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The Jupiter - Saturn cycle

Updated: Jan 22

Sidereal planetary cycles Astrology - the Universe is empowering and guiding us on a seemingly endless evolutionary path...

Jupiter and Saturn - from 2020 to 2040

This is a post, that will be regularly updated, when an important angle / aspect is reached - a step by step following and living the cycle "live"....

Jupiter – Saturn 60° (first sextile)

exact on 18th / 19th of August 2023, depending the time zone.

heliocentric sidereal Astrology chart about the Jupiter - Saturn first sextile in August 2023

Jupiter stands at almost exactly where Mars stood in their 2020 conjunction in earlier sidereal Aries, right at the start of the constellation at 8°14’1” sid. Aries...

Saturn stands at 8°14’1” sidereal Aquarius right under the star Ancha of Aquarius, is conjoined by Venus and loosely by the Earth/Moon system. All of them in the area of Neptune's discovery.

I find it rather significant, that by now Pluto stands only about 2,5 degrees from the point where the Jupiter - Saturn conjunction took place and is in a Grandtrine, that has started in the middle of July 2023, with yet "changing" members. (it started with Mercury and Mars and now Pallas is holding that space).

The aspects....

The first sextile aspect is a "pushing through", leaving the first two phase of development with its polarities behind in an integrative way - it's an organizing, differentiating kind of energy with the need or goal to bring things into actuality or anchoring into objectivity...

It does hold "creativity and exploration" energy within as we break free of the "old"...

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