...

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