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The year 2023 - planetary cycles sidereal Astrology

we're empowered by the Universe on our evolutionary paths.

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The first few months of 2023 will again feature some very important conjunctions as a "continuation" of what we have been starting in 2022. 
In planetary cycle sidereal Astrology, not only the conjunctions are important but all the angles or "cycle parts" are of importance as they do speak of the evolution within a cycle and what steps or themes we're facing within a cycle in order to fulfill the task. 


The 2023 planetary cycles 

4. January          Earth at Perihelion and Venus - Vesta - Jupiter
                              - Chiron in sidereal Pisces and Mercury - Mars

7. January          Juno - Eris in very late Pisces

31. January        Jupiter - Chiron with Vesta in sid. Pisces

8. February        Vesta - Chiron with Jupiter in sid. Pisces

12. February       Vesta - Jupiter with Chiron in sid. Pisces

26. February       Pallas - Varuna in sid. Cancer

4. March             330 degrees of the Jupiter - Uranus cycle

10. March           Juno - Uranus sid. Aries

12. March           first 30 degrees of the Saturn - Pluto cycle

17. March           Vesta - Eris at 29 degrees sid. Pisces 

21. March           March Equinox at 4 degrees 40 minutes 33 seconds Pisces                       followed by new Moon 20 hours later

8. April                Juno - Sedna in early sid. Taurus 

18. April             Neptune changes into the sign of sid. Pisces 

24. April             Ceres - Makemake in sid. Virgo 

4. May                 Hygiea - Pluto in sid. Capricorn 

13. May               Jupiter - Eris at 29 degrees sid. Pisces

1. - 28. June       triple conjunctions Mars - Pallas - Orcus in sid. Leo

9. June              Vesta - Uranus in sid. Aries

16. July                Mercury - Mars cuspal Virgo opposing Neptune 

21. July                 Ceres - Haumea in sid. Libra (constellation Virgo) 
                              in opposition with Jupiter in sid. Aries

31. July                 Venus - Pluto in sid. Capricorn 

13. August            Mars - Makemake in sid. Virgo 
                                Vesta - Sedna in sid. Taurus

19. August            Jupiter in Aries - Saturn in Aquarius
                               60 degrees 

4. September       Mercury - Saturn in sid. Aquarius
                                Venus - Neptune in sid. Pisces

6. October             Pallas - Makemake in sid. Virgo

11. October            Juno - Varuna in sid. Cancer

26. October           Mercury and Mars near their Southnodes

November             Earth with Uranus opposing Sun, Mars
                                and Ceres... - new and full Moon - interesting.

25. November       Hygiea - Saturn in sid. Aquarius


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