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New beginnings: February 2022 - extended

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

an hourglass with yellow sand almost all run through

Hello to you All, whenever, wherever,

We're in pretty intense times and that also means that polarization is big but we also know, that its all a choice.... Now we're also in times that gives emphasis on the "cause and effect" side of life by revealing, make "causes" visible through the "effects".... Many people are at choice points in their lives in all kinds of questions and through the "cause made visible" part, we may get help for future or current decisions to be made....

Just as I do with this Membership section - we try something, adjust and grow with it or "learning by doing".... we're doing this also on societal and global level and possibly further.....

I kind of feel as everything is "accelerating", picked up on pace/speed - kind of "instant" answers, manifestations or "karma" playing out.... something we're maybe not used to in this extent.... What do you think about that??

Now I let you read the article.....

Much Love to you All,


All may know by now, cycles are important but they’re not “closed systems” but spiraling – one answering another in sometimes long patterns to one day finish a “series” to start a complete new one and so one can not really take out one cycle alone as all is so entangled….

Fascinating – so, there are so many themes at work simultaneously that it’s hard for me to keep track and to “explain” what I see, lol… so – that Jupiter – Saturn – Pluto (with Chariklo, Ceres and Pallas involved) dance of 2019 and 2020 was starting many “cycle systems” but same time also important “parts of cycles” of bigger (longer) themes… we also now in both heliocentric and geocentric view entered the last square between Saturn and Uranus but also are still in that last square energy between Pluto and Eris… furthermore Jupiter and Saturn are in several “endings” plus new beginnings these coming months and years…

Jupiter and Saturn represent societal structures in all questions and because of where they met in 2021 and also where they met with Pluto is very significant as I think they did start new “cycles within cycles”…. The involvement of Asteroids and Centaurs indicate “undertones” but also the connection to inner and outer planets and their themes…

February will feature quite a lot as the Jupiter – Nessus conjunction on 26th of February heliocentric and 2nd of March geocentric… Jupiter is about expansion, the bigger picture, different or expanded “view points”, higher learning, integration of various cultures and so on and Nessus is about abuse, self-abuse, neglection and if not directly so at least about our reaction to such themes, no, there’s of course also a “nice” aspect to Nessus – see, sometimes we also neglect ourselves, talents, gifts and so on and when realizing this, we can go on to development... All Centaurs do have this theme of high polarities – the battle within between the mere instinctual or maybe even “animalistic” parts of self and the “higher” more controlled mind/self…

More about Jupiter:

More about Nessus:

The conjunction will take place at almost 19° Aquarius in both charts, which means the Aquarian Urn but also just over Ankaa of the Phoenix and Achernar of Eridanus – we find here “finalizing” energies but also kind of “foresight” in the sense of that we can see a “logic” strain but we also have the knowing of greater purpose at work on all levels of being (also on the “soul level”) – so there’s flow but same time also a lot of deep themes here as Eridanus (river of life) is ending and mixes itself into the ocean, so kind of like from a “smaller cycle into a bigger” or of course an “ending with beginning”…

Also on the 26th of February the heliocentric conjunction between Vesta – Pholus and Quaoar will take place (geocentric on 23rd) at 10° sid. Sagittarius (Bow and hand of the Archer)…. Significant? Yes – see, Jupiter’s Southnode is at around 15° Sag and the Southnode of Vesta herself at 19° Sagittarius… beside that, Pholus and Quaoar are in a 45 years lasting conjunction (sometimes a bit closer and sometimes a little further but will never meet exactly in longitude but instead in declination and again in latitude both in November 2026).

Vesta is about our inner fire, devotion, passion and Pholus is another Centaur, a wise teacher and guardian but can also bring pretty deep and “life altering” themes as he’s also a helper of Pluto and Neptune but he’s also offering special gift in the “vision section” (can also mean the physical eyes)… Quaoar is a dwarf planet discovered not so long ago and seems to talk about harmony and the “sacredness of life” and of course also the Universal laws – he’s also of Pluto’s realm….

More about Vesta:

More about Pholus:

More about Quaoar:

This area of Sagittarius talks about focus and tension to a goal – the broader vision or long term goal – it’s also an area of aim for “truth”, the focus with the whole “being” for achievements…. An area that of course includes the awareness of “galactic scales” or even universal scales…. Its also a “centering” and “philosophical” area….

All in all – these 2 conjunctions do work together – the Jupiter-Nessus conjunction starts a new roughly 13 years cycle whereas Vesta will be back within a few years, so setting a faster pace or multiple steps within the Jupiter-Nessus theme….

When we start to focus onto that which is our goal, vision and dream for the future instead of staying in a kind of “victim consciousness” and loads of distractions, we kind of “overcome” a lot without big efforts – a shift of “focus” can help us to not only be happier but same time opening up to new abilities and out of it new tasks – a shift of focus can alter life instantly and bring whole new experiences… We All do have at least “something” that we’re good in and also like/love to do (I’m not talking about addictions!!) and when we give focus onto that, suddenly “possibilities” for “flow” will be presented (if we see and take them is another question)….

