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New Beginnings May 2022

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

The heliocentric conjunctions in May 2022

(hourglass by Franklin Mint)

Hourglass by Franklin Mint

In May we’re having many heliocentric conjunctions to experience – as Jupiter is approaching Neptune now closer and closer, these May conjunctions are kind of linked… all that happens is always interconnected of course but sometimes the connections are just more obvious than other times….

Generally during the conjunction time or “new phase” the faster planet does take on a lot of the themes of the slower moving planet to “integrate” it but that will come with many challenges or “cycle parts” throughout the time until their next conjunction…. With the opposition in “best case scenario” we will gain full consciousness about it all and then grow the two planetary themes as integrated parts of Self into development and evolution to take into a next cycle what is beneficial to take there (creating a spiral!!)…. We could also say the first half is a bit more “subjective” and the second half then becomes more “objective” but mind you, we’re All at different stages of our very own personal experience/evolution and beside that, some of us might be able to break out of the "linear space-time concept"…. When we’re in the actual conjunction time, we’re able to see the “whole” – we’re in this sea of unity and possibility – the 360 and the 0 together – for some that can bring a lot of clarity, happiness, joy, calm enthusiasm, inner knowing etc. within the planetary themes….

5th of May 2022 – Vesta conjoins Pluto at 1°40’30” sid. Capricorn

Their geocentric conjunction was on 6th of March. Their last heliocentric conjunction was in August 2018 and their next conjunction will be on 10th of January 2026.

6th of May 2022 – Venus conjoins Pluto (Vesta moved 11minutes) at 1°40’41” sid. Capricorn

Their geocentric conjunction was on 4th of March. Venus will conjoin Pluto again in December this year…. Venus will conjoin Vesta again in early February 2023 but that will be a stellium again but they will be Venus, Vesta, Jupiter, Chiron….

Venus is traditionally the planet of Love – it’s more about the heart though. We define what we perceive as beautiful, artful and therefore she defines our value system about self and life in general. This does include money and property. She’s also about desires, harmony and unconditional love and acceptance in the best case 😉. More about Venus:

Vesta is our inner, sacred flame – so it’s our devotion but she’s also about “time sharing” in the mythology – how much are we going to “endure” in order to keep our flame burning, to find our “purpose”, inner knowing (also knowledge in general) and actually act on it.

More about Vesta:

Pluto speaks about transformation, the process of death and rebirth and therefore he’s very powerful. Pluto as the “gate-keeper” of the inner-world, can bring us insights – the realization of our inner beauty and power – this realization is transformative, in which way though, is totally up to us…. More about Pluto:

This early part of sidereal Capricorn is marked by the last stars of the constellation Sagittarius and in the north the constellations Aquila and Lyra…

The “high” ideals, dreams, inspirations, ideas we bring over from Sagittarius to put into actuality, into “manifestation” – may that now be something “material” or not…. The high vibrational energies of the constellation Lyra, the music that can make us smile and dance or sit and cry… where as Aquila the Eagle is flying with focus on the task, searching for the opportunity etc… at almost 2 degrees into Capricorn we’re also starting to get glimpses into the energies of the first stars of Cygnus in the north and Microscopium in the south…

It's kind of “matching” that the Perihelion of the Centaur Asbolus (a Seer) to be in this area….

Another interesting fact is, that Venus conjoins Pluto also in latitude and declination within just 14 minutes – pretty very close… distance though, yes, of course another story but we know that it doesn’t matter 😉

Pluto also made it out of Sagittarius where we did “produce” the higher vibrations after Jupiter and Saturn made it through already a while back and now he’s in this culmination area of those high vibrations but same time wanting to bring that all from the dream to the reality – kind of “concrete results”… now transformation and metamorphosis shall become “real”… I think it’s the perfect place for him to be met by Venus and Vesta to carry these energies to the next “level”, the next stage…

Venus and Vesta compliment each other pretty well in their “feminine energies”, yet with Pluto their might be some changes in our “hearts and passions” as there the deep hidden “inside” wants to become part of the daily life – not for everyone that means a total change of activities in the outside world but maybe more subtle changes of how we act in our daily lives, a different “heart”/feeling by doing “the same”… but it can of course also mean that one takes the “leap of faith” to do changes that have “hung in the air” for a while already…

Let’s look at it not only from a “physical” view though – imagine that we step forward with “heart energy” combined with true inner devotion and transform not only our very own being to become more “real and true” but also the vibrations we send out… reality won’t be the same anymore and we’ll understand what all the “spiritual Teachers” in all times and regions of the Earth tried to tell us….