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Experiences - the paths of life (video included)

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Birds flying off a roof during sunrise

As I do all this research and interpretations about the planetary cycles, including the Earth cycles and the known history by using the official "text books" for the newer times and the mythologies of a little older times, I see this all confirmed and kind of "live it" as I'm focused on it ;-)

Also modern science does confirm a lot of what we would have called "mysteries" before or as Albert Einstein said "spooky action in the distance"...

We're aware of many things and have achieved a lot as Humanity as a whole and there is much, much more we need to integrate as "common knowledge" and experiences. To accept and integrate something we have not yet consciously experienced is difficult, therefore generally openness to new but also the "old" is most crucial.

Experiences - the paths of life:

Our experiences are what shape us most - they are "unchangeable", they are foundational and same time cyclic if not dealt with.... and they are perceived individually - even if several people are in the same situation, the "relationship" with/to the situation/experience will be different. Do we belief our own perception and dealing/integrating with the situation or give we the power away to others, by trusting their "relationship" more than ourselves?...

Sure we can discuss, ask for help when needed and so on but do we belief ourselves!!?? Do we still belief we "saw" something, even nobody else saw it? Do we trust our memories, when suddenly things seem different? (Mandela effect) .... Trust and reliance on Self in these questions is most important....

Much Love to you All,


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