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New Moon 13th January 2021 and the days after...

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

This new Moon occurs in the constellation of Sagittarius – an energy we’re very well used to by now 😉 and considering the influences of Uranus for some time to come, we’re surely need that “higher ideals and views” to choose our change to the future (Uranus).

The new Moon energy is like the “Southnode” energies – a coming back to the inner world, home, roots and setting tasks, wishes, direction and dreams for the future. A time where we “divine” our near future direction. The feminine, emotional, creative energies of the Moon with the masculine energies of the expressing Sun…

Within the time between this new Moon and the full Moon, we’ll see Uranus in focus but also Neptune and the Grand Square, we have entered now will become even more exact, so an energy to be aware of.

Neptune stands in Aquarius and therefore also “answers” to Uranus as well as Ceres (she and Neptune will meet in February), so a further contribution or gateway for the change Uranus is asking us for. Jupiter (Sagittarian energy) also squares Uranus – so again, focus on change but also on the higher views of our New Moon….. Pluto (transformation) is still in square with Eris (truth of situations, ourselves individually and as a collective)….. Mars is about to conjunct with Uranus – so another “powering up” for the change and it also happens in his “home constellation” Aries, which means, Uranus is answering to him anyways already for years.

Square energy is often considered “difficult” as it doesn’t flow as “freely” but note – a square is always the basis/fundament for a pyramid – just imagine the crossing point in the middle and “pull it out” and you’ll see your pyramid, the way through….

Mercury is busy taking and bringing the messages as he meets with “everyone” during his passage through late Sagittarius (early January) and Capricorn until end of February. – I hope Mercury’s influence won’t bring an “internet overload” 😉 or something alike….

Pluto will be at solar conjunction on 14th of January and changing “sign” on 3rd of February – so we’re in the last weeks of having this transformative power in Sagittarius – after, we’ll really be asked to put it all into “structure” – or better said “change the existing structure” to one that serves us better…. Kind of works perfectly with the busy Mercury communication and information gaining energies!!!

On 18th of January Mars will make his exact geocentric conjunction with Uranus – that means, the action and physical energy for the changes to come will be available in near “overflow” – again a chance but can also bring destructive energies at first, as sometimes we need to brake something before we replace it…

When we take these themes a bit “higher” – we have learned a lot through 2020, about ourselves, our reactions, pains and worries. We did gain a higher view/perspective and many of us integrated the polarities as part of our existence – not denying them but transforming them into “tools” for evolution and growth. – it’s the time now that brings us more and more understanding of our own abilities and how we can integrate and use them in our daily lives. We may start to gain more “trust” into our own intuition and our own “organic” technology as well as how to create more sustainable and natural “technologies” to advance our species.

Science made many discoveries in the last years for the “joy” of many of us, confirming what we knew for decades – that there’s more, more “dimensions”, more galactic connection, more to the Universe and it’s history as well as Humanity’s history… We’re in the times that hold a huge opportunity to grow, “evolve”, transcend (Neptune) and to integrate on a global scale – deeply hidden truth (Southnode in Scorpio) – that wonts to be lived and manifested (Northnode in Taurus). Vesta in royal Leo – the devotion and inner fire for life – as part of these 4 grand points does really play a big role in this journey!! 😊 Vesta is also still in the separating Trine with Pluto – maybe the “mystical” times of an unusual Christmas and New Year time did bring these two energies in the harmony needed to enter the foundational square….

A little “note” about Leo – my first ever Astrology Teacher always said “Leo is the ultimate answer to life” – and as I do have a lot of Leo energy in my natal chart, I always liked that, 😉 😊

Much Love to you All,


Details: New Moon 13.01.2021 12.00pm Thailand time (Univ. = 5.00am)

The Moon and Venus made their conjunction about 1,5 Days before the New Moon.

Mercury (communication) is very busy: conjunction with Saturn 10th of January, with Jupiter on the 11th with the Moon on 13th just before the New Moon and with Pallas on the 17th and he had met with Chariklo in early January.

The Sun and Moon conjunct at 27°56’1” in the constellation of Sagittarius. Conjoining Stars are of Aquila in the North and Peacock of Pavo in the South as for over a year already, these stars and longitude of the heavens have been highly emphasized on also Terebellum just over the cusp in Capricorn is influencing for a long time already. These energies will continue to be influential the years to come as of the cycles started under their influence – remember, like the “Russian Dolls” – one cycle within a bigger one….

Conjoining is Pluto at 29°18’7” – his conjunction with the Sun will be exact on 14th of January at 9.19pm (14.19 Univ. Time) and he’ll shift into Capricorn on 3rd of February between 7 and 8 pm (noon to 1pm Univ. Time).

Grand Square involving the lunar node axis Taurus – Scorpio at 24°21’59” and the cross is Neptune at 23°26’49” Aquarius – Vesta in Leo at 25°57’36. On 22nd of January Ceres and Neptune make their conjunction in exact square to the nodal axis at 23°40-45’ – Vesta retrograde and at Leo

26°4’17” – their opposition will be exact on 10th of February.

Capricorn-stellium: - well, no longer a stellium per se 😉

Jupiter at 10°19’17” – Chariklo 3°44’15” – Pallas 16°38’17” – Saturn 7°45’12”.

Lilith (true) is starting the conjunction with Sedna in early Taurus.

Uranus will become a focus after the new Moon – on 18th of January square with Jupiter and 3 Days later Mars and Uranus will meet in conjunction.

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