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Fairytale and sci-fi - new Moon 09.2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

on 25th/26th of September, just 3 days after the Equinox.

Sun and Moon near the star Zaniah of Virgo with Earth and Jupiter opposite at 7°29’45” sidereal Pisces.

The lunar node axis at: north sid. Aries 18°37’47” and south sid. Libra same degrees.

Since the Equinox, heliocentric Mercury has moved on to meet with Chiron and Earth to be even closer with Jupiter…

The new Moon is confirming the “fountain of wisdom” talked about in the Equinox post – here the link, in case you missed it:

Heliocentric astrology chart about the new Moon 09.2022

This enhanced energy and flow in both directions is kind of renewed, promising and of also harvesting energy of some kind.

There’s a saying like “ask anything if you don’t fear the answer” – or in other words, sometimes the answer is maybe not what we would have liked to hear…

Every experience we have, as beautiful, joyful, happy or sad, tragic etc. we may feel about – it always contains information and out of these experiences we gain wisdom if we’re able to look beyond the emotions or to put ourselves “to the other side”. To be not only subjective but to try to use objective view-points in order to gain understanding.

Mercury with Chiron may bring us the tendency to go in “loops” within our thoughts, yet when we use the wisdom gained from experiences, we will know that this is not constructive and might be able to apply whatever techniques we have personally developed to transcend such situations to give space for solutions to come up.

It might also bring realizations of how to apply the wisdom gained, into our daily lives and the various forms of communication we might use.

Yes, – Pallas our “problem solver” is active too – she’s in a Grand Trine with Makemake near Diadem of Coma (north of Virgo) representing the governance of resources and Chariklo near the star Bos of Capricorn representing discernment of potential and the own sacred space. (Pallas: )

Pallas still in Eridanus (Taurus part) is in first trine from Chariklo and last to Makemake, whereas Chariklo is in first trine from Makemake.

The Grand Trine represents very stable energy, natural flow but also some kind of “laziness” or inertia and is kind of “self-fulfilling”… it’s like the “mindset” of the above mentioned themes…

We might be able to just suddenly perceive ideas for solutions of problems we might have been pondering on for a while, yet discernment might be needed as well as of what the solution is based on (a fast fix, sustainable, postponing, etc.).

The resources are plentiful – it’s all there in all its vastness – we can choose.

Like going to a mall, you have some money in the pocket you know you don’t need for anything else – what do you buy – first thing you see?? Lol, probably not, so you have seen the choice, you’re discerning potential/usefulness etc. … same we can do in any situation, do we react or respond to a challenge and how cohesive does it feel like.

We may see patterns unfolding on the global scale and there I think it’s important to try to discern our reactions of being “helpful” or not because each of us does have that power to decide if we “buy into this or that or another energy”. Whatever we say “yes” to, there we are and “yes” also means, where we put attention, focus, and action towards.

Outwards action does play a big role here because Chariklo (discernment at “coherence star”) is not only in that GT but also a T-Square formed by her opposition with Varuna in Cancer and Mars forming the squares in early constellation Aries near Eris’ northnode.

Eris is pretty extreme – we’re all used to crises happening, natural disasters and stuff – so, how would you react or respond when suddenly a fleet of UFO would land near you, or it would rain some gold instead of water (little tiny drops, lol, nobody wants to get hurt right) or maybe some angels descending or you hear your tree talking or all of your fears or ills are suddenly wiped away or maybe soldiers suddenly decide to help rebuilding something or … what jumps to your mind??

Yeah – it’s truly a problem – we usually expect the worst to happen and create all kinds of actions “just in case” and when many people do just that, the space for it to happen is created…

It doesn’t mean we have to put the head in the sand, yet, are we prepared to jump “high and over”? Are we prepared for really great things to happen that now may sound like out of a fairytale or sci-fi movie??

We always have the choice to think and act towards that which holds potential for growth and evolution, we only need to make a step towards it and the “fountain of wisdom” may start to pore some ideas out.

I wish you All a wonderful time and sending much Love,


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