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"Revelations" and Experiences

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

a serpent creature in an O form biting its tail

Over the last several years I have constantly worked on my personal healing and growth. This process has accelerated roughly a year ago and now gained even more "speed" over the last weeks and became intense the last days....

I would like to share my last "conclusions" based on all I have experienced.... Nothing is fixed - so, the future may bring changes to my conclusions:

Since I can remember, I have always "distrusted" what I was told about Christianity or any other religion but I was very "connected" and had lots of "spiritual" (what we call it now, not a word that was around much in that time and surrounding) stuff I had to cope with and try to understand.... I had no teacher or anybody who would really be able to help me, which I'm totally grateful for now - I was able to develop and grow without further teachings, that did not resonate with me. I would really like you to understand how absolutely important that "resonance" is - we All have a path but an individual one and so with anything that I or anybody else says, please only take what resonates - if nothing does, search on and find what does resonate!!!!

I'm sure there is a lot of truth in the Bible as I guess the people who wrote the texts were highly inspired/guided to but I think a lot has been "lost in translation" and the environment of the time it was translated...

What I find very striking by looking at the common, big religions and churches at the moment, then I see mainly "masculine" - most of the players in the stories are male and that's the same in the "angelic realms", ascended masters and so on..... same time in the "spiritual communities" it's thought to "integrate" the feminine. I've never read the full bible but I remember, that there is talk about not to draw a picture of God but actually that is what often is done - an old man - so, I think it's really an "over domination" of the masculine/ creator energy. In addition to this it states in the Bible: "in the beginning there was the/a word" and so I feel that talks about the importance and vibration of words and the mind.... Usually we're pretty "careless" about the words we're using and therefore the vibration/ frequency we put out and combined with the "distorted" view of source/god (or whatever name you use), we separated us from the wholeness/ oneness and reflect this "chaos" in the outside.

It says "Mother, Father and Son" - divine feminine, divine masculine and the "child", the fast energy, the "product" but same time the "messenger", the translator.... Remember, "All is One, One is All" - "as above, so below - as inside, so outside"... One is All and All is One .... When we "heal" and balance the divine feminine and the divine masculine within us, then the child (mind) will automatically "follow"....

Practical experience:

When I'm more balanced, I experience that I have difficulties to even think about certain words, like there's a wall or veil. When I "overrule" this (ego), I can totally feel the "fall". - So pay attention to what you think and how it then feels in your body and with this, you can then actually work on the underlining problem - if you overrule, it means you're subconsciously "in fear", in resistance and therefore it's something good as it gives you a clue of what needs attention - we do not always know consciously what "blockages" we have, but our body is giving us clues as well as our mind through the body....

With above process, we're in the flow of the "nodes" and in the healing process of integrating/merging the divine feminine and the divine masculine.

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