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Break the walls around the heart...

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Full Moon 23rd / 24th of July 2021

Earth – Moon – at 6°8’30” Capricorn with Chariklo at 6°32’44” and therefore

The Sun at 6°8’30” Cancer… Varuna at 9°22’22” Cancer.

Chariklo is in close “Earth – conjunction” as it's also in latitude and declination (heliocentric – view from the Sun) and “contra-parallel” in geocentric view and she’s at her Southnode - the Sun is at her Northnode.

The Three are near Capricorn’s head, under the star Altair of Aquila (the Eagles eye) and star Albeiro of Cygnus (the Swan’s head).

All the heliocentric conjunctions, according my last “new beginnings post” are active. Here the link:

(heliocentric) (geocentric)

As viewed from Earth, Pluto is still just in the sid. Sign of Capricorn but just in the constellation of Sagittarius, under Aquila’s wing (the Eagle) and parts of Lyra.

Jupiter is around 30° “ahead” of Pluto – we’re talking about heliocentric just in Capricorn and geocentric at around 5° Aquarius in retrograde.

Geocentric Ceres is in approaching conjunction with Sedna in early sid. and constellation Taurus, under Perseus and the Gorgons.

Loads of oppositions, squares and other aspects in the charts….. so, really not a “calm” time but one that holds many opportunities.

When we think back about the cycle start (New Moon), with its theme of vibration, music and its resonances, we may become more aware of the truth behind it… through either the not so nice manifestation of it but of course also, through the “good” opposite. We realize, that it’s truly the own vibration and its resonance that brings forth the experiences.

When our “vibration is low” through fear, anger, guilt, shame or anything alike, we create/ attract more of these emotions – yes, we All have those emotions at times and that’s nothing “bad” per se, it’s a call from our “inner cell-phone” addressing a “state of being”/problem and it needs to be transformed/dealt with appropriately….

A small personal story: Beginning of this year I was due for my 90 days report (foreigners in Thailand have to report their address every 90 days) and faced some difficulties of additional documents I had to bring and organize, I got angry about all the situation and while driving I was “feeding my anger” with all kinds of thoughts and then suddenly I laughed, thinking that immigration isn’t a very “good” thing for spiritual development. I was so wrong about that – with that laughter, I released and changed – I suddenly thought, ohhh, when I have to go to the bank for the immigration document, I can also do this and that there too – hopefully the time will be enough I wished… Well – from that moment on, everything went perfectly smooth and even the people at the immigration were suddenly very friendly and were joking 😊

We can see these principles at work with many little examples in life – no big wonders, just little episodes – like when people are afraid of dogs, the dogs anywhere will react to that, bark or even snap, follow etc. – in this way, the fear of the person is kind of “validated” by the dogs themselves and so a “cycle” is created or “re-birthed” and will, until it’s once broken… Lol, yes, I know – this brings up the old question of “what was first, the egg or the chicken” but does it really matter? - one holds the possibility for the other anyways…

This full Moon asks us to be aware of those “principles” and to use our own inner “sanctuary”, whenever needed – we “restore” there and we keep our own “library” of experiences there – it’s all there to be used…. our own values and paths. Ohh yes, it’s scary, it’s frightening at times to let go of “the old ways”, the old values and paths – even those “things” that we may felt “important” or passionate about may not feel as “satisfying” anymore as we “shift”, even so we may “see” the vision of a different future, we tend to cling to what we previously felt as joyful and happy in order to “feel this again” – there though is always an opportunity, a “gate” opening for us to experience something new and often much better, than we previously thought…. As said above, the “things” we don’t like – we do not wish to repeat - are not “bad” per se, need to be addressed though, to be looked at and “finalized” as a lesson. When we do this in conscious awareness, we just put a book into the shelf in our personal library. Sometimes though, even the “nice stories” can become “hunting”, if we try to “re-live” them too hard, when “desire” overtakes and becomes “possessiveness”.

Integration and re-birth or re-emerging of the feminine principle into the whole picture is important but what is the “feminine principle” here? (not about gender)

The known attributes are mainly receptive, receiving, nurturing etc. – it’s the “receptivity”, this openness for receiving we need to re-integrate. How often do we “shrug” an intuitive thought away a