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Pull up the curtain - it's full Moon

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

- the stage is yours…

Full Moon 16th of February 2022 at 16:56:30 Universal time (23:56:30 Thailand)

The first full Moon in the new Chinese Year and “judging” how it presents itself with “aspect choreographies” and conjunctions it’s an important one…

This full Moon happens with the Moon and Earth in early Leo and the Sun in early Aquarius. The “corresponding” New Moon was on 7th of September 2022 at 19°20’11” Leo.

Here the link:

Here a little recap:

I talked about high creativity, solutions at hand and having to choose, collecting information to form a “bigger picture” and beside that, it was a lot about self-respect, knowing and living from the self and what “joy” that brings but also about self- reflection and letting go of guilt, shame and similar and to forgive ourselves and others as “closure” of a chapter or even better a book….

The current lunar month started with the last New Moon – so this more “direct linear” view is something we remember more clear, the intentions we set… The post:

Not in these words, but it was about seeing the effects and their cause/intentions within everything – the processing/discerning of information, patterns and similar – what we “store” and attach emotions to and therefore “self-programming” … also what we find “worth our time” and effort – what we focus on, “breeding out”, practicing, planning and preparing to bring out/forward – everything grows from within to the outside but also from the subconscious to the conscious etc…. If we want to change or adjust something it needs to be done from the inside out – a new creation/cause – first though, we also need to know what is there…. We have this “mirroring” system within us – is what we created/happens in alignment with what we want?? – important here is to make sure it’s our true intentions and not the ones formed through “false” (fear based)/past programming…

Now this Full Moon at 2°41’10” sid. Leo (Sun in early Aquarius) stands in a region that is very powerful in an “adventurous”, courageous way. Here we’re able to go the “own way” and not being hold back by other people’s opinion as we feel to “serve” a higher goal/task, something “heartfelt”, something we want to “fly high” with so we have the curtains pulled up and the play or at least “public rehearsal” can begin – from one heart to the other… by the way, early Aquarius is also the re-discovery placement of Neptune….

The lunar nodes are at 1°39’34” Scorpio (Southnode) and Taurus (Northnode and conjoining Sedna)… On this axis we have emphasis on the mirroring/reflection system, a “choice point” when we become aware of entrapment by old patterns etc., we can kind of “sacrifice” the old to the new… it’s kind of a “master hero journey” – the hero that seeks the “own answers” and fights the “own” fights with wisdom….