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Packing the bags - what's about the heart!!??

Travelling and other journeys - "baggage allowance" - constellation Libra and the weighing of the heart....

people lining up at an airport

When we know the destination in advance, we usually know what to pack and often enough we may tend to take a very long time, change “things” around and may end up with much more than needed…

When we travel often to the same destination, we may have a “routine” in packing and may not even put too much thought into it anymore - kind of “automatic packing”….

We come to the airport and first “judgment” is done about the weight we carry around - excess baggage??? Or may you have packed something that’s allowed with one airline but not with another??? In either case - you might become one of those with an open suitcase on the floor, sorting things out…. (been there, done that!!)

I have heard - yet, don’t know if it’s really practiced or not - that some airlines even start to weigh the people….


When we for whatever reason have to suddenly travel, without much time to prepare, are stressed when packing and maybe with the thoughts “somewhere else”, we may pack very strangely and when we unpack may “wonder”….

Yet, also this gives us clues of our values - conscious and subconscious - the “survival instinct” and processes alike …. if you ever had “to run”, you know what I’m talking about…

In my life, I have traveled and moved many times, so various styles of packing reasons that I’m quite aware of and I’m sure you too…

The non physical aspects…

Whenever we pack, we also make decisions - something is wanted with us, has value for the destination we have and the short- or longer term future we plan….

There are also things we may have a kind of “emotional attachment” to - that can be a memory, or a kind of “space holder” for feeling safe, loved, valued, successful or whatever….

Space holders might even become “known” to the outside world, something we always carry with us (if it’s small enough) or that we wear or display etc.

There were times, such objects have been also used in funeral rituals in various parts of the world… some even still nowadays…

Of course, there are also all the experiences that makes “our hearts heavy” - so many things we “keep” … yet, when we keep things that we actually don’t want and refuse to “finalize” them, we feel heavier and heavier…. we may even start to develop some kind of physical or mental “dis-ease”, if we carry those things for too long…

Yet, an experience isn’t only a “story” - there’s also more within it, an “essence” or a teaching - often though we take a “consequence” for ourselves, that is contradicting the actual “essence”/teaching of the story…. and that’s then “baggage” we take from one situation / experience to the next and often this is like the “automatic packing”, we trained ourselves to do so…

The heart - and the “weighing of the heart” - Libra

It’s obvious, that when we “burden” our hearts with loads of baggage, we also burden ourselves with not fulfilling what we may otherwise do… we may “hold ourselves back” in this sense and may in the end feel “regrets”….

the weighing of the heart in ancient Egypt
"The weighing of the heart" is a scene well known from ancient Egypt. I found this picture in the net linked to many websites but its original source is unknown to me...

The basics of the scene are well known / interpreted - all over the internet you can read about the “weighing of the heart” … in essence mostly the same, with some details changing…

  • We have obvious the “feather of Truth” on one side and the heart or soul on the other. Usually it’s said, that the feather is the one of the deity Maat….

  • It’s also said, that the god Thoth was the scribe who documented each life.

  • The god Anubis was the one accompanying or guiding the soul to the hall of death and in front of Osiris….

In this article on “” I found one of the most “impartial” statements:

  • It’s said, that someone who incarnated as a soldier, general, baker or judge or whatever would be “judged” differently as the “sins” are differently defined for each of them….

  • It’s a different “basis” underlaying here - one of the “durative soul”, which though doesn’t mean that the incarnation is “worthless”…. no, but under this perspective, one needs to fulfill the own path and is “judged accordingly” and most of all under the “Universal laws”….

Now let us apply all this, to a life time - not the physical death, but what we do every day… let’s say, before we sleep and then we wake up in the morning… - so, remind yourself of this “principle” when next time you wake up still “going around in loop” with yesterdays problems (hmmm - I think I’m also talking to myself here)

Isn’t that like a “rebirth” after a time of going through another world….

Or when we “recognize” some pattern of us and decide to change something - it’s a little “death” of the old, so something new can be birthed…. etc.

Either way, there’s a “going within”, a questioning, a daring to face the truth or recognition, and to after bringing it into “manifestation”…. a process, that at times takes longer and for other things faster…

The sign of Libra - constellation Libra

The sign of Libra means a 30 degrees wide area of the sky - in sidereal rendering meaning this “house” starts from the waste down of the laying Virgo and over to the scales, which used to be the claws of the Scorpion….

The constellation of Libra in modern astronomy/mapping, is a pretty small constellation and only consists of the few stars formerly the claws of the Scorpion. Which is also presented in the star names, referring in Arabic language to those claws.

a section of a sky-map about the sign / constellation Libra (Astrology - ecliptical)
crop of a star-map originally made by Nick. A. Fiorenza

The sign of Libra is classically attributed with keywords like balance, harmony, the laws, judgment but also “one to one relationships”…

As discussed above, “balance and harmony” seems often a little off, with all the “baggage” we carry… and getting rid of baggage isn’t always as easy as leaving some stuff at the airport and may include actions that may seem “heartless” (depending the definition of “heart”)…

Yet, I think often times “judgment” here isn’t meant so much in a “polarized way” as we usually are tend to think…. we have one is “right” and another “wrong”, one is the “bad” or “guilty” and the other the “good and just” etc. … yet, is it so???

How different would the world look like, if we would all live according the “Universal law”, knowing that it’s all about what we do and not what others do… every single step we take is in our “record” and not that of another…. We can’t walk or live for someone else and nobody can for us…. simple….

Yet - if we take other people and situations into the picture, we have the theme of “resonance” here - what type of energy are we associating ourselves with and what do we allow or take into our own “space”….

There’s a German proverb: “mitgegangen, mitgefangen, mitgehangen” … I found English translations for it as in “cling together, swing together” or “in for a penny, in for a pound”…. yet, the direct translation would be went together, caught together, hung together…. (seems the German one is a bit more “pessimistic”)….

Yet, in the optimistic or the pessimistic version - there’s within the theme of “choice” - we choose what we engage with and we choose if it becomes “heavy baggage” or not.

When remembering the little star map, it is clear, that the constellation Libra is small and spanning only a few degrees of the sign of Libra…

Interestingly enough though, both, Mercury and Mars have their Southnodes in the constellation of Libra…

The mind, communication, collaboration and the “outwards”, ramification, activity, and willpower…. in the part of their orbit, that means discernment of manifestation or “harvest”…. what to take, what to leave - what got potential for the future seeding etc. and therefore there’s an “opportunity for change”…..

There’s a lot more about all of this - yet…. “next time”…..

Much Love to you All,

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Credit/References: all charts are created using the free software by - choose "extended chart selections".... sidereal Zodiac (Galactic Equator Fiorenza)

Nick Anthony Fiorenza - lunar planer (website no longer available directly but in internet archives)

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Astronomy: Jim Kaler, Wikipedia, Universeguide and more...

Geometry and Physics: Adam Apollo, Nassim Haramein and others

Sacred Geometry drawing - at .

Animal spirit meaning and stories: by Bernadette King 

My own researches, inspirations, intuition, experiences and dreams…

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