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Self-initiation - Full Moon

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

11th/12th of August 2022

Thailand 12th August at 8:35am – Universal time 12th at 1:35am – US on the 11th of August

The full Moon marks the time of the month, that we see in both the heliocentric and the geocentric chart the Moon at the same “spot” …

Earth and Moon stand in sidereal Capricorn conjoining Saturn and the Sun opposite in sid. Cancer, moving under the lion’s head.

The Earth-Moon conjunction stand in last square to Uranus and Saturn in a first square by Pallas.

Furthermore, we can see a nice “mystic rectangle” developed out of the Grand-Trines we were dealing with over the last weeks and have dissolved by now… A “mystic rectangle” or “envelope” aspect choreography speaks of initiation and unfoldment – it is linked to the most inner geometry of an icosahedron (plutonic solid = water = 20 “faces” and got 12 vertices and 30 edges) in which we could see 3 “golden rectangles” (meaning rectangles in phi-ratio).

A new way of structuring “self-expression”

With the new Moon we had the theme of “breading” out, transformation and the action towards the goal... planning, practicing and so on in the sense of “active breading”…

Now this full Moon wants us to bring that, which we have been pregnant with to the outside, to be shared, to be taught, to be grounded or anchored in as a foundation from where we create, live, expose etc.

You know by now, that also the new Moon roughly a half year before that is part of the cycle… That February new Moon did take place also on the Capricorn-Cancer axis and that very close to Neptune’s nodal axis… not astonishing that we had Neptune quite involved in these last degrees before this “full Moon” (when thinking of an “annual lunar cycle”).

heliocentric constellation astrology chart

Everything that we have seen “emerging” into consciousness over these good 6 months, we can begin to put into “perspective”, form the puzzle and mature from it and same time start to improve, refine while sharing (learning by doing style) – we may get “instant answers” (may that now be in the “nice or not so nice way”).

While we had all this harmony, the expression of ideas and ideals/dreams of creativity and their manifestation, now is a time to bring this all together as a “new” form of consciousness and play around with it… remember, we’re in this sense never going back only forward… and we just had those conjunctions right – all those aspects, conjunctions, choreographies talk about how to “pull heaven to earth” … yes, of course – “step by step” 😉 … yet, the more we “align” ourselves in this way, the more it “becomes” … kind of like a “self-initiation” ….

The Sun is expressing under the lions head a kind of more outgoing energy again – it’s like the teenager that wants to leave home (at least sometimes) to find the own way, equipped with all the nourishment, the stability and safety anchored within (remember, “home is where the heart is”).

To strengthen that “home-heart” the Ceres and Varuna placement at the star Decapoda does suggest breathing techniques – any kind of practice that involves that – yet, the Chariklo placement right opposite speaks of “discernment and potential”, so we need to be wise of how and especially where we practice it - we breath the energies/vibes of the environment into us… Yet, this practice is for the strengthening of self in the sense of “self-recognition/awareness”. It’s an axis on which we’re programming ourselves.

Our genetics/DNA functions via the “environment” – there’s some kind of signaling taking place via certain proteins in our body with various functions – one type is mainly to discern between “self and not self” .. important for example any kind of organ transplants and similar …

Whereas on the earlier part of sidereal Cancer-Capricorn axis we’re more about this “Self”, figuring out, sliding between the realms, making the heart the home, experimenting, practicing etc. – in the later parts of the axis we start to share that first carefully and add to the whole more and more pieces until we gain a more complete view and may add to the records and are able to face our records… may that now be on a more physical level or on a non-physical level… the principles are actually the same… In the last degree, we also find the nodal axis of Sedna (re-emerging of the exiled) and around the 17° Neptune’s nodal axis and same degrees Venus’ aphelion – perihelion axis… so here we also talk about values and the “non-physical”, the fundamental, the primordial essences yet, also dreams… at around 14° we find Pallas’ aphelion – perihelion axis (creative solutions, future oriented, fair, strategic) ….

So we went through all this stuff, like temptations, value and potential discernment etc. – it did look different for each of us, I’m sure but yet in one way or another we were all affected by it and may by now come to some conclusions and have developed an idea or strategy of how to go on…. that’s a new “home”, foundation we’re grounding in – including the decision of what authority we follow…