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The Jupiter - Saturn cycle

Updated: Mar 7

Sidereal planetary cycles Astrology - the Universe is empowering and guiding us on a seemingly endless evolutionary path...


Jupiter and Saturn - from 2020 to 2040

This is a post, that will be regularly updated, when an important angle / aspect is reached - a step by step following and living the cycle "live"....

The Players


Jupiter is about expansion / evolution and this includes “higher learning”, our ideals and beliefs, truth, foreign countries and cultures (to expand one’s “horizon”), physical movement in nature (like “fullness of life”)… More about Jupiter: 


Saturn is about authority, structures, order and law but not only material structures (our skeleton or buildings) but also about societal, political and religious structures as well as how we "structure" our inner and outer life… other key words are commitment, responsibility and to mature… He reminds us, that we build our structures ourselves and need to take on the responsibility for it – and that’s why he’s often perceived as “limiting”…. and a main question is "which authority we follow"... More about Saturn:


The problem with Jupiter and Saturn is often though, that one is perceived as nice and easy and the other one as hard and limiting… - what we perceive is though often not the truth...

A short recap about the Jupiter – Saturn 2020 conjunction


As in 2020 various "important" conjunctions took place and that within a special alignment of the Earth's cross with the Galactic cross, I think, this conjunction/cycle is part of a deep re-birth, a remodeling of the societal structure, our lives within those but more from an “inside out” perspective. We have to face truth, integrate those in a “practical” sense as well as in an idealistic one – it’s about “bringing together” in a way that serves all in a natural way, kind of "automatically"…

The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction took place heliocentric on 3rd of November 2020 and geocentric on 22nd of December 2020 – at heliocentric 6°32’36” sidereal Capricorn under the stars Altair of Aquila, Sham of Sagitta, and the head of Cygnus the Swan and above Indus the "Shaman".

In short, it’s about the re- structuring or re-inventing of the Self and the world around us in a way that keeps a global vision but is lived locally with the integration of the earth energies and grids and also the visions we may have, to bring/give them “life” through living from these higher ideals and vibrations yet also to “observe” what leads where - a bit like practicing the own abilities, tools and their “impact”… In this sense, such a way of living includes to take the responsibility and the power - to become the own conscious authority when it comes to self....

Jupiter – Saturn 72° (first Quintile - pentagonal)

Exact on 10th/11th of March 2024 depending the time zone


I think the first 60° of a cycle are very challenging in the sense that we’re growing something we may not really understand yet, or we may be so excited about it that we live in an excessive way – just like a child that gets a present and then doesn’t play with anything else because it’s new but then after a while it becomes “normal” and a healthy integration can take place…

One can apply this principle also to technology for example – something new is invented and many may distrust that very thing and others might become like addicted… after a while, its smoothed out on both sides…

When we reach the 72° we have most likely done a lot of that "smoothing out" and gained some understanding through the "push and pulls"....

The 72° angle or Quintile marks a limb of the famous “human pentagram” by Da Vinci – yet, I think it’s important to understand, that we’re in a growing phase here, it’s like the “one-ness / fullness” of the conjunction needs to be brought into an individualized form as a part of the “one”…

There’s some kind of inspiration involved here, but one that needs to be “organized”, structured in this sense, so that there’s not a “spilling over” and turbulence, yet to same time allow a flow…

I get this feel of “inclusion with exclusion” – I know, it sounds paradox.


The 72° angle is a “fifth” of a cycle – a 5 also represents some kind of “change” (which is further emphasized on by Uranus and due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn is also in a Quintile with Uranus – a last one though and the “other side’s limb” - just not exact yet….)

With the Pentagram or Pentagon, there are many “links” – it’s also the face-shape of a Dodecahedron a platonic solid, described as to represent “heaven”. The Dodecahedron links us to the Earth – Jupiter conjunction geometry and as that to the 12.

The Pentagonal shape in turn, is the geometry formed by the Venus – Earth dance and is also linked to the golden ratio (square root of 5) which describes the relationship between 2 and 1.


Now we come to a “tricky” question here – are we dealing with an upwards or downwards pointing star. Are we perceiving it from the perspective of a standing figure and therefore are talking 2 legs, or is it the other way round and creating two arms – or are we even doing a leg on one side and an arm on the other????...

I think it's not the same for everyone and when it’s done consciously, and we may come to a point, where or when it's somehow the same...

The chart, details and some interpretations


Jupiter stands at 26°48’9” sidereal Aries (near star Botein of Aries) conjoining Uranus exact just 3 days later – Saturn stands at 14°48’9” sidereal Aquarius near the star Ekkhysis of Aquarius.

As Jupiter is with Uranus, Saturn is also in this Quintile aspect with Uranus, yet, in a last one and will be exact on 23rd of March 2024. Note, that the last Octile (45°) to Eris was on 29th of February 2024. Therefore, this Jupiter – Saturn aspect is very connected to these “last” aspects of Saturn.


To me, this is like Jupiter has here the task of brining in the “new” but same time integrating what information are offered by Saturn, as he’s in these discerning, envisioning and dispersing phases… it’s a collaboration, a teamwork here…

In a bit more “earthly words” – we’re growing a new “society” (on all levels, also within oneself), that is based on conscious discernment and understanding of the “past”, the needs and worries, the essence of experiences and their gifts, the “flow” that has been created etc.  



Heliocentric sidereal astrology chart about the 72 degree angle between Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn circled in red.

Between them, you can see Neptune in very early sidereal Pisces, Chiron just passed the star Kaht of Pisces and is approaching Eris right at the cusp, in the constellation Cetus.

Then a little further Mercury in sidereal and constellation Aries.


Underlined in blue in early sidereal Capricorn, you can see Venus, Mars and Pluto in a triple conjunction… which is itself in a 135° angle to Orcus who is conjoined by Juno…

I think we will feel that the most because of Venus and Mars representing the divine feminine and masculine energies within ourselves and they will “re-birth” in this sense, giving the necessary foundation for everything else to happen…



Jupiter and Saturn conjunction Geometry….


Jupiter - Saturn heliocentric conjunction geometry by Fran Arnet

Triangles – triangular geometry or in 3 dimensions Tetrahedron, relates to the platonic solids.

Its most important properties are “self-fulfilling”, “self-emanating”, stability and according the ancients represents fire.


Mercury and Earth also create triangles, yet on a "different level, dimension" and themes.

Please note the clockwise move of the triangles, opposed to planet’s movement.


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Jupiter – Saturn… the even bigger cycle…


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