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Pluto Day and Earth path February 2022

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Here the link to the YouTube video about it:

Astrology chart about Pluto's "birthday"

Pluto was long searched for - it started in 1840 with Urbain Le Verrier who predicted the position of then undiscovered Neptune but after Neptune was discovered, Astronomers were sure that there has to be another planet beside Neptune that influences Uranus' orbit...

Percival Lowell, who had founded the Lowell Observatory Flagstaff Arizona, was kind of "obsessed" by the search for planet "X" and this search did continue after his death and some years of "break" and finally a young Scientist made the discovery - his name is Clyde Tombaugh.

Pluto is traditionally about the “underworld” and death and considered very powerful. We see this confirmed with his influence to the orbits of Uranus and Neptune (he got help with this too)… of course he’s also the “Phoenix rising”/re-birth – this means he’s also deconstructing to make space for the new – we have to let go of “old” in order to bring the new in – not in a “war way” but in a constructive way, in the sense of letting the old become the fertilizer for the new and not a “limit”.

When we look at his nodal axis and his aphelion and perihelion axis, we get further information and the fact that his re-discovery place is around his own Northnode gives further confirmation or emphasis to this fact… He’s a Gatekeeper between the inner and outer world but in a much vaster sense than we commonly would think about… together with Neptune he forms a special “gate” by their unique cycles together.

He's also about the hidden, the taboos that we put onto ourselves and that makes us “closed” to other possibilities and the own re-birth of consciousness – that’s what his task is here and now, because he wants us to open the “gate” to those “other worlds”, to the infinity and the guidance and “exchange” we get through this openness. We then anchor it into our daily life by simply “living that inner truth”….

Working with Pluto and Neptune can be challenging - it's possible to get lost in the depths of the underworld or the veils of Neptune. Therefore creating a "relationship" with Self, the own "spirit and soul" is so important as then we can follow the very own "higher guidance" in these realms... there are also the Centaurs, they are representing the "bridges", are "connecting" the realms and can either be perceived as "betraying" (when we're too fear/ ego based) or guiding when we let that happen....

Pluto, as seen in the Astronomy, is directly influencing/impacting how Uranus acts - meaning our "bio technology"... so you see, Pluto is very "causal".... ;-)


In this time now (February 2022) we have a lot going on and it will radiate out strongly the whole year… and further conjunctions and themes coming up throughout the year will add to the energies of course – nothing ever “stands still” in this sense….

Because of the Nessus theme further on focus also through the conjunction Jupiter will make exact on the 26th of this month together with the Vesta – Pholus conjunction we have big opportunities.

Yes, traumas and general themes of abuse, neglect, abandonment etc. are very visible but we have the chance to break the loops of repetitive behavior around these themes – we have “healing energy” around, which we can “harvest” by simply “rising” into different and more “holistic” views and with that “transform” them…

Vesta - Pholus bring the themes of guidance, self-mastery, teachings etc. in the foreground for Vesta to be "picked up/on" to her theme of devotion and passion... Yes, it needs "devotion" to stay strong in these energies, to keep on going the "own path" with authenticity and integrity...

The foundation of everything is the “Self”, the individual but in full awareness of how much influence our “being” has on the “All”, the community, the collective… that means we have to take the responsibility for our very own Self and our actions which isn’t meant in a “judgmental”/ punishing way but in the sense of us aiming for our “best” and “truth” – the sentence “I do my very best” is important and not to be judged….

We tend to give this “trying my best” to our Loved ones, our children or to whom ever but sometimes not to ourselves – we need our very own love and support as well!!!!! It’s ok – we can actually give to ourselves what we give to others 😉

We’re All in this together and there’s no need to judge, blame and condemn anybody as a Being but we can of course disagree with actions and with that act we keep everybody sovereign in their very own right…. Through the understanding of “cause and effect” in combination with “resonance” we draw our own “fate” to ourselves, there’s no need of “punishment” in this sense…

We’re in many new cycles right now, but also many “ending” stages of cycles… endings mean “dissolvement” into the “all”, to let go, release strength etc. … new starts though are right that – we know about the “before”, the “last one” but we can’t really know yet the new so we’re trying out, trying to figure out how to “be” in the new, how to “walk” or even what it actually “is”…

Even when we’re at a “opposition”, when we have to “include” or getting aware and conscious about something, we may not “get it right” and we’ll fall back into “old” behaviors and with it we get the chance again, maybe a little “painful” but eventually we’ll get it 😉

So again – no judgements as some we get right away and some we have to take some “D-tours”… eventually we’ll always choose “true harmony”….

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