During these conjunctions the Earth – Sun axis is giving emphasize on the Leo – Aquarius axis, in an area that talks about “those in power” and how we react to that… what about concentrating on that which is in personal power/possibility instead of focusing on that which isn’t in the personal power??... You see, “neglect” can be something useful when thinking of it as “absence of focus”, it just needs to be “applied” wisely… On the other side the “easy way” out of a situation isn’t always the “right way” in the long run… Just like it’s not possible to have small, specialized bakeries when nobody goes to buy there because its soooo convenient to buy everything at a big corporate place – if everybody decides to at least once in a while go and get something at that bakery, we support that business and its further existence and our own body and health…. The same principle is possible to apply to so many different situations…. Each of us got power – we only need to use it, even if its sometimes not as “convenient”….

We always create “flow” – in what way, it’s really up to us….

There’s of course more going on in February:

  • 1st of February – New Moon at 17° Capricorn and Earth same degrees in Cancer (it’s within 6 minutes of Neptune’s nodal axis and Venus’ aphelion and perihelion axis)

  • 7th of February – Juno conjoins Pluto in early Capricorn for their new cycle

  • 10th to 11th of February – Venus conjoins Orcus in Leo and both oppose Jupiter and Nessus in Aquarius and furthermore Pallas is approaching Chiron in the middle of Pisces and Mercury is conjoining Hygiea in later Virgo in opposition with Eris…

  • 14th of February – Vesta conjoins Ixion at 6°8’8” sid. Sagittarius

  • 16th of February – Pallas conjoins Chiron exact at 16°37’25” sid. Pisces and 23 hours after that we’ll experience the full Moon in early Leo within these 23 hours there’s also the Venus-Mars last square…

  • 26th of February that above explained conjunctions of Jupiter and Nessus as well as Vesta and Pholus + Quaoar…

  • 2nd and 3rd of March geocentric Jupiter – Nessus conjunction / New Moon / change of lunar node axis into the Libra – Aries axis….

In that first week of February, the Sun will “transit” over and conjunct with Saturn and therefore the Earth is opposing Saturn the same time…. But also means, that there’s a shift going on, as in both signs more “outward”/sharing energy will come to be noticeable….

Juno – Pluto conjunction 7th of February 2022 at 1°15’12” sid. Capricorn (heliocentric)

Geocentric January 24th/25th 2022 just about 10 minutes further into Capricorn

Juno talks about “one to one relationships” but also the one with Self, harmony and inner balance and acceptance are more themes of hers (btw. cycles are “relationships” too) and Pluto is the Phoenix rising from the ashes, the big transformation… of course there’s much more the Two – Pluto is the ruler of the “underworld” or lets say of the “unknown”, obscured, the hidden deep self as a gateway to the very far out…. Even so Pluto is far out and “small” he’s very powerful – it’s like an atom is a very small “thing” but yet consists of a lot and can be either very useful or very destructive….

More about Juno:

I think her theme can be extended also to “ratio” of “things”…

More about Pluto:

The early sign of Capricorn marks also the ending of Sagittarius with Lyra and Aquila in the north and Pavo and Microscopium in the south… Those “higher ideals and goals” from Sagittarius want to be brought into manifestation (on every “level”/realm) and with the understanding of those “higher vibrations” and the focus needed we start to fly high but also to see “details”/steps needed on the path… An area that allows us to bring “heaven to earth”….

If we don’t love ourselves, we can’t really love someone else – we may “use” someone else to bring our attention and focus onto but we depend on them and their reactions…. If we know ourselves and start to “love” ourselves, we can give that out to others in “equality”… What and who we are within, the relationship we have there within us is “vibrated” out and will “resonate” in the outer world accordingly and the other way round – everything becomes more harmonious if we “vibrate” according our own self…. Sometimes we think we have to hide something because WE ourselves judge it as something “not good, nice etc.” and with that we actually start a cascade of happenings but, if we use that “Sagittarian truth”, we can face and take the responsibility for those things and may find out, that the “reality” isn’t as bad as the imagination…

By the way – Juno’s nodal axis is only 1° away from Uranus’ aphelion – perihelion axis… in this way, she also works as “path of action” for Uranus’ “bio-technology” of ours and of course by using her own powers of “reflection and self-reflection”….

They will meet again on 29th of July 2026.

Vesta and Ixion its no surprise to be important in this whole “scenario” we’re in – and very “practical” that we have not even 2 weeks to the more “healing” conjunction with Pholus and Quaoar (described at the beginning)….

