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It hits deep - New Moon 2nd/3rd of March 2022

Updated: Feb 16

A new Moon – a new lunar month but also a new “Aquarius lunar cycle” starts…

So much is going on around and on this day, giving a lot of “importance” to it – very strong on the geocentric level…

This upcoming New Moon happens with the Sun and Moon at 16°48’16” Aquarius and Earth same degrees Leo – Sun and Moon are approaching the Jupiter-Nessus conjunction at 19° (roughly 8 hours prior to the New Moon geocentric and on 26th February heliocentric). Earth is in opposition to this and approaching Orcus at almost 18° Leo.

12,5 hours after the New Moon the lunar nodes change to the signs Libra (Southnode) and Aries (Northnode) – they will stay on this sign axis for roughly 1,5 years – so it’s an important cycle, as it’s like the “path of action” of the Moon with Earth within the theme (= emotional needs are literally “moving” the waters).

Ca. 13 hours after the new Moon we will be able to observe the geocentric exact conjunction of Mars with Pluto, Venus 18 minutes “behind” and Vesta 1°26 minutes behind (Mars-Pluto).. the heliocentric Mars-Pluto conjunction will be on 19th of April.

Venus-Pluto exact conjunction roughly another 12 hours later (heliocentric 6th of May)

Venus-Mars exact conjunction on 6th of March (heliocentric 17th of May) and a few hours later the exact conjunction of Vesta with Pluto (heliocentric 5th of May)

So, you may understand why the Pluto-Day post was “important” 😉 Since the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 both of them have started a new “cycle” about their path of action with us/Earth… so every conjunction each of them had or are having since is also affecting those bodies actions with us in a new way… especially since Jupiter was involved as well and some Asteroids and Centaurs…. In April Jupiter and Saturn will be at exactly 30° into their cycle (heliocentric).

All is different now, all has changed…. As I explained in my post, Pluto has passed with the Saturn conjunction also his own “culmination point” (opposition) of him being in our awareness – so it’s now all about our consciousness… Here the link to that video:

The above mentioned geocentric conjunctions are marking a new beginning but same time are a kind of “preparation” until the heliocentric conjunctions…

Most of us by now may understand the principles of vibration and resonance – we feel it, we observe it especially in these last 2 years full of fears and polarities… One against another, shaming and blaming – a constant back and forth – judgments that ask for “revenge” or punishment and so on….

Many can see through and decided not to follow all these happenings anymore and concentrate onto what is important and beneficial for themselves – yes, that’s a possibility – others may want to know what is going on and that’s fine too as long as we’re not getting “sucked into” the whole story in an emotional, reactive way…