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From Vampire stories to Heaven

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a sun like star in a starry violet and greenish sky

(Artwork from "waking time" website)

Since I've been maybe 11 or 12 years, I was fascinated by all kinds of “horror stories” or “scary stories” …. There are many of course, also some “good” ones that can actually teach us something.

The vampires are “infected” and their bodies will from then on be “preserved” as they were at time of infection. They don’t age and they don’t die unless they’re exposed to sunlight and cursed to need blood as food… (sometimes I think of mosquitos) ….

They’re “allergic” to garlic (which does have really wonderful healing and “maintaining” compounds!!

if you should wish to grow your own garlic: )

By the way – garlic actually helps against mosquitos – they bite less and if though, the itching is over very fast most of the time (with me, if I even feel them, maybe a half hour max.)

Further on, they can be driven away by Christian symbols (probably because of place and time of the original stories) if used in faith and they can be killed by staking into the heart. … I’m sure, I’m not telling you anything new …. They live hidden over centuries or even millennia. In the modern, more “romanticized” stories they try to feed of small animals or get blood from hospital blood-banks or where ever and with special rings or though, they’re able to walk in the sunlight….

From Wikipedia:

Vampire fiction is rooted in the "vampire craze" of the 1720s and 1730s, which culminated in the somewhat bizarre official exhumations of suspected vampires Petar Blagojevich and Arnold Paole in Serbia under the Habsburg Monarchy. One of the first works of art to touch upon the subject is the short German poem The Vampire (1748) by Heinrich August Ossenfelder, where the theme already has strong erotic overtones

In a passage in his epic poem The Giaour (1813), Lord Byron alludes to the traditional folkloric conception of the vampire as a being damned to suck the blood and destroy the life of its nearest relations:

But first, on earth as vampire sent, Thy corpse shall from its tomb be rent: Then ghostly haunt thy native place, And suck the blood of all thy race;

There from thy daughter, sister, wife, At midnight drain the stream of life; Yet loathe the banquet which perforce Must feed thy livid living corpse: Thy victims ere they yet expire Shall know thy demon for their sire, As cursing thee, thou cursing them, Thy flowers are withered on the stem.

So, in short, these stories were made up out of fear of the unknown and a “picture” of what happened to people…. Picture-language…. As you can read in the link above, it seems the story-ground was disease. Illnesses have often been associated with the “evil” or even as a “punishment”. Yes, in some ways it is, as everything is cause and effect but it’s for sure no “punishment” in the meaning of an “outside entity” forcing that onto us because we committed something called “sin”….

Some years ago, I’ve heard the term “energy vampires” – people who kind of drain us, maybe not consciously or willingly but they do – we feel empty, tired, exhausted, drained after being with such people. For sure that’s nothing new neither – so maybe some of the old scary stories are talking about this phenomena as well….

For thousands of years, the women have been kind of “demonized” as men couldn’t resist desire, so very practical to blame the women for it… we All know these stories just too well. My point here is, that we understand more and more of the picture language that has been bridging times but often misinterpreted. The same happened to healers and scientists… a lot of wisdom and knowledge has been destroyed in the material world but not without “traces” and now we’re re-collecting it and put it together in a most amazing way and maybe in the future even advance/ascend it…

So many natural phenomena have been called “evil” and with many situations that occur today it’s actually the same… isn’t it practical to have something or “someone” we can blame everything bad on and same time we have “someone” to thank for everything good for – or even several “deities” on each side… really practical…. To me it seems nowadays this is still in practice, a bit altered in terms but actually still absolutely the same…. Most interesting….

When talking about “evil” – In the last years, I have heard that expression a lot as well as heard people talking about Satanism – in various different ways… Now just the other day, someone read out of their “book” and I was astonished how “down to earth” it’s written. Out of materialistic and physical perspective actually much more “attractive” than the opposite with all it’s rules, sins and whatever…. And now here we are – the point I would like to make:

There is this ongoing “division” between Heaven and Earth/Hell, good and bad, evil and divine…. There is just one fact we tend to forget – if we want to belief in the All and that “source”/God created the All, then that would include the bad and the evil and so on… because Humanity has become more and more materialistic in many ways (which is about to change though 😊), we could say it’s “hell” now for those trapped in this system and fear is the fuel that keeps the “engine” running. Fear of loosing what we already have, fear of not knowing what will happen, fear of lack, fear of illness … and because there is so much fear instead of trust and love, the needs, wants and desires become so important, that some sacrifice a lot… and so it goes round and round… from death to life to death, round and round…. The middle way will lead us up and above – it ultimately leads to freedom. Don’t fear anything, it’s not an ending, it’s only a new beginning… So, and now we get to the “free will” – that I just described – it’s where we want to “vibe” at, as it’s absolutely up to each and everyone of us, if we want to stay in those “emotions” or not. Once we address them within ourselves and say “no” then it’s gone – it’s an ongoing challenge but the more often you gain “control”, the closer you come to the task… Interestingly, it’s the same principle with any kind of so called “mental illness” – once a decision is made, things get better….

Once you have experienced this state of absolute peace, trust and “love” without even having the possibility to think something “bad/destructive to that vibe” it’s simply impossible – you can’t but the same time you can create, really create…. it’s most fascinating….

Some people say, they would rather go to hell than to heaven (I used to be one of them), as there would be more “action” and fun… I’m telling you – “heaven”/5D or however you want to call it, is the most creative “state” you can imagine…

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