Ixion is often called a pretty bad Guy – yes, his actions in the myths are truly horrible but a choice – so we have a choice every day on what “ground” we act – Ixion represents “life force energy”, the “lust for life” and such can be directed anywhere and in any way- as it’s a force or “tool” we direct it… we can act on the basis of fear, lack, ruthlessness or of course in much more “nice ways”… we can direct force according our “higher ideals” or according “lower” instinctual and often “fear based” grounds…

More about Ixion:

Vesta brings the passion, the “inner fire” into the picture – what are we devoting ourselves to, what are we really burning “for”? …

More about Vesta:

The Two go together hand in hand – when we really use our “life force” for that which we really want, really devote ourselves to, we’re in “harmony” within - I have to say that until now I only met people who want “beauty” in their lives (whatever that may mean individually) – not always acting accordingly though or trying to take “short cuts” or whatever and then suddenly find themselves in horrible situations (I’m no exception to that)… most of the times though, there’s a lesson in these happenings and when we can accept that and their benevolence and beauty in that sense we can do it differently the next time…

This Vesta – Ixion conjunction takes place just passed the GEN (Galactic-Equatorial-Nodes/crossing the ecliptic) which means an area that is connected with the galaxy and therefore representing “higher guidance”/ideals etc. but also the universal laws…

You see, the “life force energy” goes where we direct it to – if we “will” something that may happen but it doesn’t mean that the outcome resembles the “dream” if we chose a path of action not in alignment with universal laws…. So we need to bring these forces and our devotion into alignment and use our understanding of “cause and effect”…

To further use the above example – if we devote ourselves to be “comfortable” and to go the easy way always, we may will that and get that but we will contribute to the problems of the special bakery and one day, when we want to get that special bread for a holiday breakfast we can’t get it anymore because that bakery closed down….

Their next conjunction will be on 18th of October 2025.

Don’t forget – conjunctions as start of cycles never stand “alone” but they go “within each other”, hang together, are in relationship and “help” each other…. it's a point of unlimited possibilities, the "zero point" but it includes the "fullness of what was" - so there's always the chance for new/different especially when we have these outer planets involved it's a choice in "big ways"... the start of a cycle is wonderful and we "float" in it for a while until we start to really recognize and individualize it....

Now we get Pholus into the picture – the wise Teacher and Guardian who reminds us to use our ability of “foresight” – we make experiences and they teach us something, when we use them together with historical experiences documented, we are equipped very well to make choices that are in alignment… we All make sometimes "mistakes" but we can learn from them…. Pholus too is a Centaur and as that is “bridging” the outer realms and the societal realms and Vesta as an asteroid is “bridging” the societal and the inner realms…

The next Vesta – Pholus conjunction will be on 30th of October 2025

Pallas will conjoin Chiron on 16th of February at 16°37’25” sid. Pisces (heliocentric)

Pallas Athena is Jupiter’s “brain child” (Greek mythology) and is of a fearless character. She fights if needed for justice and harmony. She’s intelligent and creative, put the pieces of information together to find innovative/creative solutions to problems.

More about Pallas:

Chiron is called the “wounded healer” and he’s a Centaur with different lineage though. He knows about pain and knows about healing but to heal himself, he gave up his immortality for the freedom of someone else and then got a space between the gods. So, he’s about the sacrifice to self – NOT the sacrifice to others…. like what you do to others, you do to yourself BUT it’s also what you do to yourself, you do to others…. He also talks about the “loops” we take in life – sometimes we tend to repeat the same patterns, these make us feel “limited” and “unable” – that’s “his wound” and that’s what heals by recognizing it/consciousness ….

More about Chiron:

In this part of Pisces we have the stars Alpheratz of Andromeda and Veritate (more like alone but assigned to the Andromeda constellation), Aldemarin of Cepheus and Deneb Algenubi of Cetus involved. These stars are talking about responsibility we may feel and/or have but also an emotional maturing into readiness for breaking the chains/weight of it. Responsibility itself has to go hand in hand with the power – we can’t take responsibility for something out of our power but we have to take the one for that which we do/have the power – the expression can be of denial or “putting the head in the sand” about powerplays or manipulative forces. A kind of subversive behavior, not standing up for oneself… these stars work together, to see through the denial, illusion, submission, entrapment etc. and to act according that revealed truth… To find solutions in clarity and balance….

In the past we often have felt too much “weight” on our shoulders, too much responsibility and we have tried to give that away in order to feel more free but we have the same time given a lot of power away – a loop of behavior that kind of entraps us – we need to gain clarity about it and to see this truth, to face it and to find creative solutions to break these repetitive cycles…

A bit like the excuses we may know from Teenagers: “but everybody goes, can, have”…. Doesn’t mean it’s right 😉 … it’s this type of energy….

Nope, it’s not always easy to even recognize these patterns within self and neither in the collective as some behaviors have been in “loops” for generations and even longer….

Pallas and Chiron will meet again on 24th of December 2026.

Picture credit: Hourglass by Franklin Mint

Credit/References: all charts are created using the free software by sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

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