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Lego-play and the current Astrology

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The Astrology from 17th to around 25th of January 2021

Jupiter 270° square Uranus 17th January 21 (Univ.Time) and 18th January 21 Thailand Time

- Uranus over the head of Cetus and under Aries and Andromeda.

- Jupiter close to the Star Bos of Capricorn still under the influence of the northern constellation of Sagitta and over Microscopium which lies south.

Mars conjunct Uranus 20th January 21 (Univ. Time) and 21st January 21 Thailand Time

- Happens as well over the head of Cetus, under Aries and Andromeda. Mars closer to the Stars of Aries though.

Neptune conjunct Ceres 22nd of January including “exact” T-square with the lunar nodal axis

- Neptune and Ceres “in Aquarius”, over Sculptor and under Pegasus.

- SN over Scorpio but “in and under” Ophiuchus

- NN in Taurus over the arm of Orion

- Near to form a grand Cross – Vesta in Leo, conjoining the Star Denebola but at 26° so, only “loosely” involved but still to be considered….

Interesting to note here is, that Neptune as well as the lunar Northnode are on the way to and already close to the “turning points” of the Neptune-Pluto cycle pattern and Uranus/Mars kind of in the “middle” point of that cycle.

Earth makes our synod with Varuna on 23rd/24th January 21

- They’re near the “central stars” of Cancer and under the stars of Lynx, the “mountain cat”, which moves “unseen” through the realms and that all in opposition with Saturn in Capricorn.

It’s about 11.20 am here (when I started typing, lol) – not exact but that’s how we usually would answer someone asking, similar it’s with astrological events. Yes, we look for the exact moment when alignments happen but the energies are around for longer… depending what bodies are involved, for hours and some slower moving even for days. Though, as the above “events” are active during the entire time – even Mars is in conjunction during this whole time.

Uranus and Mars – two powerful forces – liberation and willpower meet… the placement really needs that - (Andromeda was sacrificed by her parents to the sea monster, which stands symbolically for fear) – we need the willpower to liberate ourselves and with that our “collective consciousness (belief system)” from the fear-based system that we currently (for a long time already) are trapped in. Fear is an emotion that is based on lack and loss.

So, let’s take a look at the “emotional” points in this picture. The nodal axis – the intake and digestion of the emotions, their needs – physical, manifested self and it’s created believes to the self mastery by allowing the own inner truth to surface. Our beliefs help to manifest and the manifestations we created do create new beliefs – an ongoing process, hard to say where it starts and where it ends…. Sometimes we’re emotionally trapped in fear based cycles and don’t find the liberating “gate”. Fear of loss of security, money, health, friends, family and so on and that makes us feeling tired, powerless, little and so on. Such deep “hopeless” feeling can lead to extreme reactions of giving up, anger, search for something or someone to blame or even suicide.

Another “water-emotion” body is Neptune – he’s the ruler of the sea. He can either bring crystal clear vison or very cloudy sight. He's also about "spirituality", the connection with the "higher and deeper truth" of our being, not in a transformative way as Pluto but more in a realizing, knowing and wise way/meaning that leads to the feeling of "One-ness". Paired with Ceres – the mothering, nurturing dwarf planet and mother of the Asteroids. Yes, we do nurture ourselves, our beliefs, our being alive – not only on a physical level though. The Two are at an interesting place – like the “urn” where the water flows out to nurture Formalhaut and Pisces Austrinus, joining the delta of Eridanus… a place of nurturing, but again, not only ourselves but all life so to speak.

Opposing – other side of the axis – Vesta at the tail of Leo under the Leo Galaxy Cluster, just passed but still influencing is Mizar of Ursa Major. An area that stands for the overseeing, controlling systems and the diversity in them – most importantly though, this area talks about creative forces, a power that can be used in either way – constructive or destructive (sometimes both is needed though).

The place of expression in these times is Capricorn as the Sun travels through the sign and meeting up with each body in there, Capricorn brings “Saturnian” energy as it’s about structures and systems or lets say about manifestation – all the ideas, ideals and dreams, higher “views”, insights we bring from Sagittarius into Capricorn to put to the “test” of giving it form….

“Opposing” in Cancer Earth meets with the “creator god” Varuna. The energy in the “inner” part of the shell is very self nurturing, healing but also safety orientated. One feels safe at home, in their inner “nest” so to speak… if we translate that a little more, we find that Cancer represents our own inner sanctuary – where we feel safe enough to let go of our shields and just be what we are at that moment. Where we can cry, if we feel sad, where we can dance if we feel happy and so on. Both, physically as well as within our own “mind” - emotional but in a safe, nurturing, “mothering” way – just as Earth and the Moon and the more “self-mastery” we gain, the less we feel the extreme polarities of emotions – therefore manifest less of those polarities in our every day life.

The other day, after putting all the data together, I had these thoughts about Lego play “then and now”. Most of the time there is more already “fixed” created Lego sets to buy – you put them together and then “play” with them. When I was a child there were only a few different “plain” forms of Lego and you put them somehow together to make a form similar to what you wanted to create…. With those “fixed forms” we limit the creativity at first sight BUT watch the kids – after they get bored to play with the “fixed form” they take it apart, look at the single pieces and have ideas with how they could combine it anew to create something totally different – they will get pieces out of another “fixed set” to become even more possibility of creating new…. I think this describes our task very well – the “old” nor the “new” are only good or bad – just different and it can be put into new perspective and then “used” to transform into something new….

We’re in intense time for a while now and that’s hard for everyone – some can adapt easier than others but everyone got the ability. The only real requirement is to be willing. The willingness will bring the openness and from there it goes on and on….. Unfortunately, the “transition” from one manifestation to the other, as in the “Lego example” need a “de-construction” first, which may manifest in turmoil. The only “advise” I can give here is – don’t get too involved in this, don’t feel too upset or even angry – you can look at it as the necessary part of a “re-construction” …. It’s always painful, when we have to let go of something, we were used to but if it’s no longer useful, we let it go or “transform” it…

All of these statements work the same in every “dimension” (physical, emotionally, evolutionary) – transformation always includes to let go of something else….

Detail positions by sidereal Fiorenza zodiac:

Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries at 11°26’16” (heliocentric on 02.02.2021)

- It’s their “last quarter” that starts. The cycle started in September 2010 at 3°28’26 Pisces (heliocentric) conjoining Earth and Moon just under the circlet. Pisces is “Neptune’s” domain.

- The next conjunction/cycle start will be in March 2024.

Mars and Uranus meet in Aries at 11°27’1” (heliocentric happened on 13.11.2020)

Neptune and Ceres meet in Aquarius at 23°40’58” in T-square with the lunar nodal axis

NN – Taurus SN – Scorpio at 23°48’3” (heliocentric conjunction happened on 13.11.2020 as well)

During these days the Sun flies through Capricorn from 2°45’57 to 7°2’23” meaning Earth does the same way in Cancer. Earth is about to make her annual conjunction with Varuna while the Sun “meets” with every member of our last year stellium, now a bit more “scattered” throughout Capricorn. Mercury had joined the Sun in Capricorn and is already through with his meetings with all of the “bodies” there – Jupiter, Saturn, Pallas, Chariklo

The heliocentric conjunction of Earth and Varuna takes place on 24.01.2021 in Cancer at 8°52’6”

Much Love to you All,


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