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Symbiosis - Full Moon Sept. 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

10th of September 2022 - Universal time 09:59:04 - Thailand 16:59:04

Moon and Earth at 22°22’26” sidereal Aquarius and the Sun at 22°22’26” sid. Leo

The full Moon marks the time of the lunar cycle, when we see in geocentric view an opposition with the Sun, which means that in both charts, the heliocentric and the geocentric one, we see the Moon in the same sign/position of longitude and constellation.

This also means, it’s the point of consciousness between the Sun and the Moon and a new cycle between Earth and the Moon in this 3-player cycle – or in other words, during the full Moon the Earth stands between the Sun and the Moon and during a new Moon, the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth – that’s also why we can only have a solar eclipse during a new Moon and a lunar eclipse during a full Moon.

As you know, a full Moon does not only bring awareness of the last new Moon (which was at 8°44’50” sid. Leo) but also about the one that happened roughly a half year before that – the corresponding new Moon would be the one that did happen on 3rd of March 2022 at 16°48’16” sid. Leo and was/is a very important and “turbulent” one - it’s yet not always this simple as the Moon’s orbit around Earth varies to the orbit of the Earth around the Sun.

The post of the March new Moon – titled “it hits deep”:

The conjunctions of 8th of September are still active – important to this full Moon, especially when we look at this chart’s choreographies in a moment:

Note: the bright red star in late Virgo I drew in manually - no body/planet there

Heliocentric Astrology chart full Moon 09.2022 with a pentagonal aspect formation

The Juno (one to one relationships/ratios/equality) – Nessus (abuse, neglect, abandonment) conjunction is still very active and Earth is still conjunct but now separating as she was approaching during the exact conjunction. So, it also means Earth has meanwhile started a new cycle with them both.

Earth (playground, roots, groundedness) of course with the Moon (emotions, intuition), them in opposition with the Sun (“spirit”, expression, core) who now is separating from Orcus (life path, oath, living in harmony with natural laws).

22°22’26” Aquarius – Leo… I had to smile when I saw the number 😉

Here what my preferred “angel number site” says:

The essence of the Master Number 22 is unlimited potential of mastery in any and all areas - the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. The number 22 has to do with balance, manifesting miracles and new opportunities. When Angel Number 22 repeats in your life you are asked to take a balanced, harmonious, and peaceful stance in all areas of your life. The message is to keep the faith and stand strong in your personal truths.

Number 26 from the same website: Angel Number 26 is a message from your angels that your material and earthly needs will always be met, so have faith and trust that the Universe will always provide. Follow your Divine inner-guidance and allow it to prompt you to take positive action in your life.

Back to the stars:

Sun and Orcus in Leo/Hydra involves in longitude the stars Mizar and Chara of Ursa Major, Tse Tseng of Leo, and mu Hydra and further south some stars of Vela (the sails of Argo Navis).

Here we combine energies of fire, creative energy that wants to be used and needs to be directed with the transcendent wisdom gained throughout life(s). We can be like either a beautiful firework here or a destructive explosion …

Earth, Moon, Juno, Nessus stand in an area involving many between Homam of Pegasus in the north, through southern Ankaa of the Phoenix to Achernar of Eridanus. (The star Fum al Samakah, beta Pisces, is only a degree in longitude away)

This area speaks of rising to integrative action and thinking – to combine the wisdom gained with “higher tasks”. Integration of the understanding or simply remembrance of the lasting qualities of life’s essence of all forms and that in this sense, we’re all the same and share “eternity”.

We are the same also in the sense, that we all have needs that need to be met, physically, emotionally and mentally.

With our expression we show not only what we have but also what we think/feel we lack and that creates an answer - on all realms.

Earth and Moon are also in a 72° angle to Sedna in early sid. Taurus (the exiled emerging – remember, she was just conjoined by Pallas in Eridanus on the 2nd of September) and from Pholus (Guardian, perception, vision or sight) in Sagittarius – furthermore a 144° to Ceres in Cancer (mothering, nourishing and she stands on Neptune’s northnode and Venus’ perihelion).

This means, all these bodies/placements almost outline a perfect pentagram – there’s just one point missing in very late sidereal Virgo (roughly stars Spica of Virgo and Arcturus of Bootes). These stars or area of the heavens talk about symbioses, an equilibrium in manifestation, the harmonic work of the divine feminine and masculine …

The pentagram too symbolizes a symbioses, a kind of conscious understanding of the elements around us and within us in combination with spirit. The complete pentagram does include three triangles, which stand for stability, security etc. … In this full Moon chart, we have 2 of these 3 triangles occupied and the 3rd point, that would connect to Earth and Moon as well as to Sedna we have to create – it’s open, no “physical” body there … The pentagram does also symbolize the root chakra in some ways, as does in some ways the stars Spica and Arcturus as well as Earth in yet another way …

This chart from obviously various view-points does talk about roots, groundedness, being in the body or life, yet in a connected / unified way. To trust the own self with all it’s revelations, to be in clarity or purity of self in an incorruptible way, to direct the mind within for answers etc. Furthermore, we can see our own basis and can make the decision to transform this – it will be communicated within the own being on all realms, if it’s made in “integrity” we’ll be supported. The Moon supports us with all the silver light which includes wisdom and connection and the ability to set things into motion ...

The Vesta – Saturn conjunction on 25th of July was/is also about choosing the authority we follow as highest inspiration or guidance. The same day there was a Mars – Jupiter conjunction, which asked us to bring our outwards action, physical power etc. in tune with evolutionary tasks, growth and “higher view-points” …

Then we had the Ceres – Varuna conjunction on 18th of August and same day Mercury – Hygiea and here we have started cycles that talk about the nourishment of the very own creator abilities (well, we always create but from what state of being) and nourish that which we want to be by creating pathways, synapses, inner communication that is accordingly and to maintain them …

There’s more to this all than meets the eye – Ceres stands on Neptune’s northnode and Venus’ perihelion while Venus herself is just a few degrees further under the Lion’s head and Neptune is under the Fish-head. Our value system and the heart but also transcending, spiritual themes are involved here – dreams as well – we can all dream our future, we’re free to dream and imagining what we want, what we value and wish – how does your world look like???

I mean, imagine the world is a blank sphere of canvas or paper, no limits, no past no future – just now, what would you paint it like?? …. Are there surveillance cameras, controls and “do this or don’t do that” signs everywhere do people betray, kill and worse? … what does that tell you about yourself? … still trapped in expectations based on past experiences?? Maybe it’s time to let go of them … giggles, I know, not the easiest task 😉 …

Just remember, Varuna is still with the star Decapoda – 10 feet – and the 10 symbolizes a completion but also the recognition of Self and with that the one of others.

Change yourself and you change the world 😉 – I have found this to be very true, sometimes in big steps, sometimes in baby steps and sometimes even go back a little but they also say “doubled sewed lasts longer” …

By the way – Varuna is also connected to rhythm – breath – I think breathing techniques can be quite beneficial in these times …

Self-initiation and trust were the big messages and that’s repeated here in a very promising way, in a forward stepping way …

Much Love to you All,


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