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Freaks, Outsiders, multi-dimensionality

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

picture of painting by Salvador Dali - 2 pictures in one

We slowly see the truth about the happenings in our physical world and are dealing with the emotions caused by this realization…

We tap more into our intuition and feel there’s more to the whole story of humanity – yes there indeed is… We have learned that we were lied to about many things - it including the nature of our being and that's really not easy to understand.

There are many ways how this can show or be perceived and I will try to give you some ideas about that from my own experiences and memories:

In very early age I made the experience that reality is different to the people and as I wanted to be “same” I asked little questions to discern if certain experiences and sights were perceived by others as well or not and then “acted” accordingly. Even so I had no words for that and didn’t know what to do with this, these memories have always been with me and the knowing grew over the years even so there were times in my life I turned my back onto the knowing as I wanted to be part and not the outsider and freak. Whatever I did in my life, I was always in one way or another reminded of the multi- dimensionality.

I was always a “Dreamer” - without knowing an expression to explain that what I was actually experiencing. There were different kind of “dreams” – the “normal” ones but also others, that were very different in the feel of energy. Some of those I was actually afraid of as they were “out of body” experiences inside the body (sounds paradox I know) and some were predictions (meaning they became true). While dreaming a “normal” dream, the feel suddenly shifted and I knew what would come or that the “dimension” shifted.

Another view is as follows but please, it’s not a path, it’s meant to explain to those who had or have similar experiences.

In my youth, I was “experimenting” with certain drugs – LSD was one of them and after every trip, I felt as I would have to put my mind together again as it had “shifted” – that was the reason why I stopped with it because it always took me longer to re-organize myself than the fun of the trip…. But what is this fact telling us? The experience of seeing “material” different suddenly? The fact that green is maybe not green or can be perceived differently, that you may have a conversation with plants or animals, that you may perceive, touch and taste of a certain food as something totally different just to mention a few examples…. Or the fact that whatever state you’re in – happy, angry, sad etc – enhances if you take substances….. These shifts of perception would not be possible if there would not be different “dimensions” within ourselves and therefore all around us (or the other way round, lol).

AGAIN – I do not promote the use of substances at all – too many of my Friends lost their lives this way!!!!!!!

My 3rd “reason” here are “near death experiences”, coma or deep unconsciousness – people with whatever cause that did experience such states and talk about experiences they had during that time, often tell kind of similar stories – a coincidence?? I don’t think so….

After all these experiences since my early childhood I finally can “name” it – I am a multidimensional being….

Once you have reached this conclusion - knowing, feeling, experience - everything changes – it can be scary but it also becomes wonderful and fascinating....

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