Current Astrology including March 2021 Full Moon

For a while now, we live with strong squares and Grand Trines, which means challenges. They unfold to different "strength" and in different parts of life. Some people may have learned over time, to deal with those in an "helpful"/ integrating way and others may go through loops and whatever other "configurations" there might be....

However we deal with it, or hear of other peoples challenges - we can be compassionate with those and/or ourselves.

What I have seen about such in my life is, however "horrible" they may be, they all also contain a "gift" - that may not unfold unless we "transcend" the situation... which is often not possible until we have at least from far "seen" the end of the tunnel....

Exploring and using the own resources/abilities – current Astrology

The shifts since the equinox are very subtle – and that’s exactly what many may feel – not the “spring power” many have hoped for.

The energies at work are more about going within and noticing the resources and abilities at hand to then, actively use them. So the felt “inactivity” is a challenge, which wants to push one into oneself first – the gift will be chances and opportunities to open….

On 26th of March Mas will conjoin the lunar Northnode (opposing the Southnode). This may feel much more “energized” or with action. Northnode in Taurus wants to bring forth the own beauty and values, the Self, the desires in order to “feed” and “satisfy” the most inner, personal needs/ purpose. When we stay too long in the realms of ideas, without “choosing” and finding “excuses”, why not to try this or that, we may become stagnant – Mars, the willpower, tries to prevent such a happening….

Same day we see Venus at solar conjunction (opposing Earth) – all 3 together, form beautiful Geometry – a 72° angle each time, forming over the course of about 8 years a complete Pentagram and with Earth a “flower edge” to it (the retrogrades)… - beautiful – and that’s one of Venus’ themes – what we perceive for ourselves as beautiful and that is the ground on what the value system builds up…. As Venus is the “ruler” of Taurus, that Mars – Northnode conjunction is “answering” to her – a direct communication/relationship – Mars as the “divine masculine”, answers to Venus, the divine feminine principle – real collaboration 😊

Full Moon 29th of March 2021 CNX at 1.48am – Universal Time 28th of March at 18.48pm

Our Moon will be illuminated while standing in sid. Virgo at 13°0’55”, therefore the Sun exactly opposite in Pisces – note, the Earth exactly conjunct the Moon at this time!!

The full Moon is like the “culmination”/intake point of the cycle started with the New Moon – the theme is illuminated – the new Moon theme was the collective, the group, family etc and where one stands within or better said, if we’re living and sharing in authenticity and honoring our own truth – finding the own self and purpose within that….. What I mean here is, that we could simply define the purpose of life as just that – to be, to live and to express and that from “the heart”, from the fullness of self and anything else will automatically fall into place ….

Pisces – Virgo is the “classic healing axis” but there is more to it – Pisces is the “higher octave” of Virgo, meaning Virgo is in some ways more physical whereas Pisces more the mental/spiritual. The “middle” of the signs do have their own “coloring”.

The Sun is at 13° Pisces, as well as Venus and Chiron (Chiron having his solar conjunction on the full Moon day), Ceres by now at 18°. We may experience these planets themes as inner conflict – the conflict of truth (star Veritate of Andromeda) and the reflex of denial (star Alderamin of Cepheus). Especially as south of the ecliptic we enter the “zones” of Cetus – the collective “conformity”…. The hearts desire to find truth and value, the “loops of experience” which may talk in a different language and the input we get from our surrounding again another one – so which way to go….

At this point, we can ground – discern, feel nature (wisdom) and the intuitive powers. We may see, that we can just “throw the steering wheel around” and gain further insight through the nice, happy and good experiences we had in our past and the past of humankind. – we transcend and transform and change through such “turning around” – a different view point, shines light on different “truth”…. Now we can watch the path unfolding and access Mars’ willpower and action, even though the task may not be clear yet, but is that so important?

Vesta and Orcus are both still in retrograde, so their themes more internalized – Vesta, the inner flame, devotion, commitment and Orcus the “promises/oaths” in respect to the Universal law of cause and effect…. Orcus in opposition with Nessus in Aquarius and therefore they’re forming together with the lunar node axis again a Grand Square with a little shift of theme on one axis. Vesta moved away from the Grand Square, Orcus is more in focus and Nessus in opposition. Nessus talks about abuse and victimization especially of self.

More about Nessus:

More about Orcus:

Fast Mercury is approaching Neptune in late sid. Aquarius – clarify and “spiritualize” our communication systems – well, see, the inner cell phone again – it seems to want to chat more clearly 😉

the lunar node axis from the last full Moon post - the placement has shifted by 3 degrees:

An important theme and tool we find through the lunar node axis. This axis speaks about evolution – of our “soul” or our real inner “calling” – our abilities and what we should integrate or develop in order to fulfill our goal, task, purpose or however you want to call this … The region around 20° Taurus is influenced by the star Cursa of Eridanus – it’s the “river of life”, which starts here until it flows into and with Aquarius – this also gives us the theme here – a new “start” or direction in life. Taurus generally is very physical and the joy and beauty of the physicality and also about how we “identify” ourselves within this “realm”. Scorpio goes beyond the physicality of life – deep and transforming – what we find within the depth of ourselves, in the fullness of “nothingness”, extended consciousness. Scorpio does not only talk about the “taboos” we create but also how transformative it can be to actually face those themes and fears of the unknown. With the Southnode (digestion or ability) in Scorpio and the Northnode (culmination of intake) we're asked to change the usual view point – more acknowledging what there is and then see how and where the outside matches... We tend to "adjust" our inside to the outside and therefore "overwriting" and oppressing ourselves. We're asked here to look at who we are and then act from there - "self mastery" and transformation such "self reflection" brings, when we realize we carry a lot, that's not really us nor ours.

Further/confirming details for Chiang Mai and Thailand:

So, all of the above is felt in specific “areas of life” – or we could say there is some more confirmation of the energies…..

The energies at work speak of true (spiritualized) self expression, to communicate the values in order to fulfill the emotional needs and ground the “higher views” and shifts of view points (or at least the acceptance of those) into groups, families and the collective – to break out of the conformity and taboos of the societal pushes…. We may feel the need to clarify topics that have been a “dark spot” within groups or families and may actually find a different “approach” in order to find the “connection” needed to make others understand better and with this, “clearing” a situation and maybe even deepen the relationships… it can also bring new people into life who share similar ideals and values….. Keep in mind – the own truth, authenticity is the ground on which evolution (re-birthing) can take place – manifesting always works, just be aware that what you seed, will grow…..

Details to the above:

Almost the whole sign of Pisces in the third house – meaning, that Sun, Venus, Chiron, Ceres (nurturing) and Eris (often disruptive as a truth seeker) are all expressing in the house of communication, exchange etc., this house is ruled by Mercury, who is approaching his conjunction with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. With this “interlinking” there is even more emphasis on the themes and the themes may come through in more clarity…. Especially, as the Moon and Earth are in the 9th house of the “higher mind”, the ideals, philosophy or simply changing view- points. Just listen to yourself, your heart, your body and mind in “harmony” and you’ll know the answers for yourself…. The 9th house is Sagittarius energy, ruled by Jupiter, stands in Capricorn in the 2nd house (defining values especially about self), which also holds mentioned Mercury and Neptune but also Nessus(victimization) and Pallas (strategic, “dot connecting”) – except for Jupiter, all of these Bodies stand in sid. Aquarius and are linking to the lunar node axis in Taurus (2nd house energy) and Scorpio as well as back to Venus as the ruler of Taurus. Scorpio is 8th house (the deep, mysteries, “occult”) energy and ruled by Pluto – what do we find in that 8th house – it’s Vesta and Orcus in Leo, linking again the lunar Axis from the other side… now the lunar axis again – they’re linking again too by house placement – “Taurus” Northnode in the 5th house of Leo and the Sun and the Scorpio Southnode in the 11th house of Aquarius and Uranus – the 5th house is also occupied by Mars (willpower, physical action) and Sedna (the “re-emerging” feminine principle)…

Detail positions by sidereal Fiorenza zodiac:

Details for the full Moon:

Sun 13°0’55” Pisces Jupiter 27°18’1” Capricorn

Moon/Earth 13°0’55” Virgo Saturn 15°49’30” Capricorn

Mercury 23°48’50” Aquarius Neptune 26°0’29” Aquarius

Venus 13°38’52” Pisces Pluto 01°17’53” Capricorn

Mars 19°13’47” Taurus

Uranus 13°33’09” Aries

Northnode 17°35’41” Taurus Southnode 17°35’41” Scorpio

Ceres 18°36’46” Pisces Juno 28°10’36” Scorpio

Chiron 13°31’57” Pisces Varuna 7°53’12” R Cancer

Lilith (true) 07°41’16” Aries Eris 28°38’17” Pisces

Pallas 11°23’56” Aquarius Chariklo 8°09’33” Capricorn